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aidenyeh@...com In YGroups roster early 2005
Yahoo ID: aidenyeh
http://www.geocities.com/aidenyeh/, and

Interesting student video work, 60 second commercials, at: http://english-ad.blogspot.com/ I graduated from the University of Surrey with a degree in MSc in English Language Teaching Management. As to my position, i'm a lecturer at Shir Chien University in Taiwan and also teach EFL to young learners. I am also the moderator for 'Managing NS-NNS: Maintaining Equality in the Workplace. To join this group, please send an email to Managing_NS_NNS-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

for my Gen_English class I've got [students from Chile and Ukraine] to join my Yahoogroups. I'll be setting up a webpage for them, and am really trying to organize my time-for me to be able to do the things that i've really got to. Anyway, here's our yahoogroup if you want to take a peak: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/gen_english2002 Arlyn aiteachesl@....com In YGroups roster early 2005
YM ID: aiteachesl
ESL Listening Resources page: http://www.eslhome.com/esl/listen
Article in March 2003 TESL-EJ: http://www-writing.berkeley.edu/TESL-EJ/ej24/m1.html
Compilation of WIA webpages and particulars: http://www.eslhome.com/wiahomepages2b.htm
Editor of TESL-EJ Media Reviews: http://www-writing.berkeley.edu/TESL-EJ/media.html       ajhoge@...com
I would like to share info on online learning and keep up to date with new technology as it becomes available   Ale Weser aleweser@...ar In YGroups roster early 2005
I am an EFL teacher, Self Access Centre and C.A.L.L. Coordinator at A.B.C.I. (Asociación Bahiense de Cultura Inglesa) Bahía Blanca, Argentina- and Cambridge ESOL oral examiner. ( I think I already posted a photo in the Yahoo Group)
Webpage: http://www.geocities.com/aleweser/calllessons.html
blogs: http://www.sixthgradew.blogspot.com , http://www.aleweser.blogspot.com
Webpresence: http://webpres2005.buzznet.com/user/?id=797348       alexandragibson@...com In YGroups roster early 2005
yahoo: alexandragibson
February 27, 2005 Comment from user: I work for The British Council as the ICT consultant for Western Europe integrating ICT into the EFL classroom. I also have an MA in online and distance education.     Alex Ding Alex.Ding@....uk In YGroups roster early 2005 Team Leader in New Technologies Centre for English Language Education University of Nottingham   Alfred Hopkins alfshopkins@...ar
I live and work in Buenos Aires, doing English teaching, acting, writing and related activities. I would like to exchange ideas on a variety of subjects. My page is http://www.a-hopkins.com       alhabeeb_a@...com In YGroups roster early 2005     Alicia Redondo alice_getxo@...com
I'm teaching a semi-online course at the Language School of Getxo in Spain.       allysonmccoll@...comIn YGroups roster early 2005       almic79@...com
Yahoo: almic79
May 20, 2005 Comment from user: I would like to sign join this group because I am working on my master's degree in TESL. I am currently in an online course (CALL). My instructor suggested the I join this group.
The Buenos Aires Voz Journal
http://www.aglat.com/voz (The Voz News magazine)
http://www.a-hopkins.com (workshops and shows)
http://www.video-scratching.com (películas mudas)       alrouli@...com In YGroups roster early 2005   Arif 'Rif' Altun altunar@....tr In YGroups roster early 2005
http://sites.hsprofessional.com/vstevens/files/efi/rif.htm (no connection Jan 16, 2007; will try later)
Altun, A. (2003, July 1). Understanding hypertext in the context of reading on the web: Language learners' experience. Current Issues in Education [On-line], 6(12). Available: http://cie.ed.asu.edu/volume6/number12/

Reporting April 2004: Arif Altun's research and development project has been accepted by the university board. Working with the school of medicine which will be working on the content, Rif will help to establish a telemedicine unit by providing the technical and instructional design part. They have bought a polycom teleconferencing system, which enables multipoint conferencing over dedicated lines, and Rif invites those interested to help test it. It has both ISDN, phone and IP based (H.323) connection support. It can be tested with netmeeting, which supports H.323 and it is free. I am a teacher and academician (assistant professor) at the department of computers and instructional technology at a university in Turkey. I completed my dissertation work on Computer Assisted Language Learning at the university of Cincinnati.     alutzslp@...com
I am in an ESL class at St. Michael's College, VT with Christine Bauer-Ramazani. This is part of our weekly assignments.       alysea22@...fr In YGroups roster early 2005       amindasm@..in
Comment from user: Hi! I just wanna change my accent and learn new facts about English learning and teaching.       ammann@edu.mie-u.ac.jp - ruediammann - unsubscribed Nov 25 2005   Arnold Mühren from the Netherlands amuhren@...nl In YGroups roster early 2005
I'm an e-Learning Designer & Adviser from the Netherlands, with an academic background in English language and literature (NL) and Open and distance education (UK). I worked as a teacher of English, switched over to teacher training and education, and ended up doing project work of various kinds (student exchange programmes, staff development projects, learning materials design, syllabus writing). Last year I decided to leave the institute and have been self-employed since then. I joined this vibrant group in November 2002 and have been involved in some of the projects of fellow Webheads. It is always a pleasure and very interesting.       Amy_Krause@Banff....CA In YGroups roster early 2005       andresarenas654@...com In YGroups roster early 2005     Nina Lyulkun angl@....ua In YGroups roster Aug 19, 2004 NOT In roster or bounce list early 2005 vice president of TESOL Ukraine     aninha33@...com.br
Yahoo: aninha33
May 09, 2005 Comment from user: As I am an English teacher and a teacher trainer, I´d like to learn more about the use of the WEB in ELT teaching!       antonellasartor@...it In YGroups roster early 2005   Antonia antoniamelvin@...pt In YGroups roster early 2005   Monica Aparicio apariciom@...ar In YGroups roster early 2005
Yahoo ID: monicaparicio2002 I'm from Tandil, Argentina. Currently I 'm DOS of a private language school and I teach a few classes there. I'm coordinator of EFL department at a high school and conduct teacher training workshops in various places. My main areas of interest in the TESOL field are video and technology. I've been teaching EFL in my country for over 20 years. I got my MA in TESOL at Leicester University, UK. I wrote my thesis on the Use of the Internet as a resource for EFL teachers. I'm very interested in distance learning and teaching and right now I have started online teaching at Englishtown. I'm very excited about taking part in this workshop and hope to learn a lot.     apc33@...com In YGroups roster early 2005
Yahoo: apc33
March 06, 2005 Comment from user: Hi...I would like to join if possible. My name is Aaron Campbell and I live in Japan.       ariane.cabrini@...
I am now the new eLearning and Technology Coordinator for Cabrini Connections and the Tutor/Mentor Connection. Dan Bassill asked me to join this group.       arlinesrodriguez@...com
I am a teacher and I would like to learn from you.       ash@...ru In YGroups roster early 2005       atelopezster@...com
As an EFL English teacher I'm really concerned about information in my carrer. I love reseaching in this field. I thank you in advance for your cooperation.   Azzam Premji Med Education Technology and TESOL student
Manchester University, UK
azzam_p@....com In YGroups roster early 2005
Yahoo ID: azzam_p I am a Canadian currently completing a masters in education degree at Manchester University, UK. I’ve taught English for about eight years in various countries: Japan, Sweden, Poland, Canada and England. I’m interested in CALL and online learning. I enjoy learning new languages but my passions are hiking and watching films. My home base is Vancouver, Canada. - B -   a_cermak@...net In YGroups roster early 2005
Yahoo: pleiadz65   Batnasan baagiibat@....com In YGroups roster Aug 19, 2004
NOT In roster or bounce list early 2005
http://www.freewebs.com/batnasan/ A teacher-trainer from Mongolia     babymini2@...tw
I am an English teacher in high school. I would like to join this group to get more information of teaching.       baldric.commons@...com
I would love to join Webheads     Barbara Chap barbara.chap@...de In YGroups roster early 2005
Yahoo: chapbarbara
March 1, 2005: Comment from user: I'm a baw2005 grad, EFL, ESPteacher, etc.in Germany (10 yr). I would like to learn more and contribute as I can. And I like every webhead I've met.     Barbara Sawhill Barbara.Sawhill@oberlin.edu
I work at Oberlin College (Oberlin, Ohio, USA) as a language teacher and technologist.     Alicia Barbitta barbitta@...uy
I do ESP in Uruguay focusing on the workplace. I would like to set up an online course and I am always interested in sharing experiences.       barbs1492@...com
I currrently have around 15 ESL students in my classroom (US History). Would like to learn new techniques.     Beatriz Chelle bchelle@...uy NOT In YGroups roster Aug 19, 2004
NOT In roster or bounce list early 2005
secondary school, K7-K12 NN EFL teacher at the Lycee Francais in Montevideo, Uraguay
http://www.geocities.com/beatrizchelle Lycee Francais is a bilingual, bicultural school where students are on a dual track immersion system in French and Spanish. For most of them, their native tongue is Spanish, for others it's French and English is their 3rd.language. I started getting involved in online projects about six years ago in a Newsletter project with partner classes from all over the world. I kept working and exploring ways of integrating ICT into the daily classroom activities. I also started working with virtual classroom platforms (Nicenet and Blackboard) to carry out collaborative projects and as a support to classroom schoolwork. Beyza Yilmaz http://beyzasfirstblog.blogspot.com/
      bdpjyuv378@...com In YGroups bounce list early 2005       beckyfontana@...com
I am a graduate student taking a CALL course. I hope to use this site as a resource.   James Benenson benenson@...fr In YGroups roster early 2005   BJ Berquist berquist@....net In YGroups roster early 2005
http://sites.hsprofessional.com/vstevens/files/efi/bjb.htm (no connection Jan 16, 2007; will try later)
BJ Berquist was interviewed for the article, "Building a Stronger Faculty," in the March/April 2005 issue of Scholastic Administrator. http://www.scholastic.com/administrator/marapr05/articles.asp?article=profdev (server error Jan 16, 2007; will try later)       berrybench@...com, July 20, 2005 NOT In roster or bounce list early 2005
Comment from user: navigating tapped in as a new user. very interested in the diversity of the group       bgf831@...de
I am teaching English -ESL- at a German VHS which you can compare to a college for adults or night uni.I am interested in CALL and BLENDED LEARNING ...     Iren birenke03@...
I've attended two of this year's EVO online courses(Oral Skills and technology, and Tips and Tricks), and I am all fired up about this wonderful online community.
    Birgit Yahoo ID = bferrane (39/F)
birgit@...com In YGroups roster early 2005
From Barcelona, Spain 5/26/2004 I've been creating interactive language learning materials and am interested in using server-side technology such as Flash Communications server, as well as using Flash with audio / video.     bithykathryn@...com In YGroups roster early 2005   János Blasszauer Head of the English Department
Batthyány Gimnázium
(academic grammar school)
bjohnny@...hu In YGroups roster early 2005
Yahoo ID: bjohnnyus
As far as project maps are concerned, I can highly recommend a great tool that is available free of charge from Bravenet. Read about the GuestMap at http://www.bravenet.com/samples/guestmap.php. You could also check out my Project Map at the 'Tolerance and Prejudice' project site I've created: http://www.geocities.com/bjohnnyus/tolerance.htm. You are welcome to leave a message there and to try out the tool. I am Janos Blasszauer (36), a father of two (the boy is 6 the girl is 5) living in the provincial town of Nagykanizsa, Hungary. I have been teaching English for ten years now. Currently, I am working at Batthyány Gimnázium (academic grammar school) where I am the head of the English department. I am also the EFL pedagogical advisor for the Zala County Pedagogical Institute. My main task as an advisor is to organise and give hands-on presentations for high school teachers in the county. I received my MEd degree in English at Pécs University. My thesis was written on Computer Supported Collaborative Projects.     bkokkinn@...au In YGroups bounce list early 2005     Berta bleiva2003@...com In YGroups roster early 2005
yahoo: bleiva2003
March 5, 2005: Comment from user: Hi Vance, I am Berta from Venezuela, USB as Dafne, participated in BaW2005 and I am eager to be a member of this group and keep on learning and sharing with all you wonderful cyberfriends!!!       bleu.cafe@...com
Comment from user: hi, I want to join the group /TD>   Graham Stanley blogefl@...com In YGroups roster early 2005
Graham Stanley co-moderator, ELT Podcasting TESOL evo2006 http://webpages.csus.edu/~hansonsm/Podcasting.html
There is an article in TESL-EJ, Podcasting: Audio on the Internet Comes of Age, Volume 9, Number 4: http://tesl-ej.org/ej36/int.html
Graham also coordinates http://eflbridges.net (timeout Jan 16, 2007; will try later)       blue0135@...tw
I'm a junior high school teacher in Taiwan. I think this group could give us different ways of teaching in my teaching career~ ^^       bluebecerra@...com
I would like to help ESl students.       bmoon@teacher...us In YGroups roster early 2005     Bruce Neubauer bneubaue@pitt....edu In YGroups roster early 2005
http://www.robertcat.net/neubauer/index.html   u 8g@=#&`(}_r@ ڛI2:1N_ڛyOc]qNHˮ>@5G XYg+oR{x@ނpt)6d1 yίxE(Tw,RcWHGcÍ0qm= G A0Qȳ8#i`?pK WO)b޵̷J /ԧ ƃjԥqR$}aN!)a'.C!{>H$ʝV< Z>DLP4C RDU!FzGo׍=YrHE󒒠o2OdӁ͖zopeB>o)Tz0Xkp"ķVr8\Q`MM?wW}+rKkjďxfZ'xL% g0JrQd6QSrp1g6`p;!Z\Ӳ)b.yޞ8=IͶu1#kKÇ{+M|H5Q4:AQO$P8-M/y/]K>cwTj@6_a/CPs! ;nκ< H)qKz?\G#h!)k:Li|Ti t_zU.CAyۢŖ*wWK itVz]3f>'vdT*4?'(X,1ii],Q]vO;ZLE ? >fˑƦB>ɨ2ǽ J%~5nW-V0 pUno^Ճm%0Ard'k .ߠK@)?t̊"@GBE`ώvAEQ b8A@ۀ!cC.tcl_rGڋcoIپL>鞐dq,KY8ų}'ԠHvPo@-3Tz9mmET5>N\=۶) pV)d m>+ֈRGcM{6D MM8f%Jӣ\uu?lH& ۡ9 ;K#H|P(<.ZQx4_  w%R;Ӄ 򿄠f\ЄёYЃ9u+,`E킉~ʟ`kGa}e^p&gr !Un34c.2Zf3+L2dۃ~WkH lc\'q}PA?DHQfºKA)uFzIu(:PץE=?>Wn[g"붥GءԷ€A*Dy"1MSXAP /DQ B勀6ʪ `:Ӛ@ws;0Ûۢij{h?:6J( &M}}YK{V"+g18sve>xYŀt:XfV|zh]qblJUՂFig|ڧ[݀X *pK̾DWP9OF\x N]:Uu]o u*P_;=`Wp}rQzz7a/vǮ?Suun&nW k%Ct 3z6$C6}5s֢`K*4& N ggs!{{ǁϞQcC=P\JJ_\V &0]yߘf뉷MƦE`;+/A@$r8CeoMY89Bѷ?ݨdVsWX ;$嬡|! ,waBbUX==`@hj1P5*@nӻ<\')BEZѺޒ/;,oyrQ"C Nm%ŧ7 ʆ~ ZoυK kZS9}*Ԭ/+.[4?Uɽ`=sClj‰an}yGM=7dcle"O Q=.r;0eb0U0FJ}hMluU 䳟Y1b$"`-QrwA&~D] 0R]x7 er jUݩ{E:XOiQsordmͧ"9FmͿMfWMw5dx R;<_ sc7AZ-T#Hz\\?dH^CYQ"HlCn0(N˔Peh}cyXa<4x1TZk>ͰHNJfI0Z6:~e%Lz,}x}Th$6SVUBI"M"-!w ɚ;#LK]7査_nJ2ohy\;cBJЦ>Pw !`'U˔1ed#xuTL_fi+q0*Qވ*-X d0yc?С/EEaXVZAΕӼ9Rg:4yj gAН@&r/vHJehpԁ\x~Ux.NGa|_Omg*P2?aoWe8 !wY٤O? p6\H9VKLunb%SOc>!lo͑8d?7hUT63}42ϙZz&[kYZ"^iV< 0SfJj' SѳșzvC12o.o )cՍysy{fʇ%:߯#ܱ((l߯T7 HڦQi 2,mw @n4d˯$lTйAC!h>a{@^oKyd6PM_`',,V |/r=x9lfryuFбP&=VsN雴J0 ] _!:#0Q20T# 7Qϰ|{ZS$g(НIvy;U>ѯ[RfҠ`bK2|pWo[%lk{^AOPȔE'wģ(xjuhk\#^./ܷ);YZwYv`mvQeQA}AQpXiupUeipIz´D„XS{_X@XsYn1L=զ .qe2c`mW R(̸ޓӒsb0~m zUxH͖tu`JR_:(|*u v: 4r7 FG3H?+3)ӻx)vH.H\j`4De!q*( =]8-kq^i>yZ O.h,a<]J\Qp'i-"׽Uz3`Be@yjB*&(]sC7g1&|j֩-IhV Z}[=kw8EԄiE6O(эHX!Uu M1haP(~9& ZzƵ饦t?gB􈋴rIFŷUpU#b:rI[&ߚ%7C`*-;{@SKAOoZW" 1E[$ICRIתP}c>L6!gXLdS"VFCr\T^"|TG87HN4b R@?S \lI{Rmz >("_Yێ On*A I)#HȖ ޚ60ѝ X|}& =@眏HΏ'P%S' {l<.=E޼hABAp8~xg ;kn' /OS$" ?p4_eRKФgz2qiܞ7Q tQTpK*qKwt̑][[ H)-ŏ{[Ha] )`ϧF3f jr G;MlMCh.ӀINǦE~F ~ 'k(iCT|D~1oNJrg47haj Q^eh:VsӀbZhkRF Br'&jdvsZtDFŗw|*h f%.i<{TXB@noz&$iޒ O72,({vU7 `KGhzC\J-h[&GePYO}&3iRxu4r6qExь*wf?$AZ#`%CkU 0#=7h\+ Bb6a׫ײ?LXIFQ& ɳdgOi#2ÆtW\_:{iv!aH hEK]H}mjN!W1-a 1^H!$YWѣnxpmӜEhFM.A\" \l|sX3հ;V*u*$.E8= G/ٻ~k`E'Z_YZsu[10.t}Es[_ܛ$Sޚ ]ʦD/*">#cP+ ]HL*R]46|qſ]l̽Xs jY.F$xҒI_Z0Hr*nd6;`|ze)r{|ĚUS#i!{[WFR-)﵃*K oz/cKA}•XN`0k_x"o/ӌ9|ůbWTORuO_;j39q}e>lQHl Sߑ9DoJ=y\ը[H͖:%",,A`4(ۜ*vܵTl!Q\:WEQB6^=~yQx1Q2< .Nэ!5)r/"kgWXMOC2w 5X[},^])sPٍm܅QT^lBhtwum¼1 OnKU͹:JeljlsVCP1KP> Md/QM#} |L{`K`o^ =?^6fC<=rRdfu\ .(R CAofۙmLI耑EZ wI=G0Q/3X^ܗT ס%w<2= Wjf0nOeeZn7">T2|$˲VzddĚ N9G]pAqr Ȟ%]HcI~N,[!ovUKfgCݳ>Lj=}?d'`uW)?<||SGJTt E=;m9e҆efmZ3dܸYimvI'cSt40=NI}p2Mr6)wRX`?]Vyȹ;Be<O~l߽HXc Yܛ EȪ|̀h\;}tƒ b9nmSE= {a7WhPyԡjҺYt9֐|G/U;"Q+6O=Fqe~O+s_ӛ@L&!:+UзΥ3u{ ꄁ fjNIUVX${A-*'x:nZ^q;k&lБk}Nx✒Grb@x1Q#k/[g~H?~:#VROGtKRDf WdH,8ӀsɵmIS*_{f7/[{Ք*}R,JuY3[V o!U,iAЩRz|2[ &*bd3u)2vNG20!/Z-:T:j-4/SK2KepHQG2㡹&RQaT*q arE HumWn;S퓕8tvþ_?F%rq&#QNKnqG)3yc<{Hrtk 㢃1tJ\TOQvup=U(bCFB :rRɿ*#!m@aH|.46q(&<5s] $'#TfE̹?0RM1_"ߝ4~X0!SiZ{!"=w R~Dv]̩ Fɘa=41nHʢh __u=İBUsTj ;'i%l*!G*&9;OARgQ"UՓuĥ Y3#JdCs!Eu`d-)cKXr '_ҭ\:[j2dN\ҺlìRa=MxJ;rߧ+lץ;ŕ4ǎc v4?cMےh[ 5b<+tho UĖ;{nrZV*7R; 5ϼ}=Xh2bZSĨ0q f :jG3qqlHqu6h{eA~@P0Jgg"B?K g҇~1V,:*dtm Ÿյ šqy?+ן)vx R$@!1`XrC9E[٠'C`w-}>ShKb 1 DnLC\F.TY .?=ҫzEJZ 1ZE|7{`BXbǺ@Q>fH$8nx{dl%D#$6  5|]T`GpmXp|9'z3paK*פ/Рmw s)n V)^l&!weЦWZ29 k.5w,~eͷlPNff<ۖưjY5/qef [N-)h1|]!=*IwgW((ǂ F*F 4ˍ--! e/?~6t/w6fp gH jə;kQ2EA4% MksA9l }/5mlϬq($ǻ?^:v3>oހ飠&cK┪,4c_맽A-W})꩎1я-񳜕kۅi EvG^x NGi{~Y%*! 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yahoo: c_kocaba
March 07, 2005 Comment from user: I need to improve my skills in English. Thanks in advance.       cant_reed@...com
I'm an EFL teacher in Torun, Poland. I was informed that this would be a good place to get involved for the sharing of ideas and furthering my own knowlegde on the subject of EFL teaching... [;       carolapointe@...com
I'm an English teacher in Perú for 13 years now. I'd like to join the group for career development because there's no training on this at the Institute I work for.   Christine Bauer-Ramazani cbauer-ramazani@...edu In YGroups roster early 2005
Yahoo ID: cbauerramazani
online CALL course: http://academics.smcvt.edu/cbauer-ramazani/CALL.htm
http://academics.smcvt.edu/cbauer-ramazani/present/tesol01_interact.htm   Claire Bradin Siskin cbsiskin@...edu In YGroups roster early 2005       cccppp2750@...com In YGroups roster early 2005   Cora Chen cchen@....edu

