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Help and FAQs for WiAOC 2005:
Webheads in Action Online Convergence

Update for Nov 17 - Last minute changes to schedules being made now

Bridges across Cyberspace

Help with Learning Times | Help with Alado | Help with Worldbridges | Help with Tapped In | Help with Moodle | Help with Java

This conference is called a CONVERGENCE because unlike institutionally mounted online conferences, this one is cobbled together through a convergence of many free resources and alliances that have come together to focus on three days of collective effort from collaborations developed and nurtured over the past several years. All involved in this convergence are doing so without any compensation whatsover so that participants may enjoy the experience with no one anywhere constrained by any financial impediments, except cost of Internet connection. This convergence is the first of its kind ever in that it is completely free and open to everyone in the world, and put on by experts who have donated their limited time and considerable expertise graciously. We hope to make it an annual event, and hold the next one in March 2007.

To participate, you can do any of the following. All are optional.

Joining our conference is as easy as: What you should do: How? Do I have to? Why?
ONE Register at our Moodle portal Start a new account. Fill in the details with your name and valid email address. Give yourself a user name and password. Check your mail and respond to the confirmation message. Then log on with your user name and password. No, you don't have to. Our Moodle 'course' allows guest access. So you can upload a picture and profile info so others can get to know you. So you can respond to the forums, create new discussions, and participate in other asynchronous components of our conference, if you wish to do so.
TWO Register at Learning Times Apply for an account. Give details, check email. No, you don't have to. You can listen to simulcasts at Worldbridges of most LT events. First, you'll have access to a virtual library of online recordings on many ed tech topics. Secondly you'll be able to participate live in online voice chats with presenters
THREE Follow the schedule We have two official schedules which we try hard to keep in synch. One schedule is generated dynamically from the proposals database. This schedule has information such times, venues, and abstracts.

The conference coordinator is keeping a working schedule here. This schedule has a slightly different presentation, no abstracts, should be in synch with the dynamic one, and records backstage info such as who's helping where and when.

Two of our sponsors are keeping schedules of synchronous events in their venues. They are Learning Times and Worldbridges.
I'm afraid you might have to do this one.  
FOUR? Test your connections through trial visits to our conference venues Problems? If after ONE, TWO, THREE you're still not there, consult our guides below. Or any time during the conference, visit the Reception area at http://www.tappedin.org for live online help.  

START HERE: Voice Technology Tools Handout with links to help pages for Learning Times/Elluminate, Worldbridges, Tapped In, Skype, and Alado/Talking Communities: http://alothman-b.tripod.com/evonline_voicechat_tools.htm

Also: Teresa Almeida d'Eca's "How to" file on Alado and Elluminate:

Help with Learning Times

You must register at http://www.learningtimes.org in order to use the tools there
Quick Reference Guide for Participants: http://www.elluminate.com/support/docs/ELive_Participant_Quick_Reference_Guide_6.5.pdf

Are you a presenter and need to enter your chat room as a moderator? How do you do that?

Simple answer, scroll down below the big green Enter button and choose moderator's entry

More complex answer ...

Help with Alado

Webheads Room: http://www.alado.net/webheads

Help with Worldbridges

Worldbridges webcast and simulcast streams:
Worldbridges text chat:

Help with Tapped In

Help with Moodle

Help with Java

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