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Here is a list of Conferences now relegated to Ancient History. The ones listed here are still 'live' according to the last LinkSleuth check (date given at bottom of page)

There is a Past Conferences section of the EUROCALL website at You can also read reports (blog postings, etc.) of past conferences at David Warlick's

When giving presentations at conferences, Charles Kelly invites you to register the location of your handout in the Internet TESL Journal's "links database". Go to, fill out the form and choose the "TESL/Conference_Presentations" category. If you want to see what others have done in the past, visit

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  • The CALL Interest Section of the international TESOL professional association offers the opportunity to participate in the Electronic Village Online (EVO) 2007 season. This is a professional development project and virtual extension of the TESOL 2007 Convention in Seattle, WA. The intended audience for this project includes both TESOL 2007 participants and those who can participate only virtually. You do not need to be a TESOL member to participate in a free, six-week, wholly online session of the EVO, Jan 15 -Feb 25, 2007. Please visit our Announcement Web page to select one among the various offerings.
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    • The "InSync Center" community presents six hours of live, online instruction, blended with self-directed exercises and assignments, to help you to become familiar with the learner experience, e-learning terminology, and the basics of synchronous design and facilitation. -Primer 1 - Introducing the Synchronous Classroom (December 6th, 3pm - 5pm Eastern Time) -Primer 2- Creating Collaborative Synchronous Exercises (December 7th, 3pm - 5pm Eastern Time) -Primer 3 - Effective Facilitation Techniques - Keeping Your Audience Engaged (December 8th, 3pm - 5pm Eastern Time) Cost: $299 Dates: December 6, 7, & 8 - 3pm - 5pm Eastern Time This program is offered by InSync Center in conjunction with LearningTimes. For more information and full course descriptions contact Jennifer at To enroll, browse to:
    • EgypTesol 2004 Best Practice in TEFL FIFTH ANNUAL CONVENTION December 3 - 5, 2004 Cairo Sheraton Hotel and Towers Giza, Egypt For information on accommodation please contact Mariam Ghazala at mariamghazala at
    • Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth. This workshop will deliver 200 ready-to-use, powerful answers to turnaround problems like violence, apathy, truancy, defiance, ADD, school failure, bad attitudes, poor motivation and more. If you work with special ed, ELL, non reading or aspergers children, this class is the solution you need. It is sponsored by Youth Change Workshops. This class is for teachers, youth workers, counselors, psychologists, court workers, social workers, justice workers foster parents and school administrators. There is no registration deadline but early registration is encouraged. Free Sample Interventions from the class are offered. Work Study offered, plus $47 college credit and free CEUs are available. The class is also available on video with college credit and CEUs. Contact info is shown in the signature at bottom of page. The locations are: Austin TX December 9-10, 2004 Phoenix AZ December 2-3, 2004 Contact: Y O U T H C H A N G E - The Problem-Kid Problem-Solver - 275 N. Third St., Woodburn OR 97071
    • ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN, the world's largest international e-learning conference, takes place from December 1 - 3. Deadline for receipt of all proposals is past. This years themes include: - Building and Implementing E-Learning Strategies in Companies and Public Sector Organisations - Building and Maintaining the Virtual Campus - Effective and Efficient E-Learning - Creating Interactive and Collaborative E-Learning Environments - Managing the E-Learning Process - Future Trends in E-Learning Technology including the Impact of Wireless Technologies - Large Scale Deployment of E-Learning - Improving the Quality of E-Learning through Evaluation including Online Assessment and Certification - E-Learning as a Tool for Social Change The conference agenda is divided into Pre-Conference Workshops, Plenary Sessions, Presentation Sessions, Debates, Special Focus Sessions, Practical Events including "Show and Tell' Sessions, Demonstrations and Mini-Plug Fests. The conference agenda is accompanied by an exhibition and a series of Vendor Presentation Sessions. If you have any further questions, please visit the conference's newly launched website
    • American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages ACTFL 2004 in Chicago, 19-21 November 2004
    • NET*Working 2004 – Inclusion and Inspiration 8-19 November An online conference focused on using technology to deliver education and training more flexibly to boost business performance.
    • The Belarusian Association of Teachers of English ( BelNATE) and Minsk State Linguistics University will be hosting the 6th International BelNATE-IATEFL Conference 'Teaching English as a World Language in the Information Age' on November 3 - 5, 2004. We expect approximately 250 EFL instructors and specialists from all over Belarus and abroad. The aim of the on-line workshop is to bring together EFL teachers and specialists in an online session to demonstrate a number of synch/asynch tools available on the web. This will take place at the PC Lab of Minsk State Linguistics University ( Building B, Room # 104 ) .
      BelNATE Conference
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      BelNATE Conference Blog
      BelNATE Conference Guestmap
    • El CENT, Centro de Educación y Nuevas Tecnologías de la Universitat Jaume I de Castelló, organiza la MoodleMoot Spain 2004, primera reunión de usuarios de Moodle de España. MoodleMoot Spain 2004 tendrá lugar el viernes 29 de octubre de 2004 en la Facultad de Ciencias Jurídicas y Económicas de la Universitat Jaume I e incluirá conferencias de Martin Dougiamas (por videoconferencia) y Eloy Lafuente, presentación de experiencias, demostraciones, etc. ¿Qué es Moodle? Moodle es un EVE/A (Entorno Virtual de Enseñanza/Aprendizaje) gratuito y de código fuente abierto creado por Martin Dougiamas en Australia y desarrollado por una creciente comunidad de usuarios y programadores en todo el mundo. La diferencia esencial entre Moodle y otros entornos es su enfoque constructivisNXJZ E%Y\& ֣pkjT=\X Y'<9qJ5D9̳ʩ<J+s<ra'O|dÀvQH]TN8ʹwȕ~K6@8x?r N qRȑ KgI8\ $@dw=]dq0~ / 0!-ЁNt@a@;&e 8xk];u^[J⩏4'q|M5q |k%Gw6 t]<]\Q|6)ރ{ w+`.mW sfx[<&nt7E.6YlǘK|>}}_E } Lwƻb p&X 8W8k&[N|5Gղ_جG>z :{Pˀj{4hFm(p3 h ' l x xN ΅_Ğxڧuj>[{PznۋΧ{ExIO s:ҍ˜_û?w?]? *`SY_bfQ0Ab"8W''MI *9uI3s@C <.3⿹L%vU=Ӗ:kNؓ@][|xo.DHh!Ba`|ZIE1ڢ z\: ]ŤKr}{Et>FI1m2c"=ĭdq'}Zs \bp-bI67+TUGDS { %H;^ ħT{˜JD/F = jOHG'!Թx&:W>hS_ DZW}<>'!V =<ҽ"M>P&13UK>7l'd+<ƖsٓԹ"c8H{-Rg=W.ZR"Yv]nCpA"~Yy˼fu/(k[k+W*!ޫ4[:aM XqTgq%4}Xqܙt7C>v8e8y|ϫmp;M8*!4yl~nS \^v2~sZ1:L#mg63Zļ\663F.PǭTVW++TKz.(qsmfCx=5H98caԝҘlQJ='t{vnd;ITd'Kupl22eb@ȁL[pAY a(Ao/I$FO=vE1oD1ıA$-K|ᏢD{A ^s:2) ;GN%䚝 ;"Hsq)Yn+<68{;yosyc<M[]:\6B&p.fy*}@:M>w=8P؍K+`%nkBuoIft#Eo F#1ܖzH!3i<a2˻A~* 3s ):U ?6<2_P·oeM_s^4}D.Oה@]`U7/ "9=x l} zPԿxs[lςF\닸*&gݞް~(\z;qCtbaݿvLN'{~ףu}y7{\f )HH''K$(R\Re)ҡC#F>qً󖳋r2Uu[p~ ޅ-8_6riWwbLs7qInKa[q{X,w98 #h:TG13Y0a(8OcD}ݹ ub\,uF[tʆȓ`$рs8xl!UP2־7 %ܰHLxRϥȥ"@<)e"gp:2 C+6BJ/feYSN^ \>sǼ5ŚzcQWHտ"/|k̝'Qw}{Q_66@| /Bms9n4}mΥԵ66B۽ֵfcoÝ $?!΍v?G󚗞չ!Ĺtk1\&w=aGzEv[?aUmWd,V %]<,= q'4i(*E\c 8@.Q2)u!kp 璣 Yj5ko\\~ O  uE60Fϡs1ڋ]]ȵ:Wx* ϻT}JuBsRŖxqDS qN6`-2x[,aHTʔ=`Ns} Թ6Ms:F"^g}Np'.eñpVg-Nd/<9nZJu]d*p.V Y(5rRm u:׿HvDp}dהs^y?ﵨci8W[߮]ס7WeY\MEՆN5fժ&F5kZ4k;/3 {_!g>|p'~>Ȓ;ص'*I[.MYuϩfs 2oPW4]Y KY]Sϻ@b“[KL:nN`\[j!{5dP̝X e3iKjh2Cڌ#l 6 _n ZtoK2Vۤkp\%\nAn#ՠl2d476ӛtMإިIg7STWWq++إe^sOSenENE=nx :d4._NhZt6NT& V$Opce z'8s:Mup:^1b$mQ@~ A ܑ8ALڥUZlEƽ% ($sE 8{~ >.@8͋çIbҀ܁4{AaD#G;'8H98,湭vHy8ym)9Hseb EA.Oӷ H=pruxClq._{iV{5pu!6't t7ABU*6Ht" tK|qo:!(8Ks__sE់"%<&=fo̧~[{Lo@Yys~5}@]ڗxA@]dԹ4 ‹m}غkq.-$magUO+-^s7> l lI!W|ޛ»0tEyjۜ ¥sCɮ;?E~HuÚojb -(4[4l()E,INT$ MtMM%'er1'g^_A!uKpv.|1p9El6&8{+[$tچ:8c VsNX06Fj<0+^z,MVC* [o*3Ȍ:lsh>[0\ב#1D$f#Ҁ.C d\I`fp(.\ tHbd6΍63lK.\\bKv'cETès*Mw!r-\D29F1z8l]p4sLt\ŴUK@~OȖc=y~ ykLoh|Os"\3o KTR %ر@KBf^5sm/vN-uɿ>Kt+BPO ٠G4!Өso>Eף_F|QHߌG|So ; V>w+u֝N 'St+3UJ[C͞:2f Z K\\\U1@c)ѓo:n?#E Yc m5u.8F^sFĵ&Y]묪t*s:U": z⁓b7F*N-fX QffBJi1Ww9FPo-pGRcbq@Ρa4\@],iF=\ً[H=w:Q:ms 8Ew$\L[!edl-nHK7+(D't}sjrZZ^Z]O]۪^ӮZsAj%F6&*% بYݪ^꽾MmЧ'8گLn2Im_+&Bm@]ɰKcM^1s隅lviz9 7O*_zIDMv=T@tT]ڥyp!=J]p.&mݴ df6 >뜽\~. 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The one-day workshop is open to specialists in the field of Natural Language Processing and CALL as well as to colleagues and students with an interest in these areas, but no prior knowledge. Please check
    • August 30-September 1. The Slovak Association National Conference, "Is Creativity the Key to Success in an EFL Classroom," Matej Bell University, Banska Bystrica, Slovak Republic. Contact: Eve Homolova, PhD, Dept. of English and American Studies, Matej Bell University, Tajovskeho 40, 974 01 Banska Bystrica, Slovak Republic. TEL. 048 4465019 E-mail
    • eLearning for Computational Linguistics and Computational Linguistics for eLearning International Workshop to be held in conjunction with COLING 2004 Geneva, August 28th, 2004 This workshop focuses on the relation between Computational Linguistics and eLearning within two sessions. 1. eLearning for Computational Linguistics With the SOCRATES thematic network project "Advanced computing in the Humanities" the need for information technologies, and, in particular, eLearning in the humanities, including CL, has been identified. The survey which has been launched revealed the interest in high-quality teaching material and (distance) courses. On the occasion of a conference and a workshop, both held 1998 and 1999 resp., first results were presented in the form of project notes. Furthermore, didactic issues which concern (distance) teaching and learning of computational linguistics and language technology were raised. In the meanwhile, various projects have provided high-quality teaching material and (distance) courses for various disciplines of Computational Linguistics, like ELSNET and MiLCA. This part of the workshop should give practioners in the field the opportunity * to share didactic experience of eTeaching CL, * to identify and to disseminate good practice models and resources, * to share novel approaches to eLearning in CL, and * to discuss curricular issues. 2. Computational Linguistics for eLearning In the context of computer-mediated distance learning, language technology can help to enhance the accessibility of online teaching material and the adaptivity of learning management systems. * In the context of computer mediated communication, language technology can be applied for, e.g, summarization of discussion threads and support of discourse coherence in synchronous CMC * In the context of accessibility and usability of online teaching material, language technology can be applied for, e.g., - matching of semantic representations of learning modules on the one hand and the prospective user's knowledge of the topic on the other hand; - facilitation of access to learning material by more flexible and sophisticated search methods; - improvement of retrieval by supplying metadata for learning objects on a (semi)-automatic basis; - adaptive components which adjust the system to particular users, e.g adaptation of learning management systems for disabled persons, taking into account their special needs. With this part of the workshop, we want to further address the role which language technology plays in the development of intelligent platforms for eLearning. We want to particularly encourage submissions by scholars and software developers who present implemented and working eLearning systems in which language technology supplies a crucial part of the implemented solution. The entire workshop constitutes an informal forum for researchers and teachers to discuss the various issues, to create networks of common interests and to launch new initiatives in the area of eLearning, check or the COLING homepage for details.