My name is Cora Chen, an ESL teacher at City College of San Francisco. I learned a lot from BAW05&06, and I hope I can learn more from the webheads in WIA. Here are my websites:
My ESL page: http://corachen.com/esl.aspx       cclin_ntnu@...com.tw In YGroups roster early 2005     Cecilia ceciliarobleda@...com
I'm from Argentina. Having experienced BaW06, I'd love to keep in touch with such a great group of supportive and friendly people, keep learning and sharing!     Chand chandcse@...in       charaang@...com

Hi I was told that this is a successful group. Since we are planning to create our own we would like,to ask a few qs to find out what makes your group so successful.     Charles Stinard Charles@...com In YGroups roster early 2005
Yahoo: charles_stinard
March 06, 2005 Comment from user: We teach English classes online from our web site, www.englishhorizons.com. I am interested in sharing ideas for online instruction with other professionals.       cheemaharmeet@...ca
Comment from user: Hi! I am in Grade 10, and from Brampton, Ontario.       cheerssth@...com.tw In YGroups roster early 2005     Andras Andy Chernel chernel@...cz In YGroups roster early 2005
ICQ 135285878 http://wwp.icq.com/135285878
Dept. of Modern Languages
University Institute Tomas Bata
University in Zlin http://www.utb.cz (not my work), CZ
I have been elected the "webmaster" of our department and have just implemented the first stages of setting up a Moodle ... and my fledgling efforts can be seen at: Department: http://uj.uni.utb.cz/
design, concept, structure - NO HTML programming - work with a colleague on that! :-(
Moodle>http://uni.utb.cz/moodle/ (NB - under construction, as above:-) have been a "boundary member for some years now. Thanks to the inspiration of the "cast" of cat-herders at Webheads(in action)/eventsonline, I have found the courage and motivation to develop myself and try to follow in your footsteps.     chertp222@...com
I'm about to receive my MS-TEFL and teach ESL in NH. I'm taking an online CALL course. Want to interface with other webhead educators     Cheryl Oakes cheryloakes50@...com

Podcast: http://kidswords.podOmatic.com
Here is a Bubblehshare of a day in New England and a kayak trip: http://www.bubbleshare.com/album/48023.a5fd36443a7
Cheryl's Sept 29, 2006 blog post on webheads Conversations on a Flat Planet I am a technology integrator in Wells, ME. I just finished the BAW online class for 2006. Thanks. I am happy to join this austre group.   Chielo chielonakpil@...com
I was referred by Vance stevens, a member of this group. I come from the Philippines and I teach ESL.       chingyuhui@...tw in YahooGroups list May 12, 2003
Bouncing; reactivation request sent Feb 5, 2004
In YGroups bounce list early 2005   Alice Chiu chiushuchuan@ .. tw In YGroups roster early March 2005
I am teaching English to senior high students in Taipei, who just started to take interet in how to integrate ICT in teaching in this couple of years. Therefore, apparently, there are still a lot waiting for me to explore. Presently, I am working on my second Master's degree (Educational Technology). I was drawn to this online course partly because of my research for one of my courses last semester. I was thrilled to find out such an interesting and professional online community and registered right away at that time.
I'm an English teacher in Taiwan, where technology has been grabbing intense attention. The school where I'm teaching is a technology model school, but sad to say, the projectors, big screens, and the notebooks don't necessarily mean improvement of teaching quality. Although those who are reluctant to integrate ICT in teaching are gradually changing their attitude, most of those who use the computer in class regard ICT as way to deliver PowerPoint slide shows. I see the need to teach people what ICT really can do for teachers and students. Therefore, now that I'm a graduate student in Educational Technology, I want to train teachers in to use ICT in language teaching and learning. I plan to move on to my PhD next June after I receive my masters degree. Sophie Cholewka cholewka@...au In YGroups roster early March 2005
I'm e-Learning Coordinator at Adult Multicultural Education Services in Melbourne, Australia. My job is to support our teachers and migrant students in all aspects of CALL. I've got Master's in Linguistics from Melbourne University and currently I'm working towards Master's in CALL at the Horwood Language Centre at the University of Melbourne. e-Learning Coordinator
Research & Learning Innovation, AMES, Melbourne, http://www.ames.net.au     chopinplm@...tw
I am very interested in your information. Your valuable data provide me creative ideas on my teaching. Thus I am highly motivated to to join your group.       christiepooh@...com
I'm an instructional technologist at Missouri Western State Univ. Always interested in the latest ed tech gadgets and happenings.   Chris Fry English Teacher, The British Council Barcelona http://www.britishcouncil.org
chris.fry@...es In YGroups roster early March 2005
Yahoo ID: Chris_Fry_Barcelona
MSN: Chris_Fry_Barcelona@hotmail.com
ICQ: 1501362
http://anas.worldonline.es/chris.fr I have worked in Barcelona for 30 years and have been interested in Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) for a few years. I teach on the free British Council LearnEnglish Chat for six hours a week, which I enjoy immensely and I am working for the British Council Global Village student community, which will be launched for our own students very soon. I know Webheads in Action: community formation will help me in both of these jobs. I have a Creative web cam Plus at home.   Christel Schneider

chris.schneider@..com In YGroups roster early March 2005
I'm based in Hamburg, Germany and work in Kiel, the very north of Germany not far from Denmark. If you want to know more about me, you can check my website www.e-learning-international.com
(Christel is "getting started with a blended English course where I am supposed to run the eLearning part."). If anyone is interested in my first keebook you'll find it under www.e-learning-international.com under news. On this website you can also find an 'abacus demo' showing the platform I have been working on for several years.

