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Recent projects and presentations: Learning2gether cfp | podcast | Just Curious moved from Posterous to Wordpress | | Future of Learningin a Networked World - in Brasil and Argentina, summer (their winter) 2010 | Multiliteracies for Social Networking and Collaborative Learning Environments 2005-2010 - Goodbye Gutenberg | WiAOC Ning, Wiki, and Planning | Works in progress: Web 2.0 Workshops for Iran 2008 and for Sudan Jan 2008 | My most recent presentations on | Second chance for Second Life | Oldies but goodies: Writingmatrix | EuroCALL presentation on Mastering competencies for collaboration and aggregation in distributed learning networks | Institutionalizing Web 2.0 for Learning in the Arab Region, Alexandria Egypt | Blogging and Tagging lectures in Spain July 2007 | Writing in a flat world: better blogging through social networking at WiAOC 2007 | Plenary address in Ankara | My Seattle TESOL 2007 presentation | | Video presentaton: vance2006antwerp | Spring 2006 presentations on Multiliteracies in collaborative learning environments | TESOL EV Online 2006 Session: Establishing and maintaining 'Web presence' 2.0 | Online presentation on Blogging at QETN in Qatar | Let's go blogging now at TTTT Conference, Abu Dhabi, April 2005 | CALL IS Academic Session at TESOL 2005, San Antonio | Workshops in Tunisia, July 2004

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Family News: Vance and Bobbi are still in Abu Dhabi where Vance ended his job as Computing Lecturer at Petroleum Institute in July 2011 although Bobbi still teaches KG1 at ACS | Dusty graduated cum laude from UC Irvine in June 2007 and is now working for Berlitz in Abu Dhabi | Glenn graduated from San Francisco State University in December 2003, got his MA/ESL from the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) online, and has been teaching at Qatar University since Aug 2009

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