    • International Conference on eLearning for Knowledge-based Society to be held on 4-5 August 2004, Shangri La Hotel, Bangkok Thailand. The objectives of this conference are: - To share knowledge and advance in eLearning; - To build networks of professionals, researchers, educators and policy-makers practicing eLearning; - To expand the opportunity for knowledge interchange; - To facilitate knowledge-sharing for ongoing initiatives; - To build repositories of current practices and lessons learned; - To provide sustainability through launching a permanent regional eLearning portal. The themes of the conference are: - Cultivating eLearning professionals, - Content development, - Usability and efficiency of eLearning, and - Delivering eLearning through technology. The deadline for submitting abstract is 30 June 2004. Authors will be notified about decisions regarding their abstract submission by July 7, 2004. The final copy of full paper (not more than 3,000 words) is due to be submitted by 15 July 2004 For more information, please see
    • July 31, 2004 Indiana Center for Intercultural Communicationâ?Ts Conference â?oICIC Conference on Contrastive Rhetoric,â? Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. Contact Dr. Ulla Connor, Indiana Center for Intercultural Communication Program Director, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis, 620 Union Drive, Union Building, Room 407, Indianapolis, IN 46202 USA. E-mail Web site . Proposal Deadline: Apr-15-2004.
    • the VIP Scientific Forum of the International IPSI-2004 PESCARA Conference in Italy (IPSI = Internet, Processing, Systems for e-education/e-business, and Interdisciplinaries), to be held in the hotel Castello Chiola from July 28 till August 2, 2004. Detailed program and all relevant information are given at the web: Castello Chiola is a century IX castle on the top of a hill, with a sea view; best Italian beaches around Pescara are only about 10km away. This is our former L'Aquila conference relocated to a place which is much more attractive and convenient. Opening keynote: Professor Michael Flynn, from Stanford University. Our next meeting is in Sweden (Stockholm Grand Hotel) and your are invited (for details see
    • National Foreign Language Resource Center (NFLRC) 2004 Summer Institute symposium Symposium: Distance Education, Distributed Learning & Language Instruction: Reports from the Field at University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, HI July 27-30, 2004
    • Tthe Inter-American Organization of Higher Education IOHE , which includes about 400 universities, and EISTA's Organizing Committee, invites you to participate in the International Conference on Education and Information Systems: Technologies and Applications EISTA 2004, which will be held in Orlando, Florida, USA, in July 21 - 25, 2004. The main objective of EISTA '04 is to provide a forum for the presentation of both: solutions and problems of the applications of Information Communication Technologies (ICT) in Education and Training. Therefore, we invite you to submit your original and unpublished works, research results, case studies, information systems developed for specific purposes, and innovative ideas and designs in the fields of Education/Training and Information/Communication Technologies (ICT) that might be improved by different approaches and design in ICT. We are making emphasis on the area of Educational Systems and Technologies, mainly Technological Support in Computer education which is related to your specific area. I would also like you to consider the possibility of organizing an invited session related to the topic of your research interest in this field. The best 10% of the papers will be published in the Journal of Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics (, the hard copy version of which will be ready in about one month, and it will be sent to the largest university libraries.
    • July 19-21. 7th International Conference of the Association of Language Awareness. University of Lleida, Catalonia, Spain. E-mail Web site
    • Responding to the needs of the Chinese Learner in Higher Education Conference , University of Portsmouth, UK 17th & 18th July 2004 Call for papers Many universities in the UK, as in other European countries, are experiencing an increase in the number of Chinese learners. A growing awareness of intercultural issues has generated interest in the needs of Chinese learners in a British academic environment. This conference will focus on research into the needs of the Chinese learner along with examples of good practice, and concerns about the best ways to provide appropriate educational experiences. We invite abstracts of up to 300 words for individual or joint papers from those researching in the field or with pedagogically-based experience which may contribute to our understanding of the needs of the Chinese learner. Contributions may be in the form of : Parallel sessions for papers of 30 minutes Workshops Poster presentations - More information about the conference themes and speakers and online submission forms are available at:
    • July 12-17. The fourth biennial conference "Exploring Cultural Perspectives," The University of Florence, Florence, Italy. E-mail Web site
    • MLEARN 2004 - Learning Anytime Everywhere Annual conference, ROME, 5-6 JULY 2004 "MOBIlearn and mLearning, the two mobile learning projects supported by the European Commission ... The conference will bring together people who are interested in developing opportunities, systems and contents for learning with mobile and wireless devices and networks."
    • CAITA-2004 conference, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA July 8-11, 2004. All relevant information and the detailed invitation letter can be found on the web ( This is a broadband conference, aimed at bringing together the scientific/technical elite. Keynote: Dr. Dag von Lubitz, Laureate of the Smithsonian Award.
    • The third (biennial) PAN-COMMONWEALTH FORUM ON OPEN LEARNING (PCF) will be held in Dunedin, New Zealand, from 4 - 8 July 2004, hosted by the Distance Education Association of New Zealand (DEANZ). The conference theme is "Building Learning Communities for our Millennium: Reaching Wider Audiences through Innovative Approaches." Sub-themes include Education, Health and Local Government. COL's EXCELLENCE IN DISTANCE EDUCATION AWARDS (EDEA) will also be presented at the Forum. PCF and EDEA web sites are under construction. Further details will follow within three weeks. Submission deadlines to note: PCF call for papers: abstracts may be submitted up to 29 August 2003 EDEA: Entry deadline for submissions and nominations is 30 November 2003 PCF presentation papers: upon acceptance of abstracts, papers are required by 22 December 2003
    • SAALT 2004 "Reflecting on the Past and Projecting in the future in Language Learning and Teaching" University of Transkei, SOUTH AFRICA, 30 June - 2 July 2004 Sub-themes: CALL, Language and identity, Language policy and planning, Applied Linguistics, Textual studies, Assessment, and Language Research Please send all abstracts and direct enquiries to the organizer: Ms. Nombulelo Monoana :, fax: 047-5022625 or 5022554
    • June 27-July 1. Biennial CATac Conference, "Off the Shelf or From the Ground Up, ICTs and Cultural Marginalization, Homogenization or Hybridization." Web site
    • International Conference On Video And Videoconferencing In Education INHOLLAND University, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 28 -30 June 2004 See also:
    • June 26-30, 2004 Indiana Center for Intercultural Communication's, "ICIC Summer Institute on Contrastive Rehtoric," Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. Contact: Dr. Ulla Connor, Indiana Center for Intercultural Communication Program Director, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, 620 Union Drive, Union Building, Room 407, Indianapolis, IN 46202 USA. E-mail Web site . Proposal Deadline: May-1-2004.
    • ELEVENTH INTERNATIONAL LITERACY AND EDUCATION RESEARCH NETWORK CONFERENCE ON LEARNING Cojamar Pedagogical Convention Centre Havana, Cuba, 27-30 June 2004 - Critical issues to be addressed include education for local and global cultural diversity, the impact of new technologies, changing forms of literacy, and the role of education in social and personal transformation. The conference welcomes presentation proposals addressing a broad range of themes across the humanities and social sciences.
    • June 25-27. Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, Inc. (TESOL). 2004 Academy, San Diego, California, USA. Contact: TESOL, 700 South Washington Street, Suite 200, Alexandria, Virginia 22314. Fax 703-836-7864. E-mail Web site
    • The conference programme for the 2nd IVACS International conference on "Analyzing Discourse in Context" to be held at Queen's University Belfast, 25th - 26th June, 2004 is now available on
    • June 24-27. Far Eastern English Language Teachers' Association (FEELTA). The Fifth Pan-Asian Conference on Language Teaching at FEELTA 2004 , "Sharing Challenges, Sharing Solutions:m猵AQLNL'_T^P[3o~'W|u>jH~dϭU؎H6a1`yutsyߺd]eHE-wGǭ Fܜv$PSF?Kerw"Wu0y6c|۟a#]뙺rS9h Om?Wհt[Hw`y:g^#`鞕EfCY 0A+E `=dֆzQD[[SkvݙhK3@&s-QY,zɔ [pMPHHtї1\$B/X(] >s["2:M&͇Gb7kN$7#\me٧R^,d[Z>mq+]sK`$ɉOIG@Il-&LG~2aŶy)w/aFS(r#{{`16 3&PГMjwRF-ߓq9K'"y 2ߐ >D(Q')}[̪hGCtu^{EٴGͧA09Vt?ҝ3RFbbzXr Q)$]_gh)Un 6k9X^U0:6DrI=3XBWƔ^7oe$L-ƬY#R俹sIv3HȘ?]v0b 1UU)Kkm"/?*ڍFEfzu2$bamNDҳA-k{e$"C"hy>d%PI` 1> 0cY]+Sr?)ޒx|Rjش[d;= D }+-z]7RyRIVa r&߆H=C;Q;?氵NzM_ؼYA%NݕM]TF1o "áSQVМl6I,W#KT=G"[M߭م=.PjoU\JhFgtѴ*+-]v̆oO~FLo&џq϶t33*D|n='LNN՚8L-t|ܪϢ}]LS믤nOw*6 ?FBF){7K&QGcf̛p(,&Z["sCr)ӯZrN <5)&sXE э+w(&l1< 'o4O,kahfdWWX0sj6k2П> j|+z}ic$Tg^̃@ j]I3`(!tmpD;: Ej9eaȐwFC>&n:qeNr,4!?`>g/2͗6,l=gGL{'+d|>F=3Ab\U?М >;VS#Ch *_aK5CkQEy No9Г%wϱYKF'1n "_DžQv- <ոZZqTa(eY v ܀d41{?V]O`b55DcRPoFgn )%ŤMrvjˉo!!,> ǞҮ(a%*=ifW>7_.;`v*xu3nM>H ]㥻it!b}i.$P&jCK R$H/x cq?ψƈ¬fqOx (%ҏzDnS6T,:ݞKQm*tAnI/mg%~{d QpO";aPLr^l+z39R| knm Zt_tWkNIHb8tdgXM5ֶrCgH\Cv_~w6yHJ/N*j+ɡ(TbCpRʣ@'ˁo{BkЛXk9Mv5&w^@g+aWG{QJm5?swPѯ5Ϊ+.R%&rY'}mRK ӣɬ'K9&8–YN,)ת!x;Lʼn0}~I_ n2n/]ӿV%v@jAl]fB&"2s96n5\- F,S'rcƏFwG՝h#Q]QU%Pq]F ZӴoOP&U2 &ӂ9hf.ZMurL63"ZbKiob+%{JV{hKG0>Η@~j(Nl'ӆW+ P{} =yfŌ"Ln7 إIG^Xx8!1g8F}8 kВ>3uV*/wn3bHVZx7 t,h0QVʥ 1_*HJ&i5jeD(Zlg+68@s[2j{p8&rpŦ #Ɛ;O^P# g ~Ă0sf Z(FG HۯOy܃YXQ̪ȡ?LR%ADl0Q镽.tǝI"7wטAef\u#Zљbu0H]f#' I#_dzA 3_u!Yo(ҏR3w^P:Is y7V!<40˿GǗ8z[Z4Cugbd͚@o#f>&* v O:FـU4)SVs8(|R,ӗ>챧K~ t!.'J9/x3 O;ZV@nKg$>i^gqYt^2 Eˏlښ2v>s*?DP`.FOC~qtsCE 8FQoGJ+Omwf "q2G;?zt&MN\9df240Ex ?L+VoϕԸ`4 okӜZ_OLXR*a2W W/.:J41|j[(\[8Tt\+!]0DkFWF;()!\m 7)m|`jrXa-[!x({!~REEC00O{y-ݗK꺇VihVz+*PVd<{XM:R@cguAmHl;Yv-Ũ}h.>%5#$JZ,}&WaӉǡu0gH=P$v.@gJEDٯb'kev+2!`%^XP])Km:;I5߼\ԻCXF?M|,0uK}qu'v x!gN$c$*?gϖZN%ý^[Bl  rgx͍l귒3@g¢?KGW)RP)߆)X!=OR⊴qr\OЗ]}Q寰o8-1Q>W+oo~\ l^>JN(BAVdž+4#j JQD _BʝA,I=&.t4j3<]p E5:6LjUB!~c$fI=_6 ? 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12: Ildiko Kalmarne Marias: Visualising and imagining of literary works of arts 13: Plenary - Adrian Holiday: Non-natives and natives 14: Final Plenary - Jeremy Harmer: And in the end (the love you take...) Hope you find these interesting. there are also their personal logs which give some information about their impressions of the event and their experiences of visiting the UK.
    • The 2004 Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, Inc. (TESOL) 38th Annual Convention will be in Long Beach, CA: March 29-April 3 with a theme of “Soaring Far, and Catching Dreams”. E-mail Web site
    • March 26-28. TESOL-SPAIN, 27th Annual Seminar - Process, Progress and Portfolios: Frameworks for Learning, Madrid, Spain. Coordinator Sarah Jane Hill. E-mail Web site
    • IEEE International Workshop on Wireless and Mobile Technologies in Education (WMTE), March 23-25, 2004 National Central University, JungLi, Taiwan The proceedings to be published by IEEE Computer Society Press. Assoc. Prof. Kinshuk kinshuk at Chair, IEEE Learning Technology Task Force Information Systems Dept., Massey University, New Zealand
    • The Northeast Association for Language Learning Technology (NEALLT) will hold its annual conference March 19-21 at Princeton University highlighting the new Language Resource Center. Inspired by a recent thread on the LLTI on lab curriculum ideas, we have chosen as this year's theme "Technology and the Foreign Language Curriculum: A Constantly Developing Relationship." We welcome proposals for panels and presentations on all topics, but particularly encourage presentations of specific activities, ideas, and approaches to the use of technology in the FL curriculum. We would like to explore different ways in which technology and the curriculum influence one another as both technology and the L2 curriculum continue to evolve. We encourage participation from lab directors and faculty in order to ensure a variety of perspectives. Please consider sharing an activity that has worked well in your lab or an idea that you are developing. The new URLs for NEALLT are: and The old domain names will still work until December 2004: and
    • March 19-20. Az-TESOL State Conference 2004, "ESL: Now More Than Ever!" at Northern Arizona University in Yuma/Arizona Western College campus, Yuma, Arizona. Contact: Nancy Blitz, Conference Chair, Arizona Western College, P.O. Box 929, Yuma, Arizona 85366 USA. TEL. 928-344-7677. FAX 928-317-6419 E-mail Web site
    • NEALLT conference at Princeton (March 19-21) web site: or This year's theme is "Technology and the Foreign Language Curriculum: A Constantly Developing Relationship."