I have been training trainers for a couple of years now. In the adult education sector, where I work, there seems to be an overload of trained trainers, but not enough learners interested in learning online. Some people in companies complain that they work at computers all day and don't want to spend their spare time learning at computers. This is what most of them say BEFORE actually taking part in an online course. As soon as they have started, we can easily win them and make them realise how communicative and interesting online learning can be and with the right blend, that it can really be challenging and most effective. However, you are addressing costs. This seems to me like one of the biggest problems and difficult to solve. The teacheografia por ">    

142.MADEIRA Marina do Funchal    
SN - Portugal. Espinho - Costumes - Editor Tabacaria Arlindo Lopes - Dim. 14x9 cm - Col. M. Chaby.

143. Barcos da arte da xvega em Espinho, cerca de 1900.

SN - Portugal. Espinho - Partida para a pesca - Editor Tabacaria Arlindo Lopes - Dim. 14x9 cm - Col. M. Chaby.

144. Barcos da arte da xvega em Espinho, cerca de 1900.


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emprestados pelos coleccionadores.

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  CSUM67SPADFILE^x zW2x[ni-ni-p7F XBarcosPtBR10.htmBA80DC~1.HTMNACL $0  $Tx8\$Tx8\ !CSUMSTAN ^D Arquivo digital: Barcos em postais ilustrados
  in ELT and my dissertation focused on the integration of ICT in face-to-face teaching situations.

Damian's dissertation is here: http://users.ker.sch.gr/konsfig/dissertation.pdf
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Ver as imagens em Baixa Resoluo.

SN - Portugal. Espinho - Chegada da pesca - Editor Tabacaria Arlindo Lopes - Dim. 14x9 cm - Col. M. Chaby.
145. Espinho. Chegada da pesca
SN - PORTUGAL - Espinho-Sahida d'um barco de pesca para o mar - Editor Alberto Malva, Rua Madalena, Lisboa - SD - Dim. 8,9x13,8 cm. - Col. Jaime da Silva (Circulado em 1920).

146. Espinho. Sada dum barco de pesca para o mar.

SN  - FIGUEIRA DA FOZ-Portugal - Barco da sardinha (Costa de Lavos) - Ed. Adelino Alves Pereira - SD - Dim. 9x14 cm - Col. Jaime da Silva (Circulado em 1917)
147. Barco da sardinha (Costa de Lavos).
SN - Jardim - Tavira - Edio da Tabacaria Popular, Tavira - SD - Dim. 8,5x14 cm - Col. Jaime da Silva (Circulado em 1918)
148. Jardim - Tavira Ao fundo, barcos (c. 1918).
N 48 - Nazar - Idlio - Coleco Dulia - SD - circulado no ano 1964 - Dim. 9x14cm - Col. Miguel Soares Lopes.

149.Idlio na Nazar, vendo-se as embarcaes tradicionais, cerca de 1964.

N 37 - Nazar - Vamos ao mar - Coleco Dulia - SD - circulado no ano 1953 - Dim. 9x14 cm - Col. Miguel Soares Lopes.

150. Nazar - Sada par ao mar em 1953.

N. 1498 - Praia de Mira - Portugal  Barcos de pesca -  Ed. SUPERCOR Portugal Turstico Dist. por RAN-LISBOA, RUA DA QUINTINHA 70-B - SD - Dim. 15x10,5 cm - Col. Ftima Bia (1978).

151. Praia de Mira - Portugal Barcos de pesca.

I have done BaW 06, in which I was told about this group, which I would like to join to continue the BaW 06 experience.
  Dante Gabryell from Belgium dante.monson@...com  
  davesplace1 davesplace1@...com NOT In YGroups roster Aug 19, 2004 or there or in bounce list early March 2005  
    davidhogg_bcn@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005  
Don Carroll Full Professor, Dept. of Language and Culture Shikoku Gakuin University Zentsuji, Japan
dcarroll@...jp NOT In YGroups roster Aug 19, 2004
Bouncing; reactivation request sent Feb 5, 2004
In YGroups bounce list early 2005
Yahoo ID: AbuFletcher
Teaching Portfolio (ever evolving) available at: http://homepage.mac.com/dcarroll2/2002/portfolio/home.htm
OneWorld consists of two main "continents":
1) a Yahoo Group located at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/oneworldyourworld/
2) a web site located at http://homepage.mac.com/dcarroll2/oneworld/index.html
I'm an American currently in Japan after stints in Mexico (Guadalajara), Oman (with Vance at SQU), Kuwait (before the FIRST war) and southern Saudi Arabia. I'm currently in the last year (I hope) of a Ph.D. in Communication Studies at the University of York, UK. I'm doing a conversation analytic study of novice-to-novice L2 turn construction. I've always been interested in computers but in the past have been somewhat leery of many of the implementations of CALL. I'm particularly interested in approaches to CALL that might foster greater interpersonal interactivity.
My teacher asked me to join this group.
    deenal_furgerson@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005  
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efltw@yahoo.com> unsubscribed aug 2005

Elizabeth Hanson-Smith ehansonsmi@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005
Most active blog (March 2006): http://ehansonsmith.blogspot.com/
Mike Marzio and I started a group to support the use of Real English videos, which are now free and downloadable online ... the group has spun outwards to include use of various voice technologies, use of ordinary old video on tape, and the use of Hot Potatoes to create exercises for any and all of the above. Group address: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Real_English_Online

I wanted to announce a paper of mine was just published, and several Webheads deserve thanks, since I quoted you, and used a survey done here at Webheads as the basis for my survey of the Reading Online YG. Here's the URL: The Reading Matrix [online journal] 3,(3), November 2003. Reading Electronically: Challenges and Responses to the Reading Puzzle in Technologically-Enhanced Environments. http://www.readingmatrix.com/articles/hanson-smith/index.html
Elizabeth and Jack as seen by Mike Marzio: http://perso.wanadoo.fr/realenglish/gold_pass/beginner/unit_1/eliz.htm
Chair of Technology Advisory Committee of TESOL (2002-2003)
  Rob eikaiwachat@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005  
I think this is a very good website because the information here are updated quickly.
Elder Bob Brannon elderbob@...bob.com In YGroups roster early March 2005
  • Portal: http://www.elderbob.com
  • http://www.elderbobonthetrail.blogspot.com This is the On The Trail blog. Essentially, it was only going to be there for about 2 months but I still have stuff to post...so I don't know where it goes from here.
  • http://elderboblog.typepad.com/elderboblog/ Elderboblog was my first Typepad account. I still like the look of this one a lot...and need to keep up more on it...as you can see the trail ride blog, shut everything else down. I am so disorganized. I will be adding more to this in the near future. You will find my first audio efforts here. (timeout Jan 16, 2007; will try later)
  • http://www.elderbob.com/university/ (not found Jan 16, 2007; will try later) -This is the oldest attempt, and the most in need of an update. It is also my first Movable Type. I have the new Movable Type program, but I am waiting till the end of this semester to install it on my server. My service provider installed this one, and I wanted to have the experience of installing this one on my own. Eventually this one will connect with the Moodle (which I will also soon be updating to the latest model) and will be my main adult training site. I am working on using the On the Trail blog as a model to add to my first attempt at Recreational Learning for Adults or Vacation Education. I am hoping to use the blog and moodle as the electronic elements of a real tour from South Texas (Del Rio) to Kansas (Dodge City) up the old Western Trail. I am writing the text now...both users guide and teachers guide for my Instructional Design class and as soon as that comes together, I will start looking at lodging, transportation, meals etc. The whole thing will be similar to RoadScholars and Elderhostel but a little longer and a little pricier...but I hope it will also have a more challenging offering.
  • http://home.learningtimes.net/learningtimes?go=424005
I'm an English teacher from Taiwan. It's really nice to meet you in this website.
    emaschec@...za In YGroups roster Aug 19, 2004
In YGroups bounce list early 2005
  Emma Miliani de Ferrero emcdef@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005 I am very keen on learning all about new technologies and their use for educational purposes all over the world. I was unable at the beginning of the course to keep up with the assignments that would give one the ability to perform all of those routine things you all do now but I am working on it!!! I'm married with two grown-up children and one grandchild. I am a retired full professor from Universidad de Carabobo, in Venezuela and at present I am visiting the University of la Tuscia, in Viterbo Italy (about 80 km from Rome). I have taught English, Grammar and linguistics at Carabobo and now I am learning Italian and teaching English.
  Paula Emmert Emmert4@...net In YGroups roster Aug 19, 2004
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pgcmemmert = Yahoo ID
Comment from user: Hi there! I would love to join your group and learn from everyones ideas. Thanks!
I am a teacher and a teacher trainer in a private school in Egypt. I'd like to know every thing un the field of education.
    englishinternet@...uk In YGroups roster Aug 19, 2004
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  enrique69mendoza enrique69mendoza@...com.mx In YGroups roster early March 2005  
I am running www.pnyv.org. an e-zine merging online, audio, video and print in school hallways. seek knowledge on tidal wave e-learning.
Eric Baber Eric@...languages.com In YGroups roster early March 2005
Erika Cruvinel erikacruvinel@...
I work with Carla Arena at Casa Thomas Jefferson in Brasília, Brazil. As she mentioned, we went to TESOL last year and were fascinated by the Electroninc Village. From that moment on, we have been trying to learn a bit more very single day and, thank you all, we are getting there!
Here are two links with more information about me:
Nelba Quintana Moderator of the Virtual Community of English
Escuela de Lenguas-UNLP
escuelaunlp@...ar In YGroups roster early March 2005
    eslteacher@...com In YGroups roster Aug 19, 2004
NOT In roster or bounce list early March 2005
I'm a CALL coordinator at my workplace and i would love to share and learn new info & experience with people who have my same field in their work.
  Eva Wilden Yahoo ID: evawilden
eva.wilden@..kassel.de In YGroups roster early March 2005
- F -   e_school2001@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005  
    fair_talk2u@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005  
    farkeder@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005
English lecturer at Gazi University in Ankara
Fernanda Rodrigues fernanda.rodrigues@...pt In YGroups roster early March 2005
Yahoo ID: mfr2000pt
Link to "a free website I've designed with a group of young pupils of mine. There I experimented with podcasts, articles and some other things. http://teenagersontheweb.freephpnuke.org/"
  Fiona Thomas NOT in YahooGroups list or in bounce list Jan 18, 2003
NOT in YahooGroups list May 12, 2003
Director of Education
Santillana Net Languages, Barcelona, Spain

fiona@...com in YahooGroups list Oct 25, 2002
Yahoo ID: sant22ages
NOT in YGroups roster Feb 5, 2004
NOT In YGroups roster Aug 19, 2004
NOT In roster or bounce list early March 2005
I work for a virtual language school known as Santillana Net Languages (linked to the International House World Organisation). We sell and run various English courses, which we have also written and programmed, and are about to launch some Spanish courses and Methodology courses. One of the key aspects of our courses is the creation and, more importantly, the maintenance of a lively language learning community. To do this we use various synchronous and asynchronous means of communication so anything I leaj0XKuj8 FvKß*cP5bHDX qS9y%-tz0=<'W \TG ld50aK4yh襉{yՐ|bE( Kx`ݮuXʾ H{"ŽF#~+ݛQ&WN{!R2YpwzKyCtЕ(zs`Ny;^]*\}7ni2Yt!diU;#T$mc \(v^kWYy8&| ?}ls^:6 )Q1P7@p{$\ܧۺf^*⇈=FC8DVĴgjpw-Szj M{bhu0[Lh n,`l]NO`nE]AYWOcgWs'}m2N0p* iR/G'X3V76l&PMrčlj\ߚ`d>bT(&yhiH^-Lm4'ȿ5HDnzA_6XPd-[]a[s&8K5l% WN@2MgdDLj􆇄E Ľ帖1+s7+[!]HG iD)r$݇`CY#b9ĘĖF$^#]$qW%:ݣmr.v0Iȧ[XLF1`Mhne[VRi1ܤ!+ .jL*ڊzXoT`?a/㤼U!(z@O]oZ_p"{ăˋJ-3pX*Ԟ kvͻ{2 JVD{C P!S׫wlny:ڃr < 8 jb[K~ƪ֓ArjsdK >ԡOim>Jutʂ&O41}Od nr# %6ύ?ubbWe&̫S;PQZwm2ѩn(:ɫ@IJZ\Sf-3+M-FLwӹ n S0f /=qEFSd pQ[`Ӱ|5,1 FFU$Opvfwͺt8`hMj>yMRzw%~57% 4iHnB:JI~T KBh^͛yKDZ`uWJw~C戀<]fcu{ϑkrAݥm뽾͞v;XY?v9WiѮq ff32 ]{7nTQ.yU&x׺:EwuS)|rT>@9< 1oNݘ3$؉<;j%bf0ٛ/&_tP~./Ij [zi>kPBЈf XkաވU=}E شɦTC%y/g"jvG2g@[[F GEc^}ws@sS(h梩k $6zcAP\)RpE Ju,s'd!NfbMl+m9shDBTL{`қ·a=|m˥# 5콒&EKZAx2/mST XE̛Yd^(nwPxu YET} '="!V4yYF& -eȚטx]E_+|!52ASJpqg3U~=z-'%*.9k p]9aJٹkr Ξp{]4!#愽= j+ӯq+}sg6cw\\6d"-E|4%J ܻX%mTjGT-SO_h2:l^˃OGc5zVϭ8hkȍFd!eŷEֺw_iFpM"?~,ETsuM+־p^$~/S}ܺb'KgF_&6Uaeo<" 69dV}25Љ~3o4H.@;~b&%EE bxʷmAvQAǻ#= + #vJRyW5FeFtʥ)w>Wo{g|M5vqaC/ "6i5Fi{% Id(/@NR-fl 0KÌebfvdԎu Nxk(:&K1̔S9}@ni+:{,Ct<#> ,JÀ3%wח@(3RC:.@zjn#m <-%嘁f"/*HS[939_t^,ԅk{oD lO\h-(#IvK\+ 3b\4&ۧH9ͳeJ2pC(2<Ҧ"|V7Q=7JsHm=\іO}Cכ1h TOfli@nUgz #řE+>[_[$ -Q` h'݅OToъeu#rw(0y𬷪?ZzT=9]^VUNQANWg"<,< )' =OH*Eėx0AV{`ׂLJDL~WKg5BP.y7eSfb/ J{S5.فH̴'nb'+aR'' *6oe jT.E$2I]3'8~)'.e^Vۇ[FIʤ ܵơ0vN,b␻A߉IkT(q nhbvDp5`Үf6E-.|7E-H5۝0BSlؼ ejAA7G Dapuq!-;٫*9j1 K Gnxyq}}לo݅^noQRTղ<{Ʌ`!&mVoIجqRL22۔bxV%Ry)hdR&Z%7J$ n|YKbn#I[mu_cU!='P(rv6><µՔGlt]>*[Gó2ЃGNl GSm6CQ)aH.Ƙ D[a-Im|+FoF j"w,CrBˇ)q bE*bdH)!}  Gmk5J2E,NLM?vFsk&v0)V K~_ׂ=ˏ y]w%ъG3F>eޢcޠMjжȉI o:b0r9& ڜZx!)VYW`&1/5{I>>}#<)#biĨeAS#檞{y{+0L뮔*sHN1洈>sDKφQɫ-A(4K/Lڀ;d^;N򧠩Eޭq)j-(F8nc;ˢ!$3I% i>̋ջ[%X&+^%#߮ؑiɛr#R5wn|$X[VdF5)" ;Ҙj{p_IO"dKH^-Yi*W!>Zg_>!JOX,t)q*7ɴCcf4] J\ABz^=^_6{a"žpgkWG.h0Jn|? o&١=}tMRZi 0-5e Hf[)4u9wr&懴+.ǻ /&4s*;'x EȶezPD-0%ۅv"镤Rru+'t*'ΣcžaSdFIшU WjZcBݝ3nʮ**c ̧[$4zq;!E~6u̪+{}d dx ߶>l{w(aؘeP=KǓazT]tDlRDߎOPʒ,l\'9cI܀l56Io 0b4isyRa:VzdX3; YSOJi4\K,1@'{&7<xe`nSXP]"5BMǟeuUZZݜ[sϒH4XE&%_h?RzH W{ wvsMw>b6{@͞v=v$ KYq jÑ>4pa pﳿ,g'\Hy$YXd ^v߃XA2͖N)2@[MmDߒ %AuOÊ%k$~cA$FCd.}cg'Otd鉁JDJ` t:=.=)0+ZFei EN@b'Ș۫O8y+_K vnF[ڜSӏC7t:% W+e%FHh0UZ 3jDÃp:0~&E4sB>!3)goi?D@.8IE0 F$㨬<9Dĭ;gur ٿzhsEG\~YRbo#WH5'|6Y>f/j2C>^<_xzt\1]x}\m€CKM7'kjOcd Hp3yb{S, jy;+^F…PO]VT2\cXI̅blRoRhIB$UĽm1x=&DBL\7475kmfe#ѧN4˽dY=iu뜈H\wq]/ Lw 6:H~55zO _Hzlv$ьvߛO1ð"(ѥg ?c*xiKsr>kpn*47O+'XbpI2W#{hgGm xa<%x- l'IYGabS3.Fz7ɰC(_n#TU\xt)Okw8F@UlA[:m|# eOlMd @<=wLm̳c9ŀ|ӿ6:v6돸my{|=ʰΏQ;Bx]v vq,j;ŝtj,+6xxyA:8Ϙ|keMyQ*Cd20S7.CqwO;L2wO깰 I,DwSubv_J,+<4%D֙D> r%)(^ ɘc:ik7btSMLY5}gM1e ~K!27>/Z#^їIƤ:&.( mp%, lhRK`X7-Ypk Ibńu9mc/Z֢15Ȩtj/?26T$`W!&[e-h$y]I+gâұ'wB`DO-iYzRe_ CZ,h, : 1k|%5<ë/9o)?އCii<."ztJKs=Ŗ6!t6neHH"*7>Ө>"?5,MypɢzG@O S`MFL^ÄqjS}z 40޺H'ci) It48=ŏ ?oŗ aPGZᡃ\~:9s"DadJ|qhm(g8G9 ^dsڏTI ]m]i/;j2ؽc"B{XQk};˟HbGR#{2y;wVK-;8LVvh3  xq,cR-tz@Ya;{c@b֔DC$ϗd$7eC 'zYWDJ 2V'Lٳzzŕ0ʐ A:F&fXS ErEpBGQf]sZn`()^cIֈ2P{rs(2< #rm U+kE= ?q7 \2!3GjH s6Hw YǁG lon>[g VXRDbm/I.2= My<$|g)+fj$DKiNJeXwRUg7GG>~O ??cMpsKg|2%_h!H jN{BK4R7h(64oHI͑`"w9ʻrޗngq o|(`aȣ- Bd7Õlҡ846aY_iN'Yׇ(TQJ n)]JԲh =ȪUkO1>Ƒ} MzSz铊 ;fyϭ7꾚&3 {ܶjAe͢5'B*Ժ-=ŞHmupࡄQ722UmȂu 2X|^Ms LQ}S*.,9Z1f|H&B{GK\6whGhI|2>Mw|ֲ:{#]g y>U띿<4e'R_4ؐ}w](-mf6Ak%F$D)@"Ġ{rH]%J*Cwr FL\FI^d0󦝋OX̺VX quN,X%z>ݚ ;_"ⴜZg xy$0u%897>cÑ  YL{.?!Y#r2 X.nu9O'`7ǡ>$Rϗ*TY -.9joWϖn^&3ei_j㓶2 h2 Zx# WI+'$m-SrVZ$]#-Y3 a)F^FdLܴ[}lWmE1NAlv?_+4So$@<> fu &hoȲ6fCmSr9@k \g<b2yڡv(AS_k=4m`ţߍT0k C78(<_Y$__lhh vBk$[&`V,sPB.1J Οmpgq/g徽F_Kܫ,`۝*xF7/qBS;HZ߰kơcUF{ᎇ B饀h 6{M RHriW,v!PQlLK˟vn\U-[jP|Sx3nP˞ŏ?m-ߎ=,3Ç \q΄&/p9) qPȠO}YHF } z[I6"'ܴC4a2OŜ(0^q!w@r|_*;zctIE>aѩ 7:yj*sIX4xLR|K?:91)k q,?Ss8hZW]z#Wc~&D2)憨|$5NbuOœ[Y3EdGjSw\wzo 5ܣg%$/47G ՕNw\H3J! 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Sharon helps maintain our Webheadsinaction group at Tapped In
It's recommmended by my teacher.
    hosier_82@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005  
    hthomas@...ac.nz In YGroups roster early March 2005  
    huseinlashuel@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005  
  Kathy huyuhuey@...tw
Lately, I have been joining a workshop, and the instructor introduce us to join this group to learn the latest knowledge about CALL.
    hyeh@yuntech....tw In YGroups roster Aug 19, 2004
In YGroups bounce list early 2005
    hypagnes@yahoo.com.tw> unsubscribed sept 2005  
- I -      
  Dot Mackensie ibndottuta@...com / ...co.uk Both in YGroups bounce list early 2005  
Ibrahim Rustamov http://www.blog.ibrahimrustamov.com/
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  idalithl idleon@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005  
    ilsecmonch@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005
yahoo: ilsecmonch
February 28, 2005 Comment from user: Hello, my name is Ilse, I´m a Baw2005 participant and I would like to join WIA to learn from your group and also share good times. Thank you:-)
    imaike2004@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005  
I´m interested in learning how to apply technology for language teaching. I think it´s one of the aims of this group, am I right?
    imichelet@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005  
Ismail Fayed Program Specialist - Integrated English Language Program - II, (Educational Technology & Resources Unit), Cairo, Egypt, http://www.ielp2.org
ismailfayed@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005
Yahoo ID: ismailfayed
I have participated in a web project last year with some students and colleagues. I worked in this group as a coach. We submitted the project for publishing to the international web contest "Think Quest Africa". Fortunatelly, the site reached the finalist on this contest as a winning team among all participating teams from Africa. The local Egyptian partner, RITSEC, has just informed me today informed all team members that we will be travelling on APril 26th to Present the web site there and receive an unknown prize for our contribution. You can find out more about the project at: http://www.thinkquestafrica.org/webs/TQA00147
Ismail is a Program Specialist in the Educational Resources unit. He has a First grade Professional ELT diploma from Ain Shams Faculty of Education. He received his B.A. in ELT from Damietta Faculty of Specific Education, 1999. Currently, he is a part-time Specialized diploma student in the FOE, Ain Shams University. He is also a member of EgyptTesol's afiiliate organization and the Educational Technology Special Interest Group (EdTech S.I.G) membership coordinator
Shunichiro Ito ito_shun@...comNOT in YahooGroups list May 12, 2003, in bounce list
NOT in YGroups roster Feb 5, 2004
Not in YGroups roster Aug 19, 2004
NOT In roster or bounce list early March 2005
http://sites.hsprofessional.com/vstevens/files/efi/shunichiro.htm (no connection Jan 16, 2007; will try later)
My full name is Shunichiro Ito. Ito is the last name. People call me Shun for short. I teache "Internet English" at a women's junior college in Tokyo. Syllabus includes theme based web exploration projects mostly with some synchro CMC.
Comment from user: Hello, nice to join this group
  Evelyn Izquierdo izquierdo_evelyn@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005
yahoo zquierdo_evelyn
February 27, 2005 Comment from user: I am an English teacher. I work at the School of Education of Universidad Central de Venezuela. I took the 2005,6-week Webhead workshop.
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  James Simpson at Leeds j.e.b.simpson@...leeds.ac.uk In YGroups roster early March 2005
Simpson, James (2005) Conversational floors in synchronous text-based CMC discourse. Discourse Studies, Vol 7, No 3, pp 337-361.
    jabbusch@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005  
Yahoo: jadamsdad50
May 20, 2005 Comment from user: I'm an Info Tech teadcher in a middle school and a graduate school student. Webheads was recommended by my professor to help me keep current with trends and innovations.
  Jim Buckingham at Zayed University, Abu Dhabi james.buckingham@...ae In YGroups roster early March 2005  
Jane Pringle English Language Institute, UBC
janeway1999@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005
Yahoo! ID: janewaycanada
I am currently teaching a weekly TV News Workshop at the English Language Institute at UBC in Vancouver, Canada. I am also tutoring privately while working on my Master's in Education through the distance program at Bircham University. I have been teaching for many years in a variety of countries, but have concentrated on esl since I 1999 when I graduated from the VCC TESL program. Since then I have taught in China and Vancouver. My interest is in the future of online learning in languages and thus my interest in this group. I look forward to sharing and learning from all of you!
I would like to keep upto date with developments in online learning and IT developments in education
  Jarek Krajka jarek.krajka@...pl In YGroups roster early March 2005
Editor-in-Chief, Teaching English with Technology: http://www.iatefl.org.pl/call/callnl.htm
  Carol Boehm aka carol lister Instructor continuing ed - ESL
San Diego Community College District