    • Annual conference and AGM in Athens, Greece on 19-21 March 2004 under the aegis of the Greek Ministry for Education and Religious Affairs. The main emphasis will be on language testing and the CEF, website at
    • 17-20 March 2004 The fifth Compiègne conference on the Use of New Technologies in Foreign Language Teaching has as its main theme: Teacher and Learner Autonomy vis-a-vis Information Communication Technology. Does autonomy help language learning and acquisition? Does technology help autonomisation? Does technology serve the teacher and/or the learner? Has it become impossible to circumvent technology? Can technology cater for both teacher and learner needs and expectations? What can technology offer? Plenary speakers Claude GERMAIN : Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada Leo van LIER : Monterey Institute of International Studies, Monterey, CA, USA David LITTLE : Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland Joan NETTEN : Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John’s, Canada dead-line for paper proposal 15 August 2003 scientific committee decision 15 October 2003 final programme 10 December 2003 article length versions for early publication should be received before 15 February 2004 “early bird” registration before 15 February 2004 For furhter information, please, consult the conference web site:
    • March 13-14. TESOL Greece 25th Annual Convention, "Looking Back and Looking Forward: 25 Years of TESOL Greece," National Bank Training Centre, Glyfada, Athens, Greece. Web site
    • March 12-13. Georgia TESOL Annual Conference, "The World Within Our Grasp," Augusta, Georgia. Contact Ernie Blankenship, Conference Chair, 3048 Jonathan Ct., Snellville, Georgia 30039 USA. TEL. 770-985-1177 Web site Proposal Deadline: Jan-14-2004.
    • Kansas Association of Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages. March 12-13, 2004. Fort Hays State University, KATESOL Spring Conference 2004, "Advocating for Language Learners in the Era of No Child Left Behind," Hays, Kansas. Robert Bruce Scott, Conference Chair. Web Wrap up:
    • The 10th International TESOL Arabia Conference, "Standards in English Language Teaching and Assessment," Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Al Bustan Rotana, Dubai March 10-12th, Wednesday through Friday. E-mail Web site
    • March 4-6. Bilkent University - Turkey - Ankara 9th International ELT Conference "Challenge in Learning: Helping Learners Realise Their Full Potential." E-mail Web site Proposal Deadline: Dec-8-2003.
    • Search Engine Strategies Conference & Expo New York City March 1-4, 2004 at the Hilton New York. Register by February 17th and save $100 - for more information call (203) 662-2857 or visit,obu,1,7mig,7408,h922,6rol
    • February 27-29. Nepal English Language Teachers' Association (NELTA). Tenth International Conference, Kathmandu, Nepal. Theme: "Learner Centredness in Large Classes" Contact: Ganga Ram Gautam, GPO Box: 8975 EPC: 2374 Kathmandu, Nepal. Tel. +9 771 4330243 E-mail E-mail
    • February 27-28, 2004. The Foreign Language Education Program at the University of Texas at Austin. Texas Foreign Language Education Conference (TexFLEC 2004), "Language Pathways: A Kaleidoscope of Research and Practice," Austin, Texas. Foreign Language Education, D6500 SZB 528, University of Texas at Austin, TX 78712 USA. Tel. 512-471-4078. Fax 512-471-8460. E-mail Proposal deadline December 15, 2003. Web
    • February 27-28, 2004. The University of Pennsylvania's Graduate School of Education and Center for Urban Ethnography. 25th annual Ethnography in Education Research Forum, "Ethnography as scientifically based research: Implications for educational policy and practice." Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Contact: David Cassels Johnson, co-coordinator of the 2004 forum. E-mail deadline October 3, 2004 (sic) Web
    • February 27-28. Illinois TESOL-BE 30th Annual Convention. "Transformative Teaching." Navy Pier Convention Center, Chicago, Illinois. Contact Alan Seaman, ITBE Convention Chair, PMB 232, 8926 N. Greenwood, Niles, IL 60714-5163 USA. Tel. 312-409-4770. E-mail Web site
    • February 13-15. Universiti Utara Malaysia. Knowledge Management International Conference and Exhibition, "Towards Intelligent and Co-operative Nations," Penang, Malaysia. Contact Conference Secretariat, KMICE 2004, School of Information Technology, Universiti Utara Malaysia, 06010 Sintok, Kedah, Malaysia, (Att: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd Sobri Minai or Assoc. Prof. Dr. Norshuhada Shiratuddin) Phone: +604-9284782 Fax +604-9284753. E-mail Web site
    • February 6-7. The English for Specific Purposes (ESP) SIG National Conference, Donetsk State University of Economics and Trade, Donetsk, Ukraine. Contact: Igor Gizhko, Donestsk IATEFL Ukraine Regional Coordinator, PO Box 400, Donetsk, 83059, UKRAINE. Tel. 380-62-305-22-28 E-mail Proposal Deadline: Dec-10-2003.
    • January 29-31. Thailand TESOL, ELT 2004: Prioritizing Teacher Development, The Sofitel Hotel, Khonhaen, Thailand. Contact: Chaleosri Pibulchol, Presdient: or Maneepen Apibalsri, Program Chair: E-mail Web site
    • January 29-31. TESOL Ukraine. IX TESOL - Ukraine Conference. Horlivka State Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages, Horlivka, Donestska Oblast, Ukraine. Contact Person: Valeriy Leshchenko, vul. Rudakova 25, Horlivka 84626, Donetska Obl, Ukraine. Tel. 380-624-244857. E-mail Web site
    • Electronic Village (EV) Online Sessions 2004 The CALL Interest Section of TESOL - fourth round of online sessions, including readings, discussions, chats, guest speakers, and task-based activities. They run for six weeks, starting on January 26 and ending on March 5, 2004. The following Online Sessions were offered: * English for everybody; all gain, no loss? -- moderators: Professor Ulrich Bliesener, Jane Hoelker, Joyce Kling, Keiko Abé-Ford, Christine Coombe, Valerie S. Jakar - sponsor: EFL-Interest Section * Real English Online Video - moderators: Elizabeth Hanson-Smith, Michael Marzio - sponsor: CALL-Interest Section, Video Interest Section * TESOL Drama Presents: Let's Put on a Play - moderators: Nigel Caplan, Gary Carkin, Judy Trupin - sponsor: SPL-Interest Section/TESOL Drama * Becoming a Webhead - moderators: Dafne Gonzalez, Teresa Almeida d'Eça, Susanne Nyrop, Maria Jordano - sponsor: CALL-Interest Section * Creating interactive online language lessons with Macromedia Flash MX - moderator: Marmo Soemarmo - sponsor: CALL-Interest Section * Assessing and Teaching Oral Communication Skills - moderators: Rebecca Dauer, Christine Parkhurst - sponsor: SPL-Interest Section * A Basic Workshop for using the Internet in class - moderator: JoAnn Miller -- sponsor: CALL-Interest Section * Creating and using weblogs in ESL/EFL - moderators: Anne Davis, Sandy Peters, Aaron Campbell, Joe Luft - sponsor: CALL-Interest Section For complete session descriptions and registration information, please visit the web site (best viewed in Internet Explorer).
    • January 22-24. Department of Discourse Studies of the Tilburg University in The Netherlands. A conference on Document Design. Contact: Cathy de Waele, E-mail Web site
    • January 21-23. American University in Cairo, Egypt. The Ninth EFL Skills Conference, "Integrating EFL Skills: Strategies for the Teacher, Creativity and Assessment" at the American University in Cairo, Egypt. E-mail

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    2003 Conference sites

    • proceedings for the 2003 English Australia conference:
    • APAMALL 2003 and ROCMELIA 2003 Conference Co-Sponsors: ROCMELIA, KAMALL Affiliates: CALICO, EUROCALL, IALLT, LET, KAMALL and WORLDCALL Conference Theme: Integrating MALL into Foreign Language Instruction Conference Dates and Venue: December 19, 20 and 21 (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), 2003 National Chia-Yi University (Chia-Yi City, Taiwan) Early Registration Deadline: September 23, 2003 1. Language Proficiency Test on the Web 2. Virtual Community Language Instruction 3. Collaborative Learning 4. Communicative Instruction 5. Corpus Linguistics and Language Instruction 6. CourDFx)olMpئvx:2 A$-vvs85&n~NNALWOU cBމ U\e&GUeU\]6ϐϷ|{Z3MC@7d |s[,P#WV~S.Иam8WTݖIV'""禤4i,]z.]_CZ0LYEbKN5Ԛ[f&k+7Ur+tڜ m^HSP-ƶcY# [ Oe*75ʚuuGr e[\M^v@0Mj6nNMqmzUEgnb 64TY@1';|j4~гc8J;J%p\h$)J !@a\(Zt$D@A4LhntjTpԨESaZq zn\SW 82`61cA ฑp!c+p,V?N{iZ0lj\/;ӂ(r㠖D1ʹ~2``rhfx^l#t+| +)˅xZO td'ZዞSǮP'/P\99UV^5l> v0fX5#ǹ5x.V$RBh&: 06Gt9Ecs}ʹ0"<\}w1faoeoP&{h,0=}f8~l r왵!Y8qK]L8!M+:{ө. 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"N~H_/ZD׀+ *Ы\bcnh ɲY,\nX:m )Yȅt*EV2\\t#S%y)Y,cI%KqP+_Ε Is%KE!Y!k#&1)!ɁIAܩA9%AuV$GmgG*v7CW4 $\(,s &1jHU+T 5e|u!WUx|+ Q|6T:Ia Qo%tRObB}~Sf=p&H-G- 銤Tu2JMХf$ʐkLC֬B[uermN&Q7BWͯT +uU mI d(6`//\lN+757Zu%m4TPԡmfaH~HqX٪>S CI]f6 7T&4kUݡ^Y(/lfrMU|bv#j(} ;1L"ː c¸[a\07ʸv  hrtGC)2^xA` 7 qlUK+ snJ,A3ÆFsi1w#@o0?B.op¸0s, NM e` [ύL*rR#1 s)J'K\L# t9MHo9w;&$א4 `\fNTD-"mX5+^]gd A F:&.5er\d[<'-6 a t[^Ǿ/|"5/۾d?4>1ofaor 9t{A9vsG =u+\7:6(>qw'v3,7P#@d!5!YCkW/7;opbsnd >#)z6̹XƄ{1܇9ύ(݁~dO~t'?y '۩;]28rƌƊbтx//͏v H/:msyVx֤s.opy \c Nn˖iV֬]ۘېݔܐڜܚmʤu^yÎKh3I[tLfisAR|lKAxx|Ѵ© X{C7wנSי' :q3gss1s٧';}8rz K˿,{#{ǀĠ_#<'Q݃ ypv{e0PLcocrs{wc0Iܕ'ѧ']vޯr߼J y ŀ mŻE{f]a[a vC~>. tΈcnt1f,N;L#ЖNveܰIqk,ÌĠ+@hacp j4]:3c48 Q )t 3XhG[.πLE#' Q2TALu KH8#?*+,@+78B.aa;=a3d{s1EtC@"N`$єsDC3 rVVVnT:W +x"8[7xxێ!-x}Jgۤ\\=NK$iO<]Y8D1*ˡv)8pr ̨ Q! \*&`GL.9pķlD / -ah?JIsUG6_W:p8%\8]}w%~!ߡ ?"6ʼ+4<3~azK\Gېou ><iy1q˜al4u/=X8):ne XD1ZFp0&8hZ茩D-^\jj\B[Y.~[mEOܘؒLUjskXsp_t. 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    • MULTILITERACIES: THE CONTACT ZONE 2003 International AILA Conference on Literacy Location: Ghent, Belgium Date: 22-27 September 2003 Call Deadline: 28 March, 2003 Contact Persons: Ronald Soetaert - Bart Bonamie Contact Email: Website:
    • INAUGURAL CONFERENCE OF THE INDEPENDENT LEARNING ASSOCIATION 'Supporting independent language learning in the 21st century'. University of Melbourne, Australia September 13-14, 2003. A conference for practitioners, academics and researchers involved in English language self-access centres and independent learning centres, and for those with an interest in the development of learner autonomy. The conference will offer strong leadership in practice, research and theory across all the conference themes which are listed on our website. The three distinguished keynote speakers are: Sara Cotterall, from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. A leader in the study of learner autonomy in language learning including learner beliefs, self-access language learning, learner strategies and learner advising. Terry Lamb, from The University of Sheffield, UK. A leading researcher into learners' constructions of language learning, and their relationships to motivation and learner autonomy. He is currently developing an Educational Doctorate in Autonomy in Language Learning. Richard Pemberton, from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong. A leading practitioner and researcher, currently leading a project to develop an interactive, adaptive online language advising system: - Any queries can be addressed to the conference information centre at
    • TESOL Symposium University of Rome, Rome, Italy "ESL/EFL Standards for Younger Learners" Saturday, September 13, 2003 TESOL invites you to participate in a symposium devoted to one of the most complex issues in ESL and EFL: standards for younger learners. Designed by ESOL professionals from the United States and Europe, the symposium will reflect ESL and EFL perspectives. Three outstanding keynote speakers will share insights from their work and research on ESL/EFL standards for younger learners. a.. EFL Standards in European Primary Schools: From Lip Service to Professional Breakthrough; Herbert Puchta, Pedagogical Academy, Graz, Austria a.. From ESL to EFL: Lessons Learned and Applications of TESOL's ESL Standards; Deborah J. Short, Language Education and Academic Development division, Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL), Washington, DC, USA a.. Framing Assessment: Breaking the Mold; Pauline Rea-Dickins, University of Bristol, UK
    • Association for Learning Technologies, ALT-C 2003: Communities of Practice 8 to 10 September 2003, Sheffield, United Kingdom ALT-C 2003 is the tenth anniversary conference of the Association for Learning Technology ( The conference is aimed at established practitioners and researchers and those interested in introducing technology at all levels in further and higher education. It will promote reflection, evaluation and interactivity. Conference themes: * Diversity of learning through technologies * Learning designs * The learners' experiences * Inclusive approaches through technologies * Learning, teaching & assessment strategies * Developing learning environments The deadline for research papers (max 6,000 words) is 01 March 2003. See the web site for full submission details. E-mail enquiries: Website: Submission deadline: 1 March 2003 Organized by: The Association for Learning Technology - This announcement distributed via
    • New Research for New Media: Innovative Research Methods September 4-6,2003 University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN. The Institute for New Media Studies at the University of Minnesota, in collaboration with the School of Journalism and Mass Communication and the Department of Rhetoric, invites you to apply for participation in an upcoming symposium: New Research for New Media: Innovative Research Methods Symposium. The Internet and evolving new media and communication technologies offer researchers two sets of opportunities: the development of new research techniques and a new, wide-open communication arena to be studied. New techniques such as email surveying, chat space interviewing, electronic brainstorming, user session statistics analysis, and eye-tracking are joining tried and true research methods. New communication phenomena and emerging media usage scenarios are calling for analysis. Studies using the results of these new techniques and on the new media arena are well into the mainstream of research agendas in universities, but the focus of the papers tend to be on the findings, not the determination and effectiveness of the methods used to get those findings. This is what the New Research for New Media: Innovative Research Methods Symposium intends to do. This will be a working symposium in which participants will contribute as much to the conference proceedings as the presenters of papers. Researchers have been selected to present papers that represent a variety of disciplines and research methods. Now we need the participants who will, after presentation of the papers, discuss in small groups the implications of using new research methods and traditional methods in new ways. The discussions and recommendations of the symposium participants will be the core of the conference proceedings with the intention of setting an agenda of examination of new research methods and to identify research implications that require further attention. We are looking for participants who would like to engage in a three days of deep thought about research methods. As a participant you will part of a task force, not just an audience. If you would like to help take the thinking about research methods to the next level, we hope you will apply to attend. Attendance will be limited to 50 participants.