jbcarol@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005
Yahoo ID: jbcarol
I have just moved back from North Carolina and am still living out of boxes. I've been teaching ESL at various levels to groups from community colleges, private schools, and universities (in Morelia Mexico). I have an MA in ESL and am almost finished with another MA in media education - media literacy. I've taken 5 classes (masters level) online and enjoyed each. I'd like to start a doctorate in communications someday when I have time. It's great to meet you all online!
    jcf@..rcts.pt In YGroups roster early March 2005
Yahoo ID: joaocorreiadefreitas
Jean Michel Chaupart lives in Colombia jchaupart@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005  
  Jean Vermeil jean@macam....il In YGroups roster early March 2005  
  jacannella jeff802vt@...com In YGroups bounce list early March 200tY:lїD: 33B銮E0J瀑DSƕj?z*|'voS,/b?J騹IpWꏚ@(cM7։Wۄ\'? ƍy}$nv&zgƘ%OE3/ݨ?S1+?xtZҜrL<*OK_dEuv93$?T9ېӷqG(2qb)cN{9C!L0魃 hGf#wAam1g(h?2ʋ晴Mc;[T+>ϫԻ>ψՋ}]~]!'QY~a;r2M%DԀ8;g]~UjկZDQ[Kz0G򹈘V(;WO7@}0?ݟTʑ]ܓS -4 %9ݤ5e!?0#Sn8ԫS_56W3<1Kbԫ|[Eɧw l5鳧N/hUv "a\}:n0~FcЪn(/P >/ƭ!\- aN͒u&NII2n۽pwIP-ziOB~Gܞ==|$wqͰ`Z\PBu!}kG~kDQMNO!ÔRC;W03@#muڈ3t<~Kb\q6iBGW03`wgח!-|1J57hrq쭺w޸TT:E?5r?Qb͒BcK~ӕl:\lE5 H͆ph+hi^]*yreg[s!LTT̜!&ާKN f^yi¡ہ7MK!>~9 譋ad@[QgV綕FXWwG/@^3Fٛ(g~وsw4q.-Ѱ_Cgݎ{߆66' +q;ZFRJ^". /V[[npNn_oZ,Jn٭וO~nCCPv8ڹ,HWZ pyvopa7Rjz zT'O׳ᣲ#~3CS}ejSAUh3qJgZ> b1U{i|:~ =^q!~5Z39.S#Vkj__|Ol6Y,#I1EJB^bAT$_3T(']eTֆnN锐ARPA;A:k:뜵>~ICF]@NPMFE2'1ߎ U_jj@UԱbCn[&N)S]I% 3oj6aOacJ`?A'v а)0vw3F{7b:De˼YRǭs EVGZ=~&)3o` Rf⳦}6s;YΏ0 -)l]y'k{.'X; ;t߄>; {⢸]&xUݙyv8~1CCrM 0 偗9՟ܴ+qfea:x"/[t󘁔gn8Nlp̗P|bs1 SgptuaR0z}Scvlb"R6qY;VJǬ/v%%.$gGиcHw]|Ǻ qMQ9`S-qpUvQ| B_Ȫ܈yu:*8 6,gX_F [%{A|ڈ:*ڻ-U4W2cc<o'+璐V132Fcx\DmpE ڇcRƚ7s^<׉B YA6B&txYKY+_UF?HC8{12\~WMps[5zU`x}_̒|JhDKpdovžVߔ*yOHVL֌/"E}TvOc@cofqT8?ZVV^nW& .e6Ҵ<'5 %t>QYL=$ev/GC75LI{FĴ;]uwb{ R,,WCQ0_Q `oݑxۡaITCvsmMF&&аҰ4@eΥ/T.ތHV7!i^rjbם_<<.VfK)IP͢pg051e `aW* %N>t7aEyT1 *$h&IӴta^x!nT 1F:H:qFulpn؞ E~9a7\m2l(1Yj>sQXطi&Q~yC(jT0ʈ`ܾ{)y^,O-o{6epB7E'lw i( Moc~}s&LȤQmKv=luV f2z'r|&UfI~ȗIm(jC Fgʢ:13i﮹;0_cMjKQia=;cX4yB>ǷL+ӛݿCVv? ) i꾎  !K,9ݒ+7ckO-H)*-@T~nJ4g65qBq$*ZЋF"t󜧤={K;*X1~όӉlh:# j7T gkeG-փ5 YoDg"ǽ˜'ONeP[@a aI~}Qv{)[Jd&D Kp538Qu{@c2 {m54(=pid{*T S ڍh}t=($8+ z*._0 _7J- `fVp͂*1m `́SFIQXےt0pzb 5+W9C݃~PbِWު]FDp} H e;A <~N\$X7^)/*eLp2]E  ,ZweE0!W9<7@DR7nM 7λ3<4QtKTh[-ݰuA/RRX+1D#2p!O] ]SzG'#Zr㩮Wϰ9ETU[ݔ՗ Sl_ǥ o$zOwˢ B$`Sy3rѨ阱 Mìa(h_>wKj)!a8GbPƣ!̘-Z2bW.^}ęЈbU@${xƌSo?Ecq)I§e;ya'qA4G0 4FbTnfd+_:n$g2TSחZ`/Tr$1#ץh跊z$@'L+3%{o(Y+,B"YY*#y_lM̆aA$n5SԦ}F#mTWn}̃!)ŬQg4κtޅW43)&jz,jHfXnb9{)H0?RŞP]ߢAwpy8yߌڟ/ WP@9CN-^|%Ky|ĆG3wsSD7.퀂ÍWㇲW&SpƲ0HOL&S.[˾qA+msJŅV֢QR%f`_9fYS-tqon=ܑK9j3KN`-aa Ɲ47Sgj*]> lm_=??j%d^Dv% Z=m%Jܑ*_&7:SV5t/XjM@뾥(b4޺ E *)!jR8F@FY4YYkv"V0z} #hh1pm4EgA: n-UZeP-1 3'ɕ {V" *?m3XDxz;RmQsFŒM?l"%F 'a QT2)dRCĨƷ޶FcM*Lcˤ)9~Ǧmm]6-,5i$ @Nh!K0OK3DՒ JF#wXD8OKn`yެ%Ԩ3&} |q%!B!֛#9bBoJ7m S9d&_y\_w}g8ಢۑ!׺z=[BڕSC|#f~ Rlei7uM񥿝ݗKK84jyMM&n8lPWad "ֆfy"ˁ$\^nWVWKve q$#\Xr1kxޭ$I# eY5z n4&E9'ewFSU,pt*v )e?<DŽ˘gg0)TY.1oO{URX)/xOa×r7qKFN8raP q1&R 3@ t]!NU0:4"LDHbXyKvpD΂rW{x9t ݜV9,Hf^a| y!Y@*|~$#C<֓DEgoɐITV4UG'to}c՚};>7vSx418eMx7a-Kx?gyڿso5Pm {EA#4N75f)C[" $vG96L%:U`Fb;&;TARM--ɮld7({'i퀂LTǎWkelš]ް]dIgH 2 {m~iyRiʆt-1"˶_ hwA-]+~tzV7 /Cj\*lf&޻ lT~"'$GQNd2 OXw8XLnk|>U"&m a(v(a?Qݍ,_RW-z6=ΙwPM=(L̀3R\g N+Nv,a+q  OB%{V~~OEO|ɩ 퉄R|חϣn`И 9 I8eLbJy8Ӯ{楳CHC1瓃ꋓS2V7aBB|`TM_afƒF{{̃~1,ԨM7`ZW%)X_]#C+E2 ݧ̏[-~i|Ĺ= :kkׇUldq(=a1zyLI=^A^9PuUrLVLGy mA­k}4l΄o?HݓCMz~TZNmY}"qʈce!ð3ݭ04pDi'34"ʱU6hh9kˠ̂*xƌz'J\). J2ߺc^sYw F/)QeZLIVћ| lZE\ CW|)2]le]` Po3?3,2"$ǙB w8)Dۺ"˃7lն=F9=;@mxf…, 鎇-UZ9QMc3#z%AIoi0<ˠL2گ0X_0f#P!^Ԅ 6"YUq:%k9*ͼNq`{*jůuԿOѺ J8Iޫ.~:CJל}r_{Z?)ST6, +ٹc pT6T1G'LAWOU d/eGEë7_h6)ߝsG+q{?mνyv4F9ʪ^ujNYH J0OzULf.pZ9]6tjQ#\6UiQB'?4O \yzr ]~Hl- o ΪxjkEUc,<K is~St]r e!? ᑳVUO.G. Xn{s CEcn5n]o{_22&͆fԼ'Ҥey|@bkͤю&[{!VU^9fov7=kfvšAZKB8%i0l%'`r gPxhdl?[e|@}mos8sE  N`*n"Jn'>w$s@lzYŧåJ \>xG(_}V |OF_S_]Lyg(;.0?!&|=$3sɱIf/v<^ݖv3rͱ;G"ͥP=#5ӯ&+d*+/YDJJ]. iqEa(5Qk90_4M# ((XLNSp\6r**>ӜW1̩uP$~`v RudZ{"{3xqbV)mYv?]mH`5j(|") ,s.7J(sԯeb?\xD/I:%g.ڶ#-IH#RJJKa[ 1G:„o\z ًK S߀&fn@rPSnty HMP++OGXȐ}C9׀Z˟ {n.(9_NJϠGJ^0R'fݽfBf{J[ÇW.$0PbqYqAR0(nKmg+ƀ<fJ7,)LS-3p#R?tNrL@*1GuMF109t)C]5r6A lk~?e -'oO! "˻8]ps6'hiS 9`~2=i)8~o@7ytz![ 0I)&WnwK'73gƿnqet))F!L%wm8 L~׽Y:g0`RCTGbxaۄTc=h8x7D˿9swFz$gM?`RHoGaeMLl-PÔw+aAEW0r֡2}41 U:2P̚pk#O?VJPM%kA.*ONpa"(:2" ߲+ ~b}ȗ!kx69+7!MK,z _L/K:8q8\j?;|jR{`HZקj}4L'Zc.EH_BFekelN>C}4ݡ}142@ڧL)CHP.^3qY[#/=pu:v{Ht= 2^zw׍l)+ Q#F"VU 3K[asf&t>nA@62`MTrT2"U/HItZ, W&P>|$z L<&(*`菉#1瞱!bضDHe2 /Rh[aOldDl2=<-)X[L9~TB.];j{=덝Awq}!MLof6;u XLlYI7UZAB 7KcP3f)GjR*c-Dc׻D;%H)Qr} WZkYW#θ.ϗ`#W TO [5*q;> E>,<&N,G`mjFr{b-gCi'B|}ȇu6;/.kܺ|`ȁLI0Tބ!^ S

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Karen Garcia lajaulavira@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005  
    lajoya108@...com in YGroups roster Feb 5, 2004
NOT In roster or bounce list early March 2005NOT in YGroups roster Aug 19, 2004
I'm a teacher of ESL in Nigeria, West Africa. I love sharing ideas with people around the globe, particularly on issues of research and language learning as well as CALL
Yahoo: leebuddyleeb May 07, 2005
My name is Lee Ann and I am a teacher in Virginia, USA. I teach computer, art and banjo as well as tutor ESL students in my school in Broadway, Virginia out of the Rockingham County Public Schools. I joined the crew on TappedIn some time ago and am an absolute fan of the group. I love to check in as often as I can to get ideas or just to talk to folks like me. Out of that, I met the Webheads and immediately signed up to become a member. I am still reeling from the excitement of being part of such a group. Wow.
    ldmf@...net In YGroups roster early March 2005
March 08, 2005
Mary in Beihai, Guanxi, China leexiaomin311@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005  
    lemmyw1nks@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005  
  Lena Parshina lenaparshina@...net In YGroups roster early March 2005
Yahoo ID: lena_parshina
I am an English Language teacher by Education. I have Masters degree in Education, and a Bachelor Degree in English. I am a Russian, with 2 kids and a husband. We are from Kazakhstan, the republic which borders the Russian Federation on the south. I worked as a high school teacher, then as a translator/interpreter. Now we live in Virginia USA. My husband is a great specialist, we are here on his working visa.
  Nguyen Van Long levergo@...com My name's Long from Vietnam. But at the moment I'm in NZ at Massey University doing my PhD, focusing on CALL.  
Leanne Mackenzie lianadevine@...ca In YGroups roster early March 2005
yahoo: lianadevine
February 27, 2005 Comment from user: Hi Vance, I just finished the BaW workshop...I hope I've earned a spot in your group
I teach in a senior high school in Taiwan. I plan to work on a cross-cultural blog project. So far, I'm eager to find the partner school. If you're interested, please contact me.
I started the IWE courses in 1993. I met Vance in Vancouver in 2000 and presented for Bridges across Cyberspace recently. My hobbies are painting and photography.
    ljlgha@...tw In YGroups roster early March 2005  
    lkuniholm@yahoo.com In YGroups roster early March 2005  
  loosetieguy loosetieguy@...com.au In YGroups roster early March 2005  
    loudonfl@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005  
    luciaacero@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005  
  Luci Mello luci_mello@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005
Idzyne Multilingual http://www.idmultilingual.com Denver - CO - USA
So let me introduce myself briefly: My name is Lucimara Mello; I'm from Brazil. I have taught EFL there for over 10 years. Then I moved to the USA (Colorado), and changed my career into Instructional Design and Education Technologies. I hold a Master's Degree in Information and Learning Technologies from the University of Colorado at Denver. As I had a baby almost 3 years ago, I stayed home, and translation was the only job I could do from home (at that time). Now, I moved to Florida and I still work with translation projects and teach English for Brazilian students in Florida.
I have a domain name and got web hosting for my website http://www.idmultilingual.com. I just need to check the capabilities of the web hosting plan I signed for. This project would be for a community of linguists who would like to offer and take online courses. They already have their website professionally designed and hosted. We just need to find out whether they still have enough space left or they need get another account just for the online courses. I'll keep you all updated on this experiment!
    luisarr@sapo.pt In YGroups roster early March 2005  
    l_nati@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005  
- M -      
Maggi Doty MADenglish@...de In YGroups roster early March 2005
http://sites.hsprofessional.com/vstevens/files/efi/efw_mad.htm (no connection Jan 16, 2007; will try later)
I'm an English teacher, general director of a language schoool based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I believe I can learn a lot from webheads in action
  Eileen majdnem@...uk In YGroups roster early March 2005
I teach English to ESL students in Port Elizabeth, South Africa
    malick99@...com In YGroups bounce list early March 2005  
    manawipa@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005  
Yahoo: mandadru
May 22, 2005 Comment from user: My professor, Christine Bauer-Ramazani, is requiring her students to sign up for CALL-related online groups and this one comes highly recommended
yahoo: manju_tapmi
April 24, 2005 Comment from user: I want to learn from fellow professionals on new forms of communicaiton (technology based)
Isabel Teixeira marabel73@...br
I'm from Brasilia, Brazil. I teach EFL in a public language center. I've been working with online collaborative projects since 2001.
    mariajose@...de In YGroups roster early March 2005  
María Jordano maria_jordano@...es In YGroups roster early March 2005
There is a nice pic of Maria on her blog posted May 29, 2004, at http://www.mariajordano.com/blogger2.html
See also http://www.mariajordano.com/
Yahoo ID: maria_jordano
Maria's workshop from the CETA conference April 25-27 2003 Universidad de Córdoba: http://www.mariajordano.com/cetasworkshop/workshopceta.htm
Her presentation from the I Crea Internation al Convention in Cadiz is here: http://www.mariajordano.com/crea_convention/crea_convention.htm
Presentation on blogging, May 2004: http://www.mariajordano.com/articles/ceta2004.htm
Blog on teaching: http://www.mariajordano.com/blogger.html
Worshops given for estatal teachers: http://www.mariajordano.com/articles/myarticles.htm
MJ's WiA's Corner: "Here you'll discover some of the most important event occured thanks to on the most active virtual communities that I have within my favorites... It is called "Webheads in Action", and i is to them that I debt most of the things I have learnt in the last 4 months." seen sept 2006: http://www.mariajordano.com/wia_corner/wiascorner.html
Maria has a degree in English Philology from the University of Seville, Spain. As teacher of English for 4 years responsible for the virtual platform in the Modern Languages Department from the University of Cordoba, Ucoidiomas, and for assessing and training teachers in IT, Maria was also co-webmaster fo3EPZj_}A;`Ά6zrBo+LpIX6 f 2먃덼yKnʍ`;^eX\r2nۈ y|S)M7t`.ՇKO~Lb97ܘi{N@jU knI.dD͉;ހSUFS,{Sakeq3WH+Z>Jd_%`e*qx RKm. x1poo"ITV''AAܴ!^|rƧp.k*nDGڀNxCKLv\.l;v:+$ΰݼH^u$;9An|ՁiJ{|˧HWe,X1:#Inx~KdȮfRDqxR2#|Ei騊=‡Fq`Ps-azуsi_Zq_ճ/T;C',("so2lS=/4ZmV @@0 6[~aߪ_Rwu\ƴ/Jcd q@)KTRc-͐ 3ݜoz~I=q`s.inz}{T'nD0Ǧz/xcQ* ^F{WU.*,/dH6Xz4-9!<1zp;[៸_fp^3:WQ,R.NBNCc1m Eh.INUCE]oL>3y]3`859ee_7mt`nuGmҭ&;tzW|q;/z4 JQeb}>c s8QXLωKUBq^J$5Sm9FgA\k\۝ܡPN [[–AulCopT/9JNPPل'dεIkmJ LEMY)&<LĿe@_tU,OcSMS,I$do5k27$Y2sh/-09>/AiBhAt`䱜:.)оekXg {v$Mu*%v! &`2"ׇnHH̄WQ$̽Wiǣx 54 AOsx,7?88-^(鸪ks^G?ל= 24r} !>;X23h틘SN52pCc0:Tߴ,UFy=BRwcǠT +ij5l{ qsNd?}J155^{t:Ԇ/T}u: kaxݗ aN_1d<y!pecPz[́|̔WWF7 JOG. ڸ` ߓa)XNs3K2>WjqK&|yv|12$e^2ZDnQ 0$ TWR}gd}xa(σ1=[Bj,E|R’{r;/v*2`˜mM.Ĭ,^܋eޢ Qp|a*7MDϾ?Exd7a6ЙhUxnc{5GUDTlCGE@rƆ6 !Y7OpaCD*0M]Pm0B6eK`'Xƿ'Hj,arȲL$$t96޽#",dRq(TAm-|ߌ]W @w?sɜ Sw| e[oEipX J׷g<Ѣ<O~DS3aVudR*6+ۺ&a+dаkME=)#*'Ff ccH23}s`&2Qp@Mňn?A, {pS(h==yS/HߤZ]+ƌRsؕ4lI A$Dkl<9}[x eOPkH}t%g Ne֌<+s_Н򌬋2p_PP 4 3tun o9Wxժ6{=~Im(-BbР/J(Jx>9q&#S_┡'¶3zHݣ`xpfGVĵ(X KcB9&֓?Ȕl2▵o|\[ ao IDƁ$_R p>ԅi : |cPaGԨ{ E(P98f]R[HD(${0u>,=a"(Ls>[?PЊ3'h:y?Ed/C)v̾VZ5y39 qǗV/V^TkH1ƭk!2'ěE27ьռ(L :^"=_uf'2?A.ى*z,Z(>ˮ! ;+ us3j'͓hxb#ŌczPmke}< h NØNÝpȉg}_aJaV;a4 2,!TL3]HZ=_scҘ~fW]yib[@cak= y;Z#z^!!qxQxjÜcG5e{ ̫'|jKp :S5+E2w챫bKF@iq^b޿3gOG*#4YXFAjAOOeydw ~)=*jPEaAEEa]=ހ>V#`ȹWH@iLZG9ߎ{ER3{M9({ZV4%3Qں/~sz Tógh@̡ I騝fh]͋K @*e7¡ڬy0 1.fdxSG};̯ẒZ/.pm ltf1b8J%-!L"cU5K9K|ǛZTD,D7flٿ̗5ƆO|(pV%S/a &ROwfsf'33QzJLj鋈hGT8<_eY Q=SLpoj;QS|ƫوfL\:ѫvc[\qt5*/L4,x/aV P4YKӸ K9W%dB~%&N/ZG!~sي-&1`֗0kߢWbY/TN$F#2fFG'Zm$!5 "DZK!lNlDz7rzգ3\|EtN-YZ,LŠ(ϿO5nvObfDnrM!},9*gǃ c;a$8ӈɚKGk*R.,3]z{afn-5;{8)YU&g YX3`7r۫Z-[M/h7-jqC=dMi~Oܑs_!5vf\ꐠ wVrf|9ˬYJ~h+BF`g>~(Q;RbUH$md@)y"_5+[\7¯o~\G0X`l` + tຣjڞX%vvj>/X w'cb㚡.isE3h"'}k2>US^ aKJwAr*kZI42Ҩz<ờD0j> 0&2Q(Eپd>ܷ@<:'D*z.h-"sKq/Nm)>${@xm1xKBUPNMѾpw;&MQcWIJ&߻TiBB 4eK_7G\jR:]o% 3鴝SMQ6._W&7h&a 9sysFfT݃h*S&cW .t n @pYN+ZZȳ$ +zF-֑` maAŬ^ *hzYs >:B.cSIHq~_mYvks)*xkTu?a"掣vXo7 ")s7ԤAZH_MЃ>Q)m3;[z ˶DjDON c޷Bsy| :d sA3#&/:R eB/k3*Y;d QvrVS2Ls@1B܋^.M'%qz.m{*ݑzi'\%^ӥcoyxv-t9z4,P7BOzH9# m>[ a'.Yޢ 9E¥E0"y ','$6xƉ>;'gLM:"j P>$ftj螊D\lQ@\f T(pl!+\{ _xWD%Tp.P;6C'!t/6j̹N*Mx?aL5+E|УQpeYHQ\PJ0v Ȼc|hp0U]̵z]iʰ,eٗvNE%$$à[mdVԘN_ѯhJ)5Ӂ8̲sVbYJII#uE"Dҍ9s腷/^ $&pv29Ui9zPȡl`\ j2Ato5$ZwXȂS"yi&0h8}I{+WX`O\xw1 ~oN܊ A|I[ l@jkfj&a,DLu_?Viu# |=SI]b(ͩ4ʆVԊڔ7T#Ec hZKE{#OsGNS"Ŭ#S'||&B,뾛a}AejɇFzt᧼8?. WVO:{⮣x.+`:wxv{'ԫ!L' t:Yq)HEKOPC!K@_C_3Q@l 1XIqB~♫`}͵~՗|O?C^RvMNXʺšJ *wz0+nYM4+.nO`Np~xś̀gD-a tՎa;\TBdԵځ*2 ٟܧK\/tؓ0 KKY ï'z̼y^+S9WSnpk"#:B 8C9.Tk2HE¢R<$ErA8i͜|b5,fDUd 'ADR6N=ȍY9:-ULbv7 \."NkGk>>4hhgdϗZ'YA^!%:þ)q XeϻjDʽso툃 e 'Fg$y-,0J!Q#Xۣ\j( D,ig-1]#Fz7 _NУ_+qAĉq/j6f=թʑGhd (\ZwϰWBuI(9,R}ʽbLCL6}B$[@o&P S*fαs  `AEƙ7ixvU 5Mײ! 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  Maria Laura Rossi mlrossi@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005
mlrossi@...com.ar in YGroups roster Feb 5, 2004
Yahoo ID: mlaurarossi
In YGroups bounce list early March 2005
Hi My name is Maria Laura Rossi. I'm an EFL teacher and teacher trainer in Argentina. I'm currently pursuing an MA in Education at the University of Bath, UK. I'm interested in online teaching, learning through games and different ways of enhancing students' self-esteem.
Mike Marzio mmmarzio@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005
Moira Hunter moira_hunter2005@...
"I'm following the BaW EVO session and just read from Elisabeth in the TI transcript of today (sorry couldn't actually be there) that all could join this group, which I'd love to do :-) "
Maria Elena Rendon monina37au@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005

Webpages, in progress:
http://colombians2003.tripod.com Task-based and Free chat project Aims and development of my current thesis research project.
I was an EFL teacher in Colombia for 4 years and I'm currently doing my MA in CALL at Melbourne University in Australia. I teach Spanish here to adults. I'm particulary interested in the use of CMC tools to foster language learning and in the development of software for the same purpose. I love dancing to latin music and specially to salsa! I'm an optimistic cheerful woman and a dreamer!
    morabitokeith@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005  
  Priscilla Faucette mpcfaucette@...com
I'm the lead teacher of our online ESL (EAP) program, offered via WebCT, at the University of Hawaii. Hoping to learn from you
    mstevens@...ae In YGroups roster early March 2005
American University of Sharja
  Mariam Al-Shahab Teacher Assistant, English Language Unit, College of Science, Kuwait University
ms_mariam2000@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005
  Maxie mschubertberlin@..com
I am not a teacher, but I try to help others in their learning German efforts. Therefore, I would like to participate in this group's exchange of ideas and opinions.
    mtp_04@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005  
  mumv@...com In YGroups roster Aug 19, 2004
NOT In roster or bounce list early March 2005
    muzeyyenaykac48@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005  
  Matt Wasowski mwasowski@...com
Yahoo: mwasowski
Joined May 24, 2005
Matt is Director, Marketing Communications at Horizon Wimba
  Martin McMorrow m.s.mcmorrow@...nz
M A in ELT. Cambridge DipTEFLA. BA Hons. Learning Advisor, Student Learning Centre Massey University, Auckland Campus
I'm a teacher trainer / educator based in NZ and moderator of an yahoo online forum for IATEFL ttedsig. My current post is as a learning advisor at a university in New Zealand - I'm also doing a course in applied linguistics as a distance student from Macquarie university in Australia - so I'm sure there are plenty of chances for me to become involved. thanks again for having me! PS if any of your students would like to ask questions etc about New Zealand, I'm happy to respond.
- N - Nacer-Eddine from Algeria nacerabde@...fr
I am a teacher of English in an Algerian secondary school and a postgraduate student in linguistics I am highly interested in the use of computers in english language learning. I am highly interested in computer-assisted language learning. In fact, no one here is interested in CALL. Teachers and students think that it is utopic and can never be applied. So I decided to take up the challenge
    nagora@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005  
Yahoo: asrinaima
April 25, 2005 Comment from user: I'm Naima Asri. I met Christine and Boutaina in the electronic village- San Antonio- TESOL Conference.enjoyed Christine's workshop. want to develop knowledge
    naowarat999@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005  
    narroyav@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005  
I'd like to join for a class on CALL - interesting ideas to discuss
I'm a college instructor, and I frequently use computer assisting my teaching. Thus, I'd like to know more about using technology in teaching.
ESL/EFL teacher and Pairs marriage and relationship instructor, and webaster of Nellie's English Projects. I enjoy long distance running and gardening.
    nevien73@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005
From Egypt
Nicky Hockly nickyhockly@...es In YGroups roster early March 2005
Nicky works with Gavin Dudeney as one of the Consultants-e
Prize winning book: How to teach english with technology by Gavin Dudeney & Nicky Hockly Pearson Longman ISBN: 978-1-405-85308-8
    nicretu@...com In YGroups bounce list early March 2005  
Nigel Caplan Masters candidate in TESOL, Graduate School of Education
Instructor, English Language Programs
Both at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA

nigelcaplan@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005
yahoo id: nigelcaplan
I am originally from the north of England, now living, studying and teaching in the US. I am relatively new to CALL, and am participating in this group to find out if computers can give me something other than a headache. I am interested in the use of drama and literature in language teaching, mainly because that gives me a chance to indulge myself and call it a job. In my other life, I am a member (and the co-founder) of this Underground Shakespeare Company (www.undergroundshakespeare.com), and will be making a rare stage appearance as the Welsh Captain in Richard II next month.
  Nik Peachey nik.peachey@...com
I manage three websites for teachers, have a keen interest in the use of technology to enhance learning and have masters in educational technology and ELT.
  Nina Liakos nliakos@starpower.net
Having survived Becoming a Webhead 2006, I want to take my place in the ranks of the True Webheads! I teach ESL at the University of Maryland (USA).
    nomeolvides664@.com In YGroups roster early March 2005
yahoo: nomeolvides664
March 05, 2005 Comment from user: Hi, I am a Colombian English teacher. Now that BaW2005 is over, I would like to keep on learning about how to use the technology tools to increase the power of my students to learn English.
  Norbella Miranda, Cali, Colombia norbellamiranda@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005

I teach a class on Didactics, for which I've created a yahoo group. I used it this semester mainly to share information with my students http://groups.yahoo.com/group/efl_didactics/
This is my weblog for online learning http://mylearningblog.blogspot.com
    noreen10962@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005
Yahoo ID: noreen10962
Dave Winet, California not_ants@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005
Dave is the mentor figure for Writing for Webheads, which got its start through his auspices at English for Internethttp://www.study.com
Yahoo: cattelwatch
May 08, 2005 Comment from user: ELL aide in Arkansas: Ph.D. in Mass Communications; career spans "divides" in developing world, including Arkansas, Texas, and Alaska, as well as Latin America, Asia,and Africa.
    nsgren@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005  