    • EUROCALL 2003 will be held at The University of Limerick ( September 3-6, 2003 Conference main theme and title: NEW LITERACIES IN LANGUAGE LEARNING AND TEACHING; The Programme was on the conference website at (timeoult on Jan 10, 2007). Please note that bookings for pre-conference workshops should be made EARLY. The 'early-bird' deadline for conference registrations is 31st May.
    • The International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning is seeking well-written manuscript submissions for its upcoming Fall/ Winter 2003 issue. We welcome all manuscripts pertaining to Open and Distance Learning Research, Theory and Best Practice for this open issue. Deadline for submissions for IRRODL's Fall/ Winter issue is September 1, 2003. IRRODL is also soliciting manuscripts focusing on theory, research, and/ or best practice for the volume 5, number 1 theme issue, to be published in Spring 2004. The theme is Distance Education for Development. Thomas Hülsmann of Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg, Germany, will serve as Guest Editor. Deadline for submissions is November 1, 2003. For full details, visit
    • Postponed from May, then held Aug 20-23, 2003: - COL (Commonwealth of Learning), the Global Knowledge Partnership (GKP) the International Telecommunications Union and the Government of Malaysia (Ministry of Energy, Communications and Multimedia, the Ministry of Women and Family Development and the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission) are organising an invitational FORUM ON ICTs AND GENDER ("Optimising Opportunities"), where Commonwealth experience and recommendations will be shared with those from other parts of the world. The Forum will be held in Kuala Lumpur. Originally scheduled to take place in May, the event has been postponed to a date later this year (yet to be determined). Participation at this event is by invitation only. Interested individuals are encouraged to submit their CVs for consideration as a speaker or participant. Further information:
    • International summer courses Internet and multimedia for language teachers in Amsterdam: Effective Use of the Internet in Language Teaching (17-23 August) and Digital Audio and Video in Language Teaching (24-30 August) offer a unique opportunity to learn together with colleges from other European countries and from other continents how Internet and its multimedial applications can be used quickly and effectively in language lessons in. The social and cultural evening programme offers an excellent opportunity for exchanging experiences and for enjoying. The emphasis is not on the technology, but on the methodological applications: a basic level of ICT skills is necessary. The courses are offered for the third consecutive year by the Amsterdam-Maastricht Summer University in co-operation with the Graduate School)NP%t?A!Ms9ؾw7c2^/IU 2f2]NأMr\/*n/n)՟X߹};csg8 |)D1[ð-kt}tQ𔠸ҨkЧ(G`O,FJ Hd\XXX GmaNTnqJZ4t ŠH8WgńMN 1QQ)LXmvnǁށIeygbDF?Lq=lLH/7bkj"MxN c++*&FEM_7({5?09hc;1$E -a')Z0uB'woĽ 9X s4#I9ޅ+t@d/A8J.Ou1I߃(?G7N (#en^{Z4VcD(@0r _CԆ v?Y -C]!w:PKL=#P]bY ]Y3|2 epXW*{۹d76)- 隰 )[ b/"CLp\nS5끵1tmg6_ =>hO{t *WյӲJD_<RqkѺOp[MA1<ڙ~$i@p:2,1x`Pi9Xޅ/(Z5""/q[Nxي Jso]BE ;jU;k~g/սH 8Dpw&ڰ%w끾wד +c4WHګ9k8Z&py /781tT7# ֚iw 1"+1(0;tPH+NfC.KL>>i>ٗL7<'ƴH=~ӈej<ٴ=JTҎqoҖ( ^$w3/Z3 b0;MrQ碨E$Q }:tsR)=8A48^~=LTpljD!i1O#XFG~hi_4"Ve_hp> 4~Qgͼ^H,O06v8w\wsޛ jkgF:+8;c[5A/m9a|'-Y+>āX‹ZJNdGfM]9Y=Mϡas}` ގ8Me9XEg9Rb=jh$ÂmDׁp^d.eDMv|j!#+l0%$uk2RP@.ǧ;Y˼P7#ntkcqV~}ؑ-P$_նrp)[ \W߫ v_t}yK^A"u%[o"ZA/mw}Fm=H|׺3?8zEV+jC1Vcd&^_}{ a0jZ!FY>5&X/;kӮzO+ޓ4ef~ f*?0b4a {,bXK*ϭG8 Ӻ`}BlvōC?fk.DW uh!BX~_1=vHM9{qmEShʤ!6׵ v*|%MA@kp95lϬWQ Y^i hs?B&C\ź K ufڃv7î:@EWQKy,Ӡq}BnXL9.p CQ<gTd02Ę_gMĴ A$f]8k5&HJ6usZ9m<m5h4԰< CD ˱$O'ndR˻u: .LT'&Gq[׶b]֔8=ͽv%vh>XAf?:H)/^-84~?AS~$\3y(mA~&P{!88|6WDU> _-ǸK\:ɮ7TiT'Z?$MKb8%MkL{. 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We will be inviting participation from India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Iran and Afghanistan. This regional mix will also be reflected in our selection of trainers for the event. Regional networking and the sharing of expertise and best practice will form the backbone of the event. Hornby Regional School, Pakistan takes as its theme ELT Resources: Innovation and Change. Language Teaching has developed fast in recent years and there is now a wealth of new resources available in software packages, CD ROMs and via the Internet. However, in low resource environments like Pakistan, progress is often much slower, and teachers have very limited access to new ideas and materials. This course will therefore seek to review recent developments in language teaching, familiarise participants with new resources available through the new technologies, and develop plans for the introduction of new materials to their teaching environments. We hope the course will lead to a number of successful bids for funding from ELTeCS, the English Language Teaching Contacts Scheme. The School will be organised by the British Council Pakistan in collaboration with Hornby Educational Trust, Beaconhouse School System, Aga Khan University Centre of English Language, and Society of Pakistan English Language Teachers. Anyone interested in taking part in the event as a participant or as a tutor, should or write to: Hornby Regional School, Pakistan Secretariat Director ELT British Council 65 Mozang Road, Lahore. (042) 111-424-424 ext. 559. You can find previous ELTeCS-AME-L postings at:
    • The 11th ELSNET Summer School on Language and Speech Communication Topic: Language and Speech Technology in Language Learning Lille (France), Monday July 7 - Friday July 18, 2003 Organized by the University of Lille. For this school we have chosen a topic of great relevance to researchers and developers in Europe and in other multilingual environments: the use of language and speech technology in language learning, both of spoken and of written language. The goal of this workshop is to get young researchers on a track that will eventually contribute to an important application area. The underlying vision (or dream) is The automatic animated language tutor. Audience and aims: We see the school as mainly research and development oriented, and hence the primary audience are researchers, developers and integrators who will make our vision happen (rather than teachers who would use it). Both technological and pedagogical aspects will be taken into consideration The aims are: * to make the students familiar with the main principles and problems of language learning/teaching * to make them familiar with current best practice in computer assisted language learning * to make them familiar with the main challenges in computer assisted language learning Participants are expected to have a general computational background and some familiarity with language or speech research and/or processing. After completion of the summer school participants should be able to function in teams aimed at designing or implementing tools, environments or courses for Computer Assisted Language Learning (abbreviated CALL). Course programme: The provisonal programme is available at
    • The German Studies Association of Australia announces an international conference: Diverse Directions in German Studies (4-7 July, 2003 in Sydney, Australia). The inaugural GSAA conference will explore new avenues in diverse areas of German Studies. We invite papers that reflect the broad range of academic interests within the discipline and open up perspectives for the future. (See GSAA website: Panel topics: *German Studies: Interdisciplinary, Intercultural and Intertextual Direction= s *Gender and German Studies *German Language Acquisition: Linguistic and Pedagogical Perspectives *German Studies and the Challenge of Multi-Media and Flexible Learning Symposiasts: Erika Diehl (Universit=E9 de Gen=E8ve) Uschi Felix (Monash University, Melbourne) Ortrud Gutjahr (Universit=E4t Hamburg) Patricia Herminghouse (University of Rochester; President Elect, German Studies Association) Sara Lennox (University of Massachusetts) Alison Lewis (University of Melbourne) Tim Mehigan (University of Melbourne) Rolf Renner (Frankreich-Zentrum, Universit=E4t Freiburg) The Austrian writer Sabine Scholl will give a talk based on her book of essays "Die Welt als Ausland. Zur Literatur zwischen den Kulturen." (1999)
    • The 2003 KATE International Conference will be held in Daejeon, the Republic of Korea, from June 26th (Thursday) to 28th (Saturday), 2003, by the Korea Association of Teachers of English (KATE). The theme of the conference is "English Language Policy and Curriculum". On June 26th, 2003, Thursday, pre-conference sessions will be organized by some SIGs, either in the form of lecture or workshop.For further information, please contact Dr. Hwa-ja Lee (Conference Chair, Sunchon National University) by e-mail at or by phone at +82 61 750 3327(Office).
    • 802.11 Planet Conference & Expo Spring 2003 The fastest growing and largest event focused on 802.11 business comes to Boston June 25-27. Whether you're an expert in 802.11 or need to quickly get up to speed and profit from it, this is the event for you to attend for this exploding industry. Endorsed by the Wi-Fi Alliance. Register early & save!
    • the Language Centre, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, together with the English Department and the International College of Chinese Studies, Nankai University, will organise an International Conference, "Fostering partnership in language teaching and learning", to be held from 24 to 28 June, 2003. CALL FOR PAPERS The field of language education has seen greater collaboration over the past decade among teachers, learners, researchers in various disciplines, curriculum specialists and stakeholders. This conference will offer opportunities for participants to share ideas and experience in building partnerships with each other for better teaching and learning. We invite proposals for papers, workshops, demonstrations, colloquia and poster sessions about fostering partnership in language teaching and learning. Presenters may wish to address one or more of the following themes: Experimenting with innovative ways of organising teaching, learning, curriculum design, assessment, programme evaluation Promoting interdisciplinary, cross-curricular collaboration Advocating a philosophy of co-operation with stakeholders Fostering partnership among primary, secondary and tertiary sectors in language education and research KEYNOTE SPEAKERS Professor LIU Shuxin, Nankai University Professor Keith MORRISON, Inter-University Institute of Macau Professor Harold SCHIFFMAN, University of Pennsylvania Professor TSE Shek-kam, University of Hong Kong. You will receive notification of the acceptance of your proposal by 3 March, 2003. By post: 2003 Conference Committee Language Centre Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Clear Water Bay, Kowloon Hong Kong SAR, CHINA By fax: (852) 2335 0249 By email: (for English papers) (for Chinese papers) REGISTRATION Early Bird Registration: by 24 March, 2003 Registration: by 6 June, 2003 ENQUIRIES For further information, please contact us by phone or by email. You can also visit our conference website to find out more about our conference. Email: Phone: (852) 2358 7850 Website:
    • ED-MEDIA 2003 will be held in Honolulu June 23-28, 2003, Theme: Indigenous Peoples & Technology. Organized by the Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE), this annual conference serves as a multi-disciplinary forum for the discussion and exchange of information on the research, development, and applications on all topics related to multimedia, hypermedia and telecommunications/distance education. The deadline for submissions is December 19. The full CFP is available at:
      June 25th GMT 23.30 - 00.30 (June 26)- Aiden Yeh and Dafne Gonzales helped Michael Coghlan with a presentation for the Ed-Media conference in Hawaii entitlted Voice Online - the Missing Link? If would like to join this presentation you are very welcome to do so. You should be able to hear the 4 remote presenters, and participate in the text chat. Further details about this session are at
    • 2nd International Conference ICT in ELT 6T/60 (Teaching Teachers To Teach Through Technology). The event is to be held 20-22 June in Gliwice, Poland. Organized by The British Council Poland, IATEFL PL Computer SIG, Wellington Institute of Languages
    • The 8th biennial conference of the International Association for Language Learning Technology IALLT conference will take place at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor June 17-21, 2003. Schedules and abstracts for workshops, sessions, and showcase sessions, as well as on-line registration can be accessed at: Early bird discounts with great savings on registration end April 15, 2003. See also
    • 2003 conference on Computer Support for Collaborative Learning, to be held in Bergen Norway on June 14-18, 2003. For further information on the conference see - Event descriptions at:
    • CADE-ACED, Memorial University of Newfoundland, College of the North Atlantic, and the Department of Education, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador are pleased to announce the 20th anniversary annual conference in St. John's June 7 - 11, 2003
    • JALTCALL 2003 which was to be held at Kinjo Gakuin University, Nagoya, June 7-8 has been postponed indefinitely because the hosting university president was advised to do so because of the threat of SARS.. The theme is "CALL for ALL," and just to add a little fun to the event, the motif will be Hawaiian! This will be the best conference yet, with expanded services and expanded presentation categories. See the Conference Website (accessed from the CALL SIG website) for more information.
    • The 3rd International IT and Multimedia in English Language Teaching (ITMELT 2003) conference will be held at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University on the 6th and 7th June 2003. The overall theme of the conference is "Computer Enhanced Language Learning: secondary and tertiary environments, processes and products" For further information on sub-themes and abstract submission, see the conference website: The plenary speaker via video link is Professor Carol Chapelle (Iowa State University). Invited speakers include Dr Ken Beatty (City University, Hong Kong), Dr Robert Debski (University of Melbourne, Australia), Dr Debra Hoven (University of Queensland, Australia), Professor Thomas Cobb (Universit du Quebec Montreal, Canada), Dr John Milton (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong) and Gary Motteram (University of Manchester).
    • Canadian Association of Applied Linguistics holds its 2003 conference as part of the Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, from June 1st to the 4th
    • A conference on China and the Internet: Technology, Economy, and Society in Transition will be held at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles on May 30-31, 2003. It will be jointly sponsored by the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law at Yeshiva University, Programme in Comparative Media Law and Policy at the University of Oxford, and the School of Journalism and Communication at Peking University. If you are interested in submitting a proposal for presentations or panels on any of the following topics: - China's Internet policy and regulation - usage patterns and social change - regional network developments - China's e-government initiatives - e-commerce and the Internet market - online journalism in China - network security - discourse of online citizen or if you have any further questions or suggestions about the conference, please contact Prof. Peter Yu at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law ( or Jack Qiu at the Annenberg School for Communication ( The deadline for submission is December 15, 2002.
    • University College of the Cariboo Community-based learner support services is the focus of the Cariboo Connections 2003 conference in Merritt, British Columbia, Canada May 29-30, 2003.
    • There is an International Education Technology Conference and Fair May 28 - 30, 2003 at Eastern Mediterranean University, Famagusta, North Cyprus. More details at
    • COMPUTATIONAL ANALYSIS OF LANGUAGE IN RESEARCH AND TEACHING Socrates / Comenius / Grundtvig Course Database Course Information / Reference number ES-004-2002 Universidad de Murcia, Spain May 26 - June 1 2003 An interantional course within the Comenius initiative aimed at increasing educators' skills in using computers for language analysis and computer-assisted language learning/ teaching. Attendants are expected to gain familiarity with -Basic computer language analysis skills : concordance software, frequency analysis and compilation of language corpora -Basic pedagogical skills : implementation of language corpora in the classroom, design of applications and networked solutions for the distribution of a data -Driven methodology skills to be devoloped by attendants : -Computer analysis of language -Data sources management -Corpus design -Use of frequency lists : production, summaries and exercises -Use of concordances : study of words in context -Collocation analysis techniques -Corpus exploration techniques -Exploration of fields of application : word processing, lexicography and data retrieval -Implementation of language corpora in the classroom. -Using multimedia labs : networked solutions Further information can be obtained from - Registration deadline: March 25, 2003
    • The Irish Learning Technology Association ( has a small budget to help bring in overseas expert eLearning speakers to our annual conference: EdTech2003: The Fourth Annual Irish Educational Technology Users' Conference, which will take place in Waterford, Ireland, on the 22nd and 23rd of May, 2003. If you live outside Ireland, and would like to present at the conference, just send a short email to:, saying who you are, what your background in eLearning is, and what you would like to talk about. Information on this, and previous conferences can be found at the following URLs:
    • 2003 Asia CALL International Conference Short Title: ASIA CALL 2003 Location: Bangkok, Thailand Date: MAY. 14 -16, 2003 Call Deadline: FEB. 10, 2003. The conference is organized by the Asia Computer Assisted Language Learning Association and the Office of Rajabhat Institutes Council. THEME: Information & Communication Technology and Education in Asia SUB THEME: IT and University Education IT and Language Education IT and Literature Education IT and Culture Education OBJECTIVES: To offer Information Technology related to University Education and how to develop IT skills in the classroom to Faculty and researchers. PLENARY SPEAKERS: 1. Dr. Thomas Robb (Kyoto Sangyo Univ., Japan) - The Internet & Education 2. Dr. Euiyon Cho (Dongguk Univ., Korea) - CALL & Linguistics 3. Dr. Yoonil Auh (Central Michigan Univ., USA) - Distance Education 4. Dr. Charles ESS (Drury Univ., USA) - IT & Culture Transfer 5. Dr. Andrew Lian (Univ. of Canberra, Australia) - Round Table Organizer CALL for PAPERS: For more information about the conference, please visit our website at:
    • There was a symposium taking place at Monterey Institute of International Studies on May 10. It is cosponsored by the Coalition of Distinguished Language Centers. The topic is how to reach and teach to true near-native proficiency. A quadrilingual NASA astronaut will be the keynote speaker. Papers and discussion groups round out the day. The speakers and discussion group chairs are among the leaders in the US on this topic. You can find more information at Click on the conference/symposium button.
    • May 6, 7-10, 2003 - WorldCALL 2003 in Banff, Alberta, Canada hosted jointly by: the University of Calgary and the University of Alberta. Check out the WorldCALL website for future announcements concerning dates, conference programme, etc: The WorldCALL 2003 Conference theme is "CALL from the Margins". Keynote speakers: Peter Austin, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, Carl Blyth, University of Texas at Austin, who will speak on Managing Change and the Impact of CALL, Michel Laurier, Université de Montréal, who will speak on Evaluation and Multimedia, and Mark Warshauer, University of California, Irvine, who will speak on CALL and Human and Social Development. There is a flyer here in English and French: The conference is hosted by the Universities of Alberta and Calgary, and will be held at the internationally renowned Banff Conference Centre, in the heart of the Canadian Rockies: Banff is about 90 mins. drive from Calgary airport, and there are regular, frequent shuttle buses.
    • April 29, Tuesday, from 08.30 to 09.30 GMT Teresa Almeida d'Eca organized a Webheads online event at the April 28-30, 2003 - APPI (Portuguese Assn. of English Language Teachers) conference in Sesimbra, Portugal on Rethinking Language Teaching Resources, Teresa made a short presentation (about 15 mins.) of the Webheads in Action and then had Webheads come in through voice chat to talk a little about us and the work we've done, and answer any questions the audience may ask. There is a short paper based on the content of the presentation at
    • IV JORNADAS CETA "Teaching English: emotion in motion" April 25-27 2003 Universidad de Córdoba - where is info about this?
    • TCC 2003 Eighth Annual Teaching in the Community Colleges Online Conference April 22-24, 2003 "The Student Experience in Online and Hybrid Courses" Web site: Proposal Deadline: December 16, 2002 THEME. The organizers of this completely online event are especially interested in proposals from college and university faculty, staff, students and administrators that provide an understanding of the student experience in Internet-mediated learning. Submit a proposal that captures your experiences, views, imagination and vision of what is to come in your particular discipline: instruction, learning support, administration, counseling, student services, educational technology, etc. The Webheads presentation was Tuesday, April 22, 2003, 16:00 to 16:50 GMT in the Hibiscus Poster:; the chat log for that session is here:; Some archived webcasts are here: - Matt Wasowski's keynote has been archived at HorizonLive:
    • April 24, Petroleum Institute, Abu Dhabi TACTILE TASKS & TECHNICAL TIPS, organised by the Learner Independence & Teacher Education SIGs of TESOL Arabia -18 Practical Workshops Creative ideas for using visual-tactile tasks and games in the classroom and for the promotion of independent learning. (Including: practical project-based tasks, learning via realia, pictures and toys, new ways with newspapers, learner training, interactive reading activities...) 'Hands-on' computer, CALL and internet sessions at varying competency levels. (Powerpoint, Excel, WORD, making webquests and internet tasks, establishing student email discussion lists, making student home pages...) Bookstalls Attendance Certificates TESOLArabia members - free, non-members, 10DHS Join TESOLArabia/renew your membership on site. Please pre-register if possible. THURSDAY 24 APRIL, 2003, 9 - 12:30 Petroleum Institute, Abu Dhabi FOR MORE INFORMATION/PRE-REGISTRATION: (times out on Jan 10, 2007); email: TEL: Janet Olearski - 02 5085233 FAX: 02 6814230 website: The Petroleum Institute is located next to the ADNOC Umm Al Nar Compound, a little before the Maqta Bridge - take the turn for Dubai, go halfway over the flyover and take the sign for Abu Dhabi off the flyover, and you will see PI next to the Umm Al Nar Compound on your right. Go about 200m past it, and you will see the PI sign. Turn in here and immediately turn right.
    • At the IATEFL conference in Brighton on Thursday 24th April 2003, ELT Journal is sponsoring a debate about task-based learning. "Tasks are nothing new. They're just exercises with a new name." The speakers will be Martin Bygate, Guy Cook, Sophie Ioannou-Georgiou, and Paula Jullian. Please see our web site for further details. If you will be in Brighton on 24th April between 12.00 and 13.15 then please come along. We are very interested in collecting comments and questions about this area in advance of the debate. If you, or your colleagues or students, have any points you would like to make, or issues you would like to raise for possible discussion on the day, please email them as soon as possible to with the subject line <eltj / iatefl debate>. After the event, we will be setting up an on-line discussion through the Oxford teachers club on
    • Laptop and eLearning Faculty Forum at Abu Dhabi Women's College on Wed 9th April. We expect over 200 faculty from different institutions across UAE to attend and present during the day. Presentations last 30 minutes and you can get an idea of the kinds of things that will be presented by looking at the schedule from November Forum held in DMC.
    • CHI2003 Conference Carolyn Gale and GEN member Sherry Hsi will be offering a one-day tutorial, Enhanced E-Learning Through Learner-Centric Design, at the CHI2003 conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, U.S. April 5-10, 2003.
    • Working Together: Building a Network for Teacher Development TESOL-SPAIN's 26th Annual Convention Universidad Politécnica de Valencia 4th – 6th April, 2003
    • TESOL 2003 in Baltimore from March 25-29. The theme is, "Hearing Every Voice". The Call for Proposals can be downloaded from Information on TESOL 2003 CALL Interest Section Special Events (the Internet Fair, the Software Fair, the EV Mini-workshops, the Developers' Showcase) can be found at ; On Friday March 28 19:00 GMT or 2 pm to 3 pm in Baltimore Webheads will be participating in a live online webcast:
    • The TESOL 2003 Graduate Student Forum will be held on March 24, 2003, as part of TESOL 2003, in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. The Forum provides a venue at the TESOL convention that allows M.A.-level students to share the results of their research, their teaching ideas and experiences, and the materials they have developed.