As a teacher trainer, I would be interested to join this discussion.
- O -      
  Bob O'Bert obertr@...com
I'm teaching for HCT at Dubai Women's College. I want my students to communicate with classes from other countries. Can you help?
    ocheltree_98@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005  
Rick oelp2005@yahoo.comIn YGroups roster early March 2005  
- P -      
    pascal_den_hartog@...com In YGroups roster Aug 19, 2004
In YGroups bounce list early March 2005
  patriciamarchisio Patricia.Marchisio@...edu.ar In YGroups roster early March 2005  
Candace "Candy" Pauchnick pauchnick@...com
Yahoo: pauchnick May 06, 2005
I am a high school teacher in San Diego, California. I teach a Human Psychology and Sociology course to 11th and 12th graders. Part of my sociology curriculum includes learning about other cultures around the world. To create enthusiasm and interest, in world culture, I have developed curriculum involving E-Pal letter writing. I have my students write e-mail letters to partner students in areas of the world outside of the United States. Not only do my students learn about traditions and culture of other countries, they develop friendships. What better way is there, than this, to help promote world peace! When I discovered Webheads, I knew I discovered an absolutely fantastic group of people who have already helped me be a much better teacher!!! My school web page is: http://henry.sandi.net/staff/cpauchni
Feb 2008: A Capitalist Jolt for Charity http://tinyurl.com/2x68ym or http://www.nytimes.com/2008/02/24/business/24social.html?_r=5&pagewanted=1&adxnnlx=1204089465-Qh7HI26B%2520BS1lvW0kk9OOQ&oref=slogin∨&oref=login
    paul@...th In YGroups roster early March 2005
Yahoo ID: pmountjoy
    persico@...it In YGroups roster early March 2005  
Comment from user: I'm a senior high school English teacher from Taiwan. I'd like to know more information about English teaching and education.
Pete MacKichan pete2006@e-lang.co.uk
I live in Thessaloniki, Greece. I've been teaching for 14 years in a wide variety of situations and roles. I now work as a freelance English language trainer and am (very) slowly moving into software/netware design.
    petertsui3115@...hk In YGroups roster Aug 19, 2004
In YGroups bounce list early March 2005
    pgreenleaf@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005  
    philip.franklin@...net In YGroups roster early March 2005  
    pilarantolin57@hotmail.com In YGroups roster early March 2005  
Andrew "Andy" Pincon pincon@...org / ...net Both in YGroups roster early March 2005  
    pkopcsan@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005  
    pornsiri_m@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005  
    porntip_2@...uk In YGroups roster early March 2005  
    ProfDarhower@...com In YGroups roster Aug 19, 2004
In YGroups bounce list early March 2005
    professor_jason2003@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005  
  James Bakker promos777@...net
BaW 05-06 ready to be a real WIA!
  Peter Travis pt1pt1pt1@...uk
I'm co-founder of Flo-Joe http://www.flo-joe.co.uk/ and publish 'Flo-Joe Radio', a weekly Podcast for students working towards CAE http://www.splendid-learning.co.uk/podcast/
- Q -      
- R -      
  raedithr@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005
I have joined the BaW and was lead to join your group in order to take part in Tapped In.
    rainbowreefwarrior@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005  
    ramiro@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005  
I am extremely interested in CALL since I am an English teacher dealing with all sorts of problems and looking for ideas.
Randa Effat Educational Technology Program officer
Integrated English Language Program II (IELPII), Cairo Egypt
rkeffat@ and randaeffat@...com Both in YGroups roster early March 2005
Yahoo ID: reffat_2000
MSN: randaeffat@hotmail.com
This is my fourth year working with IELP II as an Educational Technology Program Officer. Training teachers through videoconferencing and on effective use of computers in EFL. Formerly, I taught computer skills for primary students at Cairo American College. I received my M.A. in Curriculum & Teaching from Michigan State University.
    rdanellyj@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005  
    redsable50@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005  
Renata Chylinski CALL Coordinator at Monash University ELC
Melbourne, Australia

Renata.Chylinski@...edu in YahooGroups list Jan 18, 2003
Renata's ESL/CALL Corner http://muelc.monint.monash.edu.au/LStation/station.htm
Renata was editor of her school's e-zine 1999-2002: http://members.optushome.com.au/renatachylinski/magazine.htm
This is an example on how we use "Topics" in our teaching: http://muelc.monint.monash.edu.au/Esl/smells.htm (go to issue 16 in Topics)
I have been teaching languages in Europe and Australia for 20 years and have been involved in the implementation of CALL since its early stage. My expertise is in curriculum development and my passionate interest is in IT and language acquisition (and Astrology and Feng Shui). As a CALL Co-ordinator at Monash University English Language Centre I have designed CALL programs, mentored in a CALL-oriented program of Thailand - Australia Science and Engineering Assistance Project, was involved in co-authoring of the Real English CD ROM series and continued to learn and share experience with other CALL-excited professionals.
Renata Suzuki renate@...jp In YGroups roster early March 2005
Renata's teacher blog at http://grankageva.blogspot.com
Renata's Moodle (thanks to Venny) http://sun.ntjcpa.edu.tw/renata/
Diaries as introspective research tools: From Ashton-Warner to Blogs
Renata Suzuki (2006) 'Diaries as Introspective Research Tools: From Ashton-Warner to Blogs'. In Satish, D. & Rajesh Prabhakar, K. (Eds.) Blogs: Emerging Communication Media. Hyderabad:ICFAI University Press (pp153-168). ISBN 81-7881-773-X The original is here: http://www.kyoto-su.ac.jp/information/tesl-ej/ej29/int.html
I'd like to share a lesson plan I made which has just been published in the November 2006 issue of Humanizing Language Teaching http://www.hltmag.co.uk/nov06/less03.htm, looking at how wikipedia information on religious conflict (as an example of a contentious issue) is being built, and hopefully encouraging students to join in.
Rita Zeinstejer TEFL; Area Manager for Kids and Advanced Classes; Self Access, Laboratory and Multimedia Coordinator; Cambridge Oral Examiner for FCE and CAE
Asociacion Rosarina de Cultura Inglesa (ARCI)
Rosario - Argentina

rita@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005
Yahoo ID : ritazeinstejer
In June 2003 Rita Zeinstejer was interviewed for the "Achievement Profile" in the ESL Mini Conference Newsletter: http://www.eslminiconf.net/july2003/zeinstejer.html
ppt presentation in Spanish: " El Chat en el aprendizaje de idiomas: interacción auténtica en tiempo real". You can access this file at the URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/webheadsinaction/files/presentacion.pps
April 10, 2005: Article published in a local newspaper, Argentina, on trip to Portugal, where Rita met Teresa and Joao f2f.
As a TEFL I have taken several courses abroad, lately aimed mainly at improving and enhancing the four skills needed by students to successfully communicate in English, with the aid of CALL. I have made presentations with practical looks at ideas and issues involved in developing Multimedia and Internet materials for use in the language classroom. I am currently training the staff in my place, conducting the CALL SIG in APrIR (Asociacion Rosarina de Profesores de Ingles) and giving a series of talks to teachers on CALL. I participated in TESOL Curitiba 2001 with "CALL for Teachers in the 21st Century".
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Yahoo: gm_crops
In Tasmania
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April 07, 2005
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Reactivated Feb 5, 2004
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Sedat Akayoglu sakayoglu@...com
Comment from user: I am a Research Assistant at a University in Bolu, Turkey and I want to keep in touch with the Webheads. I will study on CALL in ELT for my thesis next year.
  Sam Cornett EFL Instructor, Sumikin-Intercom, Inc., Kashima, Japan
samgcornett@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005
Yahoo ID: samgcornett
I teach mainly business English. My main interests are developing EFL/ESL materials for online and CD-ROM use and building my company's website. I look forward to interacting with you all and discovering more about what CALL has to offer.
    samuelbishara@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005  
Sandhya from India sandhyaprajin@gmail.com
I'm interested in new technology and I hope someday I can use it in my classroom to help my students learn better
  Sandy Peters sandypeters07@...com
I am an ESL teacher/coordinator interested in tech applications to classroom teaching.
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Yahoo: saratanke
February 27, 2005 Comment from user: I have just completed the BaW2005 course and would like to stay in touch.
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Scott Dagilis scottdagilis@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005  
Scott Lockman scottie@...jp In YGroups roster early March 2005
I am teaching EFL in a junior highschool in Tokyo, Japan.
My Yahoo handle is sacato.
My handle on TI is ScottLo
I participated in the WebHeads online forum this past Sunday. Even though it's been a short time, I've come to realize that this is the place I've been looking for for a long time. After I outgrow these "newbie wings," I hope to be able to make some sort of contribution to the group.
Comment from user: Interested to participate in WiAOC in 2007.
  Steve Edmonds sedmonds@...com in YGroups roster Feb 5, 2004
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I have heard from some of my classmates that they had fun joining the webheads. I am taking my first class on line and would like to join this website because it may be helpful to me in the future.
Comment from user: Want to add link to SemantiCat to group links collection. SemantiCat (http://SemantiCat.com) is Internet Catalog based on Associative Semantic Net.
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Susan Esnawy sesnawy@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005  
I'm a Saint Michael's Graduate student, working towards my Masters and Licensure in Teaching English as a Second Language.
Susan Gaer sgaer@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005
Yahoo: sgaer
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yahoo: shamanweb
March 3, 2005 Comment from user: hello iam multimdia designer and web designer interesting about new medias and comunication i will apreciate if you let me join your community sinceresly yours adrian velasquez peru
Shannon Moore English Teacher Dubai Men's College,
Higher Colleges of Technology Dubai, UAE