    • March 24: Al Ain: International Conference Wrapup More info at
    • SITE 2003--Technology & Teacher Education Conference 24 to 29 March 2003, Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States CALL FOR PARTICIPATION - DUE: OCT. 22, 2002 Organized by Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE) and Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE) The Conference invites proposals from the introductory through advanced level on all topics related to: (1) the use of information technology in teacher education, and (2) instruction about information technology in * Preservice * Inservice * Graduate Teacher Education * Faculty & Staff Development Proposals which address the theory, research and applications as well as describe innovative projects are encouraged. To be added to the mailing list for this conference, link to you have a question about SITE 2003, please e-mail AACE Conference Services: This announcement distributed via
    • 24 to 26 March 2003 TechEd International Conference & Exposition, Ontario Convention Center, Southern California; Website:, Organized by: TechEd Events/Community College Foundation
    • The annual conference of the American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL) will be at the Sheraton National Hotel in Arlington, Virginia (not far from Baltimore) March 22-25. The theme for this conference is, "The Diversity of Applied Linguistics"
    • The Institute for the Study of Language and Society and the Translation Studies Subject Group at Aston University are organising a one-day workshop on assessing translation, to be held on Saturday, 22 March 2003. Translation is taught as part of language skills programmes and translation training programmes, at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Teaching translation involves assessing the quality of the translations produced by students and giving a mark for the achievement of the intended goal, whether for language assessment or translation skills. The workshop will focus on the aspect of assessment and marking. The following issues will be addressed: … What is the relationship between assessment strategies and theoretical frameworks for teaching translation? … Which criteria are used for assessing and marking translations in a university programme? … Do these vary according to the purpose of the assessment? … How do these criteria compare to translation quality assurance in the real world? The workshop will bring together academic staff from UK universities involved in teaching translation, representatives from language departments in colleges and schools, professional organisations, and professional translators. We plan to have 4-6 presentations to be followed by general discussions. If you are interested in attending the workshop, please contact us by phone (0121 359 3611 Ext. 4224), fax (0121 359 6153), or email: or The fee, which includes a buffet lunch and refreshments, will be £10.00. For an update on the workshop and other ISLS events please check the ISLS website:
    • NEALLT will hold its annual conference at Union College in Schenectady, NY, March 21-23. This year's theme is "Project-based approaches to teaching language and culture." The registration form is now available on the NEALLT web site at
    • The Northeast Association for Language Learning Technology (NEALLT) will hold its annual conference on March 21-23, 2003 at Union College in Schenectady, New York. We are interested in presentations, panels, and discussion about technology integration in teaching languages and cultures, the effect on learning and motivation in student-based projects, and the role of and impact on Lab Directors. Please check the NEALLT website at for more information
    • TESOL Arabia Conference - March 12 - 14 in Dubai - at the Al Bustan.
    • English for Specific Purposes SIG First Annual Conference - forums for discussion of perspectives, challenges, solutions for teaching ESP - A VERITABLE BRIDGE W2, Women's Campus, University of Sharjah Thursday, 27 February, 10am The deadline for pre-registration is February 22nd. Pre-registration will entitle delegates to conference materials, a conference certificate and refreshments. More info at; If you would like to present, or attend, and/or receive more information about this event, please contact Mabel Lalou (ESP Sig Chair)
    • There is a Learner Independence SIG Annual ILC Visit at the Learning Enhancement Center, Zayed University, Dubai on Wed., 26 Feb., 2 - 4pm. Please click the link for more information (times out on Jan 10, 2007) or see
    • Instant Messaging Planet Spring 2003 Conference & Expo returns to Boston February 24th and 25th at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel. Sign up by February 7th and save $100. For more information and to register today visit Instant Messaging Planet Spring 2003 Conference & Expo is the only industry forum that brings together IM experts and professionals in order to exchange ideas, strategies and Instant Messaging success stories. It is also the only focused event that provides an interactive exhibit floor enabling vendors to exhibit their products and solutions to businesses and organizations looking to incorporate IM enterprise solutions into their infrastructure. To view the complete agenda visit
    • Feb. 24: Al Ain: Multiple Intelligences Applied More info at
    • Feb 22-24 2003 e-ducation Conference 2003 an international three day conference organized by students for students in Abu Dhabi - Sunday the 23 of February at 1:30PM – 2:30 there is an ADM presentation by Dr. Curtis Bonk at HCT Men's College, Abu Dhabi entitled New Roles of Instructors and Students in Blended and Fully Online Learning Environments. Dr. Bonk has an impressive repertoire of e-Learning presentations that can be found at; The e-ducation conference held 22nd to 24th of April, 2001 was a real-life project through which students received first hand experience in organizing complex events while learning about a topic of the tip of nearly every educator's tongue - the impact of e-learning on the global educational community
    • The 2003 IT SIG Conference with the University of Sharjah February 20, 2003 8:00 am to 5:00 pm More info at
    • Ajman & UAQ Chapter of TESOLArabia First Annual Conference - forums on Teaching English for Academic Success to improve transition for our students from school to university, Al Sawdah School, Ajman, UAE Thursday, 20 February, 10am. More info at
    • 6 February 2003 Time: 0930 -1600 Venue: University of Southampton Cost: Stlg 80 (ALT members), stlg 130 (non-members) Booking deadline: 23 January 2003 Overview: This workshop will provide an overview of good practice, tips and hints on getting research and development activities published. For more information on this or other ALT events please email Venue: For a map of the university, including car and train instructions, please visit
    • LEARNTEC 2003 in Cooperation with UNESCO is a major European Congress for Educational and Information Technology that draws more than 7,500 participants from all over the world to discuss innovations and applications. LEARNTEC 2003, to be held in Karlsruhe, Germany, 4-7 February, covers a wide range of topics in eLearning, eCommerce, language and technology, distance tertiary education and the application of technology-based learning in small and medium-sized enterprises:
    • Bilkent University School of English Language (BUSEL) is holding its 8th annual international conference entitled, "Speaking in the Monolingual Classroom: need for a fresh approach?" on January 23-25, 2003 at the Bilkent Hotel, Ankara
    • The 23rd Annual Thailand TESOL International Conference ELT 2003: Culture, Content and Competency 23-25 January, 2003 Bangkok, Thailand, ; Deadline for submission of proposals : July 31, 2002
    • Jan 16-18 2003 TRLD 21st Annual International Conference Technology, Reading and Learning Difficulties Grand Hyatt San Francisco on Union Square, sponsored by Educational Computer Conferences, Inc., and cosponsored by the International Reading Association.
    • The SSGRR (Scuola Superiore G Reiss Romoli) Congress Center, Telecom Italia Learning Services, L'Aquila (near Rome), Italy ( International Conference on Advances in Infrastructure for Electronic Business, Education, Science, Medicine, and Mobile Technologies on the Internet WINTER Conference 2003: From Monday January 6 till Sunday January 12. Keynotes: Lyman (Berkeley), Neuhold (Frauhofer), Neal (Tufts Medical School). Capacity of the SSGRR congress center is 200 participants. The list of participants will be closed after 200 papers accepted.

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    2002 Conference sites

    • Modern Language Association Annual Meeting, New York Dec. 26-30, 2002 Three sessions organized by the Executive Committee of the Division of Applied Linguistics. E-mail 250-word abstract by March 1, 2002 to Cristina Sanz, Chair, Associate Professor Director, Intensive Spanish Program Georgetown University
    • December 16-21, 2002 - CETaLL Symposium - The 7th Man and Media Symposium will be held as part of the forthcoming AILA World Congress of Applied Linguistics in Singapore. The theme will be: “Online Learning Environments - Globalisation vs. Individualisation”; (times out on Jan 10, 2007)
    • The Fourth Electronic Oasis (EO) organized by the Education Technology Special Interest Group of EgypTesol is to be held during the upcoming EgypTesol Conference (December 13-15 2002) at Sheraton Heliopolis The Electronic Oasis December 2002, is inviting proposals for workshops and demos. The EO2002 has been structured this year to provide TEFL educators with hands-on training through workshops on using technology to enhance their performance at the workplace.For more information, e-mail
    • International Conference on Computers in Education (ICCE 2002) 3-6 December 2002 Auckland, New Zealand Organised by AACE-APC and Sponsored by College of BusinesFv<8JZ@wg1f M*]vs{M-bEޭr gzhG3 ]">gq l!8QfD>~#YC_%XKz5 *(,,Ο(a-1}ԁ;Lck3J"7C;٤'Hj~#JC+_cT(#\STC6!3ߵ1c|.T“[DMS|ǩ,̈́Oih+,dOQWAخNF9Y_wV7w)%sr_bh,9:vl畧8b$~!-w4BiLB{1df%,_D٩k.&Ѩ9Mp$6o& lb*Nh'6^^^BIM > [NM ,6!M5)zw9?r."ڂOz/Ŭ>TՓZ%rK7Ҭ|7FP VJa6eF穥:B&He;?WUl^Su;n\3~  c2 Aal>$Q53,= `CN^#Xtވ)Ϥ1*d ~slqKȂMyd%Ap +4[RL!T6K?r]\x5tx՛ 錩11 x^ 7S܂\Ԑ9<8HwI'Iuy}##䄷#qZҞ qrŘ}XDA5F^Si(S-3{w搦H[<_>a"mZ?'D#'|uXx 2iA ṽ6҄ZuRDj0 >⠣ a3s-AhYcОЦYj'yF ^XdY&qX1}t"Y t&~kJ򺉺'ZiƤ BT9( 'DGk ayبdrsl}ӵENߞ@CiLT;(>MBMQ꫙lw R Vzbdis歜6QL1ʘjQnW?_I#lTɬJ+B7hNBYB4VA` Ū lugcBz!_pt1#< N$Z1K߳GG |~}. sL7&p)Ƨa>S3mhx-f Y&ȫM37'47ynyE[eH7YkCX`Xp;B Z/j"k wSyV ҷ*%w=Y39yb]r$R2av_[ZHVa#a概"rT)D˝&Z3bEAwRfxm8R腯r?olTAAdaL+T7x]3 &ԹU;''3)"U;(iVJ46d/ͣԍlN͹՚wOR1ߟ %ŋI3G1\>h:yo(ʚ4OuA8LOc%Sp×e'}ę*D.MuA=7OZF.6a7㑑AC&[!pRwؤU7*Ikd1llwCݤ` RUqU6o#ZʁYRme0=_x1qb+^20WأJF"`@etD֕ vIkƖ0+{mD "hE@?@dD>[8MXkPvO8i]>wx~H8[a 1#>%~< 1NXie1'Pt; tȶsr Iw&oQJ{_r皠j}([l\K/8XLfeAzOhv#[?7oPy'ߊiiL`j~Ex> hd2*7ScP W]襭v"x~:_w IK?a7RUq+5~"t3J!hE&j U5 EH~ImJo9~Yw|¤ËBO.aN%9t{]ҧeju,@q-NilLsN9 UFQs Fyy-"fآ J +P^>]Gn[R{m_a)c[WuQ>U7ARUC+8٧W?XILP X7r+6zzMYbk[g Vy6 Q' ة xIp ی _,ᙢ,iv:eu lrcp"Rk6uyC\c_n*򷞱Q=RZkl$fCL`wO~Ḟ匁mg`ݾ4TVY E#)2)kQF)F:zV&C_|aaٙH[g?9,W^&X Kj0׮Y6{9Q'Jp4>L$;W;g1hi@lz.TQ`ṛ ^V捄m21;4fBaRd?u yڙJE/P~:&V((^"ٶ=B=|Wir _P%M=l!~r !RqOr4p+åi[2+P\pIp_#jJZ!{fqpAN >2ς6\*4;E$V356qHkA)OWӠ 2ۓҖo$2,ۻi7q#zRs-bxC!/u"UDDܾuFH?(Z֡xɕ-2-SS;4v8_欕)B'E|`-'xK6E^I&Ę܃jm^ל\׀آ~u]! ɏ r_DVu npl ߾T}?>51iUmB==i:)U%3uIDF ]`Zx-usz }(UGFjˡ{=Kt ;X>p/v~cwFQ‚?(\*b'6cPüL0n]IKvꎱ>hd۔4 M{RkFS2W;#|m=}v6x-6j|Z0kY2SM[L|>L}(R =xJ`vJSK[f,NpֳM)9'r)Dє0m[2D&+ Z #g8|^!WDbiNMz#ڵGdvX83KX̐q,F4ְRK2TmP읽ܮ(0exO1=qƙ&vx)3ŵ15! u[ʞT805vz*єJ tUl<{w+nW%&kO{wn%FI⛈V}ؽ@gHT  l'sJz k/w]Ȳ~?|uf:ҧH ff6XX2&(|SjNCEf_,l5Zt]/Irvf[:T-ڈ5'GLd;|>0m!܏&g-FdfQ.:ylSxJӡ>p}GNC2vWl@nh$QBԹc7t8k/ } Uʆɤ>]AF>}iJ̎Hܧp~ zGЭȥX|;de22ǿOgIpŖ(=HSpEș9{W(RRg;3KAFѼ߾ Nn*@=6h.uWMH uGt<^?fN@;a*M.g3͸Q gsqYo+)SӪuʊIKV%>L Dp*0݅Þ(y;?j@%: kU]\~pX84-YZ"=> eo}j,Ca e ϖթr /U[V$/i[6F#k{t cz}.~Y%PhUٙp6l&=w#%Ķ@- T?EڿNqׇIB3] y.33Ô|e0S[9_YD5齠?Tw A0N}>$qֿeoZ.T̺ qחC_U5G3|$qrƴl-xdew|zVԒG_jj=m>-\˃$~%>B,g}'_{bJ֝Ϡ`ڏ>r&ai^’ph魻;qxwc  p/[=P}ƊoC0p{Mq7!U億%Y2~-{g+i#%riOBxl>70fk)e\(>en2y| yy74ZKɶH>oi2Ze%,(B_JyβNٻ垵 s[:rb*[AI(-z]x&9} JwfW->UX.OS'dN4|D>>{ KE{01hQzYhQxFyn`L&? 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For additional information see
    • ICALT 2002 (run by the IEEE) International Conference on Advanced Learning Techniques September 16-19, Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia
    • IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT 2002) September 9-12, 2002 Kazan, Russia Sponsored by IEEE Learning Technology Task Force, IEEE Computer Society, Kazan State Technological University, Academy of Sciences of Tatarstan Republic - Conference theme "Advanced Learning Technologies: Media and the Culture of Learning" ICALT-2002 invites submissions with a good theoretical base or formalism and vital inspiration that present new, yet unpublished, solid achievements based on experimental and/or theoretical evidences that come to answer concretely one or more of the questions above or can point to possible answers. Survey papers are also accepted, if they are well documented. Submissions are invited in following categories: Papers - Panels - Tutorials - Workshops. Details of submission procedure are available at: ** Important dates: Friday 05 April 2002: Paper submission
    • During September 5-6, the 8th Qualitative Methods Conference: "Something for Nothing--Subjectivity and society in the new economy" takes place in Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa. Please note that also a virtual conference is organized from May 1 to September 30. For additional information see
    • September 8-9, 2002 - e-Merging e-Learning Conference at Higher Colleges of Technology Men's College, Abu Dhabi, UAE,
    • Humanism in Language Teaching conference (Italy, August 28-31, 2002)
    • September 8, 2002, ADM Conference at Higher Colleges of Technology Men's College, Abu Dhabi, UAE
    • The Faculty of Informatics and Communication at Central Queensland University will be hosting the ITiRA 2002 Conference at CQU Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia 27 - 29 August 2002 (preliminary details can be found at: ). The overall purpose of the Conference is to examine strategies, research and applications for the introduction and use of Information Technology in Regional Areas. . "Expressions of Interest" (abstracts) for the presentation of Case Studies or Posters will be accepted until 10 May 2002, accepted case studies will be notified by 24 May and completed case study papers due 5 July.