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unsubscribed July 31, 2006
I am from Vancouver, Canada but am currently living in the UAE. I'm working on my MA in TESOL and ICT by distance from the University of London and working part-time teaching English at Dubai Men's College. I've been involved with CALL for a number of years, with the majority of my experience coming while Head Teacher for CALL at the English Language Institute at the University of British Columbia. I'm interested in teacher training in CALL. While not working or studying, I can usually be found on the golf course.
Hi I am a teacher who would like to work more online. I thik your group is a good introduction.
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Insun siscap@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005 Korea, I think
I knew your group in the workshop i went this week. My teacher told me that there are lots of useful imformation for us. After checking, i really like your group!
Sylvia slsylvia@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005 PRC, lives in San Diego
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Suzan Stamper smoody@...hk In YGroups roster early March 2005 A Hoosier in Hong Kong, I'm an instructor in the English Language Teaching Unit at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Work includes writing ,NhMigx6j`S ̴8GE޴"c[g:){oÈy,1w1ۺƻvOUbgMڅ!>eFjԹngUk(ի*7\{2h.o-“AU#€8x sK4CS?G%PGF$XNQbF~ 3Y=B.QЭQ\iӒө/*M 9 l@|U&C^gJL(ds-EyXږ-iilԲ~du|=o{\yC DJ:^C2)hǗ†Q(}Lz ;s`^n}+`'`7r-Z* o\G"[𝓟,{m|gV(lPx zWZY'af')LFBww /aLK)"yS^۟R{@!0օa'{Zs /DjJ&46 I]бRG Oor7f0h!ƼW`\pfjxL$2ߟ+4u?8 ޟ4@퉗?0!c5٭ϷQPEJlkkBJSX2"lJS>#s>%}"xsHcEyƎc<_i}FVj=x_Ȣ8.@7l?$m@36[}JWvj~F1O@ &z5lVa$s3n?a^eܻD/Wp/vz# Gm-kĀoE_^Ar#] 5 C0a o|C 0} &Ùpmv=  ;;2:E#V$BpA߾\zsƇ0u](83e|k޿Ry1@y =ul"~dP.*WM _}sl1Fox&\0kǗN>B^7C0!! *3sb5u_@ۄ=HuBḢvk4nΙ8u2y|owڲK;lrՑe†7wP^ r?O.vwxQAkaKk@9);9PW“w`̛W6A?l)P]G[@ɤՖF"8%Xg .nĭٮgpR1^_h4jBar|h4\)WxnY;kApFU#KnInVJ*:9QxMeuԏ3'?sX1B?K"S-pÂ5PR\UXy"Wg,1iT~,)kNgIRo0:?ĹF/o}YztEFT AQX+@QJؽ䔨jRs j,X- Rl.v >'uu +`UX/=/f-~3 o-[vAydGcYϷxFX[;L rߨcӤZVRxq򹴽j[Qlk;"XȔ:pd3SdLܿczq{Ecnv29n^.d ZϦvp\=\dKX+ PX]Yj~ 0v_;3p G,ͮRtqX2FR65FC.GT[c ߔxs{Ja"pUnjD*ֱ~k$Lxk٪#pw bIWoci 2VZsk@zx_5~SΩJ7n*.s?RSs0k89 zC;yMt7ޤ)PCsmʌ 7,^@7@|l_]ĭYZZ7wbj$. 1Y FB0K@空ףyO⪞,sTn\ pN=uy}`Mq׆ mɰpmXq^[{bJHX kPYW۟zOHYᝨ$DwkOc 2Y"Y97whg|e>l7Yw1rF}_Wn29lH_\3sDsF3v D8FY_r~7;lǃn.K14W™.Xxe`(]\f*~؟%=ɺy}W7;P~ϱ/Ε<-\\7+|hC')R=t+4Ad}CgǮJժKQˌvHkjC3~, ;HuCq,:簦ƒaUPFjr/{"ni[+W,S-`Lusݵ0cPVA4YO~)?rqp V֥Pv<ղG1Wk/0#K/zq+tgsksВ ֳd[ċkz YC6K ˈf]ik<&J윌 [Ejhh$L &J]Pr9ą}t 7K&xYEEPvI7RZ&P_젤Ɗ: ZE]\+-#?n1zc>bu]1IҊX@"i,m] xtTAҌ_|+w) ]:t=azB[ rZ.ˢWOcn6RgQRrx`͘w_; 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hGf,0EZ#Džķ39QRA6NIڶGҲJgT4zpiKt62hсHff`{NI)h^@7fUxJ2Ͱ2OwP=<.[9ٽ7]_T!<灘J)N@2OT$B-JxCdbԻۥt t|l.ז>Fۘz a|o -؅ $qoc U2\VVe n9vo"[@[X:Z)Yuz5ͦTfZP/s2?s~I[^R3nڗ8`>|62fy51VY-';ϪW m]ωpÐ#6,W޵)[/3ѺM0ǁ~6/–N;]9O);`kPܑeΓʎC6E5GVᇯ=|¸pt7y!XĚߑjfW^%;kHAv!~@IE'?HeyK C\)#qR{E|.\<>AЗnvcZg:SX5PYކ;&2i懰mp2 3\r]no]k_HI Z泀{L 4_!#fΧF}>{;dIszlè-mOh2\X'hѣ)6bDK(O@ENeEgmZC&T`4i[iZ".Z1. >w6O 嚆@8[:RsT[>msiϫ0]G`K!n[ Ҋ{Kk{ 9CŸ1=4phttp://
Blogs: http://teresadeca.podomatic.com/
In Dec 2006 Tere's "Have Fun with English! 2" teacher-student blog won the Edublogs Awards for Best Teacher Blog 2006. There is a post in the blog about it. http://fwe2.motime.com/. In December 2007 the blog won an additional prize awarded in Brussels.
Tere maintains several important pages for Webheads:
(1) the WIA Index at
(2) Teresa's OLE (Online Learning Environments) page:
Webheads world map: http://www.malhatlantica.pt/teresadeca/webheads/wia-worldwide.htm
TESOL 2002 web page:
Teresa's books and publications:
1. NetAprendizagem: A Internet na Educação (NetLearning: The Internet in Education; 1998 Porto Editora): http://www.portoeditora.pt/ficha.asp?id=34048 (times out on Jan 16, 2007) with a Bib/Webliography at http://www.malhatlantica.pt/teresadeca/biblio-netapren(eng).htm
2. O E-mail na Sala de Aula (Email in the Classroom, 2002 Porto Editora): http://www.malhatlantica.pt/teresadeca/email/apresentacao-livro-email.htm and, in more detail: http://www.malhatlantica.pt/teresadeca/email/o-email-capa-e-contracapa.htm or the publisher's page: http://www.portoeditora.pt/ficha.asp?id=34047 (times out on Jan 16, 2007)
Teresa's paper on the benefits of using chat for language learning, November 2002: http://www.malhatlantica.pt/teresadeca/papers/evora2002/chat-and-efl.htm
Reflections on Email in the Classroom and Presenting Webheads in Action, Setubal, Portugal
and Teresa's 'email page': http://www.malhatlantica.pt/teresadeca/email/email-page.htm
Teresa's article on the use of chat in the ESL/EFL classroom in TESL-EJ On the Internet. http://www-writing.berkeley.edu/TESL-EJ/ej25/int.html
Gonzalez, Dafne and Teresa Almeida d'Eça. (2005). Becoming a Webhead: First steps in blended and online EFL/ESL teaching. Teaching English with Technology: A Journal for Teachers of English ISSN 1642-1027 Vol. 5, Issue 3 (July 2005).
April 2006: http://teresadeca.motime.com/
Awarded winning blogger; Brussels, 2007: http://ela07.pbwiki.com/
I live in a small town by the sea, ten-minutes from the more touristic Estoril and Cascais, and 30-minutes from Lisbon. I've taught English at all levels, including college, for over 25 years. Now I'm teaching 9th grade EFL. I love teaching and find it even more challenging with new technologies. I've done three email cultural exchanges this year as well as interactive Web-based activities custom-made for my two classes. I love computers, the Internet and keeping up with friends, cyberpals, and job-related developments through email. I did my first online course last October and really enjoyed the experience.
    tokacayse@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005  
    Tong1570@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005  
I am doing my master's in Japan and i am especially interested in creating online community for EFL learners.
    tosmallfeng@...tw In YGroups roster early March 2005  
Tom Robb trobb@...jp In YGroups roster early March 2005
I just counted the number of postings in my Eudora folder which dates from January 6, 2002 with a posting from, guess who -- Vance Stevens. There are multiple listings for individuals who posted from several accounts, or changed the name in the "From" specification; Webhead postings raw data and analysis: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/evonline2002_webheads/files/WIApostings.xls
ELTOnline: http://www.langconcepts.net/moodle
Kyoto Sangyo University
Kyoto, Japan
  Tom Zurinskas truespel@...com
Yahoo: tzurinskas
May 05, 2005 Comment from user: I'm Tom Zurinskas, retired FAA quality control and human engineer specialist. I live near West Palm Beach FL with wife Bonnie. My avocation is phonetic spelling. I'm interested in showing how fast English adepts can learn truespel. Also in showing that using a phonetic spelling first is the best way to teach/learn reading. It has been shown that a person could learn to read in a short time with a consistent phonetic spelling system. My system, truespel, is a new, simple standard that will replace dictionary key spelliing and pronunciation guides because it is keyboard friendly. It is mature and I've written an analysis of English using it. It also converts web pages and is everywhere and free - see truespel.com.
Truespel Book One: Analysis of the Sounds (Phonemes) of USA English http://www.authorhouse.com/bookstore/itemdetail.aspx?bookid=16593
Convert English to truespel (USA accent) by copy/pasting at http://www.foreignword.com/dictionary/truespel/transpel.htm
See truespel.com or for group discussion truespel@yahoogroups.com
    tseng913.tw@....tw In YGroups roster early March 2005  
  Daniel Bassill tutormentor2@...net
Yahoo: tutormentor
Comment from user: I lead the Tutor/Mentor Connection, based in Chicago and have collaborated with Webheads on 3 eConferences since May 2004.
What is the Tutor/Mentor Learning Network? http://tinyurl.com/23aa9w
  Tim Nial twocentseltcafe@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005  
- U -   ulrike@...multimediaconsulting.com In YGroups roster early March 2005
Yahoo: shitenoggle
    uschistickler@...co.uk In YGroups roster early March 2005
yahoo: uschistickler
February 27, 2005 Comment from user: Hi all, I'd like to graduate from BaW to WiA. Although I'm not a Webhead yet - I'm learning.
Ute Knoch uteknoch@...nz In YGroups roster early March 2005  
- V -     joined group June 3, 2002
  Vale valentinadodge@...com
I am a teacher, teacher trainer and online tutor. I work part-time at the University of Naples. I co-manage a small business consultancy specializing in tailor-made business courses in the Salerno area. I also develop educational material. I use various forms of media and ICT in class and for training and i am interested in being part of this group to learn and share.
Vance Stevens Lecturer in Computing, Petroleum Institute, Abu Dhabi
vance_stevens / vstevens@...aeIn YGroups roster early March 2005
Yahoo ID: vance_stevens
ICQ Vance 2774215
Blog: http://vancestevens.blogspot.com

Some of my blended classes at the Petroleum Institute in Abu Dhabi are archived here:
The Oasis English course, Summer 2003, provided students with an hour and a half of class time and then an equal time in the computer lab sandbox; see: http://vance-pi.blogspot.com/
Other courses where students have been encouraged to develop their web presences are: http://www.homestead.com/prosites-vstevens/files/pi/computing2/032portal.htm http://www.homestead.com/prosites-vstevens/files/pi/comp082/082portal.htm http://www.homestead.com/prosites-vstevens/files/pi/comp082s2004/082s2004.htm
And in particular, some Class eZines at http://www.homestead.com/prosites-vstevens/files/pi/projects2003.htm
After teaching ESL for 20 years I started working full time in software development (2 years) and consulting in and coordinating CALL implementations (ever since). I missed the classroom but soon found that I could continue teaching online. Actually, I don't believe there is such a thing as language teaching, only language learning, so more correctly I've been experimenting with multimedia synchronous and asynchronous communications tools to promote authentic communication among students, and more recently, among peers. I conceived this session as a continuation of these experiments. I hope you will enjoy participating.
I am taking a class about computer assisted language learning and our professor felt that this group would be helpful and appropriate.
I am a TESL teacher in Taiwan, and my current interest is in CMC and CALL. I would like to join this group and explore the possibility of utilizing new teach in my teaching.
Venny venny_sou@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005
    vhsaavedra@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005  
    Viajeros103@...comIn YGroups roster early March 2005  
Vicki Starfire vickistarfire@...
I'm a contract full time teacher at Kyoto Sangyo University.
Recently, Azzam Premji in Dubai and I have been exchanging web and voice casts with our classes. Here's the article URL: http://www.kyoto-su.ac.jp/information/tesl-ej/ej26/m4.html
  Vicky Saumell vicky.s@umell.com.ar
I'm from Argentina. I'm currently a remote participant to the ICT in ELT Conference and would really like to join the group!
For my C.A.L.L. class
  Maria Viloria viyi28@...com
I´m working as an English teacher.I´d like to join the group in order to learn more about this new technologies and share information having new friends.
    m_cullen11 [viessa11@] unsubscribed from your evonline2002_webheads group June 23 2006.  
  elastr2001 vincent@...cy In YGroups roster early March 2005  
    vinseallan@...uk In YGroups roster early March 2005  
My department delivers lang/lit course and I'm interested in discussing issues around managing delivery of these programs
    vista@...cz In YGroups roster early March 2005  
  Vanya vkatsarska@...com
Comment from user: I was a BAW2006. I'm an EL teacher at the Aviation faculty, National Military University, Bulgaria. Webheads group seems beneficial to my budding computer interests.
    vlopes_cemed@...com In YGroups roster Aug 19, 2004
In YGroups bounce list early March 2005
- W -      
  Jane Petring want2no7@...ca In YGroups roster early March 2005
Sept. 2005 Class blog: http://www.englishceeblog.blogspot.com
On drums, c. 2007
  Steve McCarty waoe@... jp  
    webheads2003@..ca In YGroups roster early March 2005  
  Isabel Perez ? webmaster@...com in YGroups roster Feb 5, 2004
NOT In YGroups roster Aug 19, 2004
NOT In roster or bounce list early March 2005
English as a Foreign/Second Language in Secondary Education Materials and links for Teaching and Learning http://www.isabelperez.com/
    wendymtanner@... com

I am an esl teacher in Coffs Harbour, NSW Australia. I met Michael Coghlan at a workshop in Sydney last week and he told me about your group. Sounds interesting.
    wentzao2004@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005  
  Dot Waterhouse wheres_dot@...com
I'm from NSW Adult Migrant English Service. 1 facilitate ICT projects encouraging teachers to explore social networking tools. I also need to keep learning and connecting.
  Will McCulloch willmcculloch@...de In YGroups roster early March 2005
I hope that the "Word Surfing" vocabulary development strategy will be of interest http://www.wordsurfing.co.uk - also there are many interesting foreign language links here: http://www.wordsurfing.co.uk/7846.html
    winnbell@...net In YGroups roster early March 2005  
  Wendy Seale-Bakes wsbakes@...ca In YGroups roster early March 2005 I teach ESL at a community college in Vancouver, Canada, and have been taking courses about teaching online since July. Susanne Nyrop has been my mentor for one applied project, and we'll be starting another one next month. (So, as you can see, I'm in good hands). Currently there are no online or blended ESL classes being offered at my college. (There are some distance ed. courses in other programs, but not too many.) This is something I want to change. The Administration ctte for the department I teach in (International Education) has agreed to put me on the agenda for their meeting next week, so I can make my case.
  Jane ww1276ww@...com
Comment from user: My name is Jane. I keen interest this group.
    wwang72002@...tw In YGroups roster early March 2005  
I am an EFL teacher in Taiwan.
Yahoo: wyvern20000
March 22, 2005 Comment from user: I am from Taiwan and currently studying TESOL in the Uk. I have the interests to know about CALL and tech application in TESOL area.
- X -      

I teach EFL at the Tecnologico de Monterrey in Mexico City and just read Dafne Gonzalez's article in Essential Teacher. I design for BlackBoard and want to learn more!
I have joined to this group to share ideas with people from different background and learn English.
- Y -      
    yahoo-feb-04@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005  
    yasserhussein7039@...com in YGroups roster Feb 5, 2004
Yahoo: yasserhussein7039
In YGroups bounce list early March 2005
    yebinson@...es In YGroups roster early March 2005  
    yehoshou@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005  
    note to webmaster: May 24, 2005 yelishock@...com unsubscribed  
  Kat Urbaniak yellowsmock@...uk
I was part of WIA 2006 (as well a some other EVO groups).
  Yvonne Hynson yhynson@...nz In YGroups roster early March 2005
Sophie Ioannou-Georgiou yiansoph@...cy In YGroups roster early March 2005  
  yogi2436@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005  
  Yuefang Cheng Professor of English, College of Foreign Languages
University of Shanghai for Science and Tchnology

yuefangc@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005
  Wang Yang ywang@...com in YGroups roster Feb 5, 2004
In YGroups bounce list early March 2005
- Z -      
English Language Teacher interested in teaching in spain
Yahoo: zillman2001
May 08, 2005 Comment from user: Always interested in reading postings from groups involved in education and academic resources
Mingqiu Zhang zmyqiu@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005
I teach English to undergraduates in Nannin China. I realized how useful the Internet can be to ESL/EFL when I was a visiting scholar in 1999 at the University of Amsterdam, Holland
  zolzayajab@...com In YGroups roster early March 2005  
Comment from user: I do not know if it is time to enhnce my teaching skills?

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