    • Net Working 2002,, is 19-30 August, 2002. From the site: "Through featured online events and interactive workshops, you will experience the latest techniques, learn how to do it online and share it with your colleagues." Webheads are participating:
    • The Amsterdam-Maastricht Summer University and the Graduate School of Teaching and Learning (ILO) of the Universiteit van Amsterdam are jointly presenting the course "Effective Use of the Internet in Language Teaching: What & How", to be held in Amsterdam from 19 until 23 August 2002. In this intensive course participants will acquire specific knowledge about Internet applications and resources relevant for foreign language teaching. It will help them create language materials that they can use in their classroom practice. This course is intended for newly qualified and practising foreign language teachers interested in the possibilities of the Internet for their classroom practice. There must be a web address for this one (you would think) but the only contact I have is Manon Braat Course co-ordinator
    • Tenth International CALL Conference "CALL Professionals and the Future of CALL Research" Antwerp, 18-20 August 2002. Proposals deadline January 7th 2002! Combine Eurocall 2002 with CALL 2002. or
    • EUROCALL 2002 at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland, will be held 14-17 August 2002; Theme: Networked Language Learning - a Link Missing?- follow the progress of preparations or register at . Please register early to avoid disappointment! The cheaper 'early bird' fee applies until 31st May. NB. Individual members of affiliated organisations may register at the EUROCALL members' rate. Conference organisers will verify membership with the organisations concerned. On 14 Aug there will be a preconference workshop of the Special Interest Group in Language Processing The nlp in call workshop is one of the eurocall2002 pre-conference workshops; details about the workshop can be found at:
    • 18th Annual Distance Teaching and Learning Conference in Madison, Wisconsin, USA, from August 14-16, 2002, and the special distance learning roundtable meeting for international organizations, on August 16th, that coincides with this conference offers more than 140 sessions, including workshops, seminars, e-learning course and software showcases, forums and presentations covering distance learning trends, emerging technology and online learning & teaching methods. Last year, there were about a dozen participants from international organisations who attended both the conference and the roundtable meeting. While the conference focuses primarily on teaching and learning in university-based distance education and e-learning, the presentations and discussions were informative and stimulating, and the networking value was great for those of us interested in distance learning, and especially in e-learning. For additional conference program, lodging and registration information, please go to the conference website at:
    • TEFL-CHINA will hold its 1st Annual International Conference at the English Coaching Paper Office in Tonghua City, Jilin Province, P.R. of China. The Conference will take place on August 12--15 2002. The theme for this year's conference is "Chinese TEFL Reform in the New Century". Details were sent in an attached Word document which I deleted unopened. The email was sent from
    • FOREIGN LANGUAGE TESTING ON THE WEB July 29-August 2, 2002 San Diego State University's Language Acquisition Resource Center's Topics in Foreign Language Testing on the Web summer institute will survey around forty authoring tools which may be used to create online tests to determine competencies in reading, writing, listening and speaking in foreign languages. Items reviewed will include a gamut of test development tools and systems, from those which are quite easy to use (and inexpensive or free) and best suited for drills and quizzes, to fully developed and supported comprehensive testing systems suitable for gathering data for program evaluation, certification, and a host of other special purposes. There will be hands-on experience with several of the test authoring tools. Workshop participants will select one to match their testing needs, and will write and develop a test that uses a variety of digital multimedia test items in the target language. To register: go to and click on "Special Events"; scroll down the page to "Register for 2002 Summer Institutes Online."
    • InterSymp'2002 International Conference on System Research, Informatics and Cybernetics July 29 - Aug 3, Baden-Baden
    • 2nd Pan-Commonwealth Forum on Open Learning Mon 29 July 2002 - Fri 2 August 2002 Durban, South Africa
    • Education Technology 2002 Wed 24 July 2002 - Fri 26 July 2002 Arlington, Virginia; For more information,
    • MULTIMEDIA LITERACY AND WEB-BASED READING July 22-July 26, 2002 San Diego State University's Language Acquisition Resource Center's Multimedia Literacy and Web-based Reading summer institute will teach you specific authoring systems that are best suited for the task of reading certain texts at certain levels of proficiency with the digital annotations that you want to include. Web-based reading processes, electronic annotation of authentic foreign language text, and research in student interaction and responses to text, are but a few of the topics of this summer institute. It is geared to meet the needs of teachers and researchers alike, in commonly and less commonly taught languages. To register: go to and click on "Special Events"; scroll down the page to "Register for 2002 Summer Institutes Online."
    • July 15-19, 2002 - The English Language Institute at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon, has sessions on using technology in language teaching. Information is available at
    • DIGITAL MEDIA ARCHIVE. July 15-July 19, 2002 San Diego State University's Language Acquisition Resource Center's Digital Media Archive summer institute is designed for language teachers. Enrollees will be shown how to find multimedia materials they need, how to integrate them in lesson plans, and will get an intensive course of instruction in creating audio and video materials for language instruction. Participants in this summer institute will learn how to create their own authentic language materials from concept through instructional design to flow-charting and multimedia component development. Following some online editing and compression of digital media, each participant will build their own interactive language web page with these components. To register: go to and click on "Special Events"; scroll down the page to "Register for 2002 Summer Institutes Online."
    • Incubation2 (run by TrAce) new media and writing July 15-16, Nottingham
    • Cultural Attitudes towards Technology and Communication (12-15 July 2002, Quebec, Canada)
    • CASTEL/J 2002 Computer-Assisted System for Teaching and Learning Japanese Third International Conference July 11 - 14, 2002 Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies, University of California, San Diego, La Jolla, California, USA - CASTEL/J 2002 is an international conference serving as a forum for the discussion and exchange of information on the research, development, and application on all topics related to computer-assisted systems, multimedia/hypermedia, WWW/Internet, distance education, and electronic database for teaching and learning Japanese. Please submit your proposal to: Y.-H. Tohsaku, Program Chair, Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies, University of California, San Diego, 9500 Gilman Drive, Dept. 0519, La Jolla, CA 92093-0519 USA - E-mail: Call for Participation Deadline: August 31, 2001
    • The Royal Academy of Valencian Culture (RACV), together with the Valencian Language Writer's Association (AELLVA) is arranging the International Seminar on Lesser Used Languages (SILM) to be hold in Valencia City (Spain) next July 11th to 12th. This first edition of the Seminar will be devoted to Lesser Used Languages in the European Union. Visit the SILM's web site for details
    • WRITING 02: European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction Special Interest Group Writing 8th International Conference Staffordshire University, Stafford, United Kingdom July 10-13, 2002 Submissions were invited in the following areas: Cognitive processes in writing, The development of writing processes, The social contexts of writing, Motivational and emotional factors in writing, New methods and approaches to writing research, Writing to learn; creative writing; therapeutic writing, Collaborative and computer-based writing, The teaching of writing in different contexts, Analysis of text and text quality
    • 4th July 2002 University of the West of England, Bristol An LTSN Subject Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies event - Web-based learning and teaching resources have proliferated in recent years. This event will demonstrate various uses of the web for the teaching and learning of linguistics, discuss some of the issues surrounding the use of the web and give participants the chance to explore for themselves web-based linguistics teaching and learning resources. This event is free of charge Programme 09:30 - 10:00 Coffee and registration 10:00 - 10.45 Networked Learning: Issues and Perspectives from one Institution Spencer Jordan, UWE 10:45 - 11:30 Web-based exercises for Linguistics level one Carmen Arnáiz, Raymond Gallery, Frank Maddix, George Mann, Jane Saville, Jeanine Treffers-Daller, Irene Wilkie, UWE 11:30 - 11:45 Coffee 11:45 - 12:30 Web enhanced approaches to linguistic variation in French Nicole McBride, University of North London 12:30 - 13:30 Lunch 13:30 - 14:15 The British National Corpus Lou Burnard, Oxford University 14:15 - 15:00 Phonology for Listening on the Web Richard Cauldwell, Speechinaction and formerly of the University of Birmingham 15:00 - 15:15 Coffee 15:15 - 16:30 "Hands on" session exploring web based resources 16:30 Close Register online at: For more information email: or tel: 01482 466175
    • Neighborhood Networks 2002: Accessing Success Wed 26 June 2002 - Fri 28 June 2002 Miami, Florida
    • The Department of Foreign Languages of the Faculty of Humanities of the Universidad de Oriente announces the 2nd. International Conference on Language and Culture of the Caribbean. This will be held at the Universidad de Oriente and Melia Santiago Hotel, from June 24th to 27th, 2002 in Santiago de Cuba. The aim of CILCCA 2002 is to facilitate the sharing of resources, ideas, and information about all aspects of the teaching of Caribbean languages and the language-culture interrelation in the process of foreign language teaching through papers and demonstrations on such topics as: 1. The teaching of English, French, and Spanish as foreign languages 2. Computer Assisted Language Learning -Software for language learning -Use of multimedia technology in language teaching 3. Studies on languages of the Caribbean 4. Studies on the culture of Caribbean countries -Culture and its relation to language teaching -The teaching of languages’ cultural systems 5. Creole -Presence and importance of Creole for communication in Caribbean countries -Creole in Haiti. Conference Registration forms and detailed information can be obtained from: Prof. Humberto J. San Pedro Soto Executive secretary of the Organizing Committee Department of Foreign Languages University de Oriente Ave. de las Américas s/n Santiago from Cuba 9, 90900 Telephones: (53-226) 691130, (53-226) 632004, (53-226) 642019 ext. 279 Fax: (53-226) 32689 E-mail:;
    • EUROPEAN WORKSHOP ON MOBILE AND CONTEXTUAL LEARNING. June 20th and 21st, University of Birmingham, UK in collaboration with the European M-Learning Forum. The workshop is for researchers and practitioners in industry and education with an interest in developing new approaches to mobile and contextual learning. This includes the design of new technology and software for mobile >learning, as well as research and development in technology-supported informal and lifelong learning. A central aim of the workshop is to broaden the horizons of mobile learning, to explore possibilities for experiential learning, personal learning projects, on the job learning, and just-in-time learning. It will also provide a showcase for new learning technologies and solutions, including wearable learning devices, learning organisers, and multimedia content delivery to handheld devices. The University of Birmingham is a pioneer of research into mobile learning and wearable technology (see and The workshop venue is equipped with an IEEE 80211b wireless LAN system, multimedia presentation, and ISDN and IP videoconferencing facilities. The scope of the workshop includes, but is not limited to: >Design and implementation of mobile technology for learning >Delivery of learning materials to handheld devices >Theory and practice of anytime, anywhere learning >Content management for mobile learning >Learning organisers and personal learning assistants (PLAs) >Wearable, embedded and ubiquitous learning >Evaluation of mobile learning systems. .
    • INET 2002 (run by ISOC) Where technology and policy intersect June 18-21, Washington
    • National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) will be held in San Antonio, Texas June 17-19, 2002. Even if you're unable to attend the NECC conference in person, you can participate in the pre-conference activities and in preparing questions for the panel. The GEN and NECC sessions will be led by a panel of leading online educators with extensive experience in synchronous "written conversations" and asynchronous conferencing as vital components of graduate level teaching. Each of the presenters will invite participants to visit their teaching and learning spaces, examine teaching tools, or review course projects and activities. NECC Conference: Further information regarding the conference:
    • Virtual Communities (run by Infonortics) share best practices June 17-18, London
    • Access and Beyond: Advancing a Community Technology Agenda 11th Annual CTCNet Conference June 14-16, 2002 Hyatt Regency Hotel on Town Lake Austin, Texas Full details now available at CTCNet is a national network of over 600 Community Technology Centers offering resources to enhance each affiliated center’s capacity to provide technology access and education to its constituency and to help nurture other like-minded programs in its area.
    • Language in Use and Language in the Classroom (Limerick, Ireland, 14-15 June 2002) (Sponsored by The First Inter-Varietal Applied Corpus Studies group) Xenu Link Sleuth reports 504 Timeout waiting for Gateway July 26, 2002
    • The Nineteenth Conference on English Teaching & Learning in the Republic of China, June 8, 2002 Shi-Hsin University, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. Conference Theme: Trends of English Language Teaching in the Information Age. To submit proposals by the November 29, 2001 deadline. Please contact Prof. Peng-hsiang Chen, or Prof. Yi-ju Chen The Nineteenth Conference on English Teaching and Learning in the ROC Department of English, Shih-Hsin University Address: 1 Lane 17, Mu-cha Road, Sec. 1, Taipei 116 TEL: (02)2236-8225 ext. 731/732/734 FAX: (02)2236-7159 E-mail: or
    • 2002 International Symposium on Technology and Society (ISTAS'02) Social Implications of Information and Communication Technology Raleigh, North Carolina, USA June 6-8, 2002 The goal of ISTAS'02 is to bring together Information and Communication Technology (ICT) professionals, computer science and engineering educators, teachers and scholars in the humanities and social sciences, policymakers, students, and ICT users for the purpose of establishing critical dialogue on the social and ethical dimensions of ICT. Call For Papers: Submit a one page abstract for a paper, or a proposal for a paper session or panel discussion to the Conference Chair (email preferred): Joseph R. Herkert Division of Multidisciplinary Studies Box 7107, North Carolina State University Raleigh, North Carolina 27695-7107 voice: 919-515-7993 fax: 919-515-1828 email:
    • International Conference on Bilingual Education in Central Europe - Challenges and Perspectives in Vienna, Austria 6-7 June 2002 - For further information please contact: Stuart Simpson, D.A. Co-ordinator for bilingual and international projects Europa Büro Stadtschulrat für Wien Auerspergstr. 15/22 A-1080 Vienna Austria Tel.: +43 1 52525-77084 Fax: +43 1 403 44 27 E-mail: or the co-organizer: Anton Prochazka PIB-Wien/IFU Grenzackerstr. 18 A-1100 Vienna Austria Tel.: +43 1 60118-4350 Fax: +43 1 60118-4500 E-mail: Please register early to avoid disappointment (by 24 May at the latest).
    • On-line Academy (May 13 - June 10, 2002) TESOL is piloting an on-line academy consisting of three on-line workshops, one of which will use a "blended learning" approach to adult learning if participants choose to attend a companion workshop as part of the Southwest Academy in Denver (July 12-14, 2002). * An Introduction to Teaching On-line for ESOL Professionals (Emily Lites, Workshop Leader) * Enhancing your Adult Education Classroom with the Internet (Susan Gaer, Workshop Leader) * Teaching Writing On-line (Christine Bauer-Ramazani, Workshop Leader) To learn more about the On-line Academy, visit:
    • Symposium on Educational Conferencing, Banff, Near Calgary, 30 May - 1 June 2002, including DIVERSE 2002, the second international conference on video and videoconferencing. The outline programme and call for papers is now online: As well as considering technical and pedagogical issues concerning CMC and videoconferencing, the symposium will explore the growing synergies between video streaming, videoconferencing, audioconferencing and CMC. The venue is the Banff Centre in the Rocky Mountains. A regional ICDE conference in Calgary immediately precedes the Symposium
    • English as a Foreign Language: Towards Better Inter-Cultural Communication The ESP Centre University of Damascus Syria In co-operation with the Ministry of Education, The British Council & The American Cultural Centre 28- 30 May 2002 Contact Atiyah Swaydan ESP Centre University of Damascus Mezzeh Autostrad Damascus - Syria Tel: (+963 11) 212 0321 Fax: (+963 11) 212 0164 E-mail:
    • Thames Valley University is offering a series of one-day INSET courses in ICT/MFL. Each course will cover the following topics: 1. Whole-class teaching with a computer 2. Finding and exploiting MFL resources on the Web 3. Introduction to multimedia CALL 4. Presentation/evaluation of selected MFL CD-ROMs The remaining courses will take place on the following dates at TVU's Slough Campus: Wednesday 22 May 2002 Wednesday 19 June 2002 For further details contact: See the website at:
    • 5th IASTED International Conference Computers and Advanced Technology in Education ~ CATE 2002 ~ May 20-22, 2002 Cancun, Mexico Sponsors: The International Association of Science and Technology for Development (IASTED) · Technical Committee on Education In Cooperation With: The Hong Kong Institute of Education (HKIEd)
    • 7th Annual International Conference, JALTCALL2002: Local Decisions, Global Effects, to be held at Hiroshima Jogakuin University, 4 -13 -1 Ushita-Higashi, Higashi-ku, Hiroshima, Japan, 732-0063 on 18 - 19 May, 2002 (with special events on May 17 and 20); Reviews: JALTCALL 2002 Acclaimed as Most Successful Yet Timothy Gutierrez, conference chair for JALT CALL 2002, held last week in Hiroshima, JAPAN, gives an overview of an amazing event and Hot Potatoes and Other Tools for Sound & Video . Chris Elvin, of St. Dominic's in Kanagawa, JAPAN, reports on a presentation he made at the recent JALT CALL 2002 conference. Includes links to slides.JALTCALL was held in Hiroshima, Japan from May 17 to 19. It is an academic conference which has many CALL related presentations in Japan. Kenji and Kathleen Kitao have written a report here:
    • Shaping the Network Society: Patterns for Participation, Action, and Change DIAC-02 Symposium; Seattle, Washington USA. May 16-19, 2002
    • The Conference on Computers and Writing eighteenth annual conference, May 16-19, 2002. Hosted by Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois, the conference theme is "Teaching and Learning in Virtual Spaces." Please submit proposals via the online application located at the conference website: .
    • DIAC-02 (run by the CPSR) Shaping the Network Society - patterns for participation, action and change May 16-19, Seattle
    • May 16-18, 2002 - 16th TESL Canada Conference, "Catch the Dream," Delta Hotel and Conference Centre, Regina, Saskatchewan, and
    • EdTech2002: The Third Annual Irish Educational Technology Users' Conference at Institute of Technology Carlow, Ireland on 16th and 17th May 2002;
    • May 12-13, 2002: the CIT of the UAE University is holding a two-day symposium on e-learning in Dubai: Xenu Link Sleuth reports 502 Error response received from gateway July 26, 2002
    • The 6th Annual Current Trends in English Language Testing Conference takes place from 8-9 May 2002 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Dubai, hosted by the Higher Colleges of Technology - Dubai Men’s College and Zayed University. Non-TESOL Arabia members pay a nominal fee of AED30 per day for the conference. The theme is “Assessment on the Move.” Keynote speakers include Fred Davidson (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA & newly-elected President of International Language Testing Association), James Purpura (Columbia University Teacher’s College, USA), Barry O’Sullivan (University of Reading, UK) and Ali Raddaoui (United Arab Emirates University, UAE). The goals are to bring together testing specialists and teachers from different institutions to share findings and information that have important implications for the region. Secondly, the conference will provide a forum for current research on language teaching and testing. Third, delegates will have an arena for discussion and debate on important issues in English language testing theory, practice and research. There is a two-day Pre-Conference Academy (PCA) on online course delivery and assessment being offered from May 6-7. The cost for this PCA is AED2,000 which includes all lectures, course materials and meals. David Braswell, founder and president of TeachMaster Technologies, Inc. and Bob Thornborough Bob, president of The Learning Management Corporation are two of the world-renowned speakers who will conduct the PCA. For more information or to register, contact the Conference Chair Christine Coombe at Live feed
    • Networked Learning in a Global Environment virtual education May 1-4, Berlin
    • No Strings Attached A National and Virtual Conference and Showcase on the Application of Wireless Technology and Personal Digital Assistants in Higher Education. May 1-2, 2002 Case Western Reserve University Cleveland, Ohio - No Strings Attached is dedicated to an exploration and the application of wireless technology and personal digital assistants (PDA) in higher education. Proceedings, panels, and keynote addresses from No Strings Attached will be streamed over the Internet. See conference website at On May 2nd at 2 pm EST, a national satellite and webcast of the award-winning Ready2Net broadcast will originate from the No Strings Attached conference. Ready2Net ( is a joint collaboration of CSU Monterey Bay, Case Western Reserve University and The Campus Computing Project.
    • A Workshop on Designing and Visualizing CMC \ CHI 2002, will be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota - Monday, April 21, 2002 - Organizers: Tom Erickson, Susan Herring, Warren Sack -
    • eWork in a Global World (April 16-17, Brussels)
    • April 9-13, 2002 - TESOL 2002: Language and the Human Spirit, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. The Call for Participation for TESOL 2002 appears in the December issue of TESOL Matters, and will be available on-site in St. Louis from the TESOL 2002 Booth. The deadline for papers, colloquia, workshops, and demonstrations is May 1, 2001. Information on Electronic Village Events Developers Showcase, Software Fair, and Internet Faire at the TESOL CALL-IS Website: You can visit to view the EV's preliminary program.
    • The Moroccan Association of Teachers of English (MATE) XXII Annual Conference Mdiq (north of Morocco near Tangier), April 8-12 2002 Theme: Enhancing Language Education Quality through Evaluation and IT:
    • The Higher Colleges of Technology and the International Vocational Education and Training Association will be holding an international conference under the heading of "Bridging the Divide : Strategies for Change" from 7 to 9 April, 2002 in one of the world's most rapidly developing cities and country, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. This is the third international conference to focus on aspects of the role of technological education in national development (TEND 2002). The Keynote speaker for the conference is Mark David Milliron, President and CEO, League for Innovation in the Community College. Dr. Shirley Waterhouse, Director of Educational Technology, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University will deliver the theme address. For more information visit the IVETA - TEND 2002 website. - The site points out that this conference is postponed to 2003
    • BLACKBOARD: Building a Community of Learners - Friday, April 5 - Saturday, April 6, 2002 St. Lawrence University Canton, NY 13617 Conference Discussion Topics/Presentation Tracks * Critical reflections on Blackboard * The impact of Blackboard on Student Learning * Ethics and the use of Blackboard * Distance Learning * Issues of intellectual property * Blackboard as a tool for enriching student interaction * Avoiding technical pitfalls * Tips and tricks * Creating community with portals * Issues for campus Blackboard administrators * Student perspectives * Hands on training in advanced uses of Blackboard * funded by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation for the St. Lawrence University Technology for Teaching Project and is also sponsored by the St. Lawrence University Center for Teaching and Learning, * No registration fee * Open to college and university faculty, students, and staff members * Individual and team presentations, roundtables, and hands on training * Meals provided on campus by St. Lawrence University (dinner Friday and breakfast and lunch Saturday) * Undergraduate and graduate student participation encouraged * Housing costs covered for student presenters * Team presentations encouraged. Visit the conference website and register online at Please send requests for additional conference information to or Rita Goldberg, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY 13617. Phone: (315) 229-5156.
    • The University of Technology of Compiegne is organising its 4th conference on the Use of New Technologies in Foreign Language Teaching (UNTELE 2002) 28-30 March 2002 with its main theme: - The criteria used in creating computer-mediated language learning tasks. Does the tool shape our conception of task creation, or does the tool bring indispensable solutions to pedagogical needs? Do these tools correspond to the needs of language teachers? Does the tool enhance language learning? What is the state of research in this field? What are the pedagogical practices? For further details please consult the web site
    • CALICO 2002 ANNUAL SYMPOSIUM Creating Virtual Language Learning Communities Hosted by University of California, Davis in Davis, California March 26 - March 30, 2002 Preconference Workshops: Tuesday, March 26 - Wednesday, March 27 Courseware Showcase: Thursday, March 28 (tentative) Presentation Sessions: Thursday, March 28 - Saturday, March 30 - Topics include new technologies, innovative software, research projects, or new uses for old software -
    • InSTIL 2002 Symposium Speech Technology in the Learning and Assistive Interface, venue has been changed to UC Davis, California on Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th March 2002. InSTIL is a Special Interest Group of CALICO, EUROCALL and ISCA and an affiliate of IALLT InSTIL 2002 Symposium, and topics will include speech recognition, synthesis, analysis, manipulation, visualization, animation, talking heads, work related to any area of Speech Therapy which impacts on Education and Learning, etc. Features the first presentation on American soil of the poster exhibition entitled "An Illustrated History of Speech Technology in Language Learning".
    • 36th International IATEFL Conference & Exhibition Conference , 23-27 March 2002, at the University of York, England - . Plenary Sessions given by Leni Dam, Diane Larsen-Freeman, Peter Skehan, Martha Pennington and B. Kumaravadivelu.
    • California State University Monterey Bay invites you to join Education's DigitalStream Emerging Technologies in Teaching Languages and Cultures 4th annual conference, to be held March 21 - 23, 2002 on the CSU Monterey Bay campus in Seaside, California. ( Our theme for 2002 is: Paradigm Shift! Implications of Emergining Technologies for Teaching Languages and Cultures. What does it mean to be untethered? Can language classrooms be virtual? >How much more can we do online with universal broadband access? Can we create "Hi-tech" / "Hi-touch" language learning?
    • Society for Informatiog`(RD&K2ܔ%)n \xK JJ"*UҙYyb9nV Ŀe8JRnwH"9Do^o誩 'CrT$19RqmЛ6׆Xx,mȶ1ۖ }jyh.|ٙk$ƶD o8.^5~92ț,81Z8Z"4!Hi:>8,0va̡ĬL4|l4"u <4gmmg[O!|>G{oKm|$6K*bHiHk\s4ʈ+=dˎͿr~+5_>5= pq#FN@dWkdq[8\:x8Mm]&*uq!ILLcd+S|UGaR@;ljϳ̵K z(٭q/axCQޱ$uoq,f lKRڠƗ>nM e q㪛LޱJE".*q,˧ӗk5#x8`RBF1dGyqQ|K&K_G *ekFMVl {c_^z8<!?SiC /9О ״o?+ϟwyVn7'EU`$RGG'sɗ>ymE' -m^\ϳOFYU9Mhڂ-*O܈;rsi 2Dr-FgaU%r[p/ %MMg:L,)'=IAf&8b*e.!."wUMd]`23_SKol0κ7j)}/i)CO@I gj !|i vu|ou7ƉƼvY|֤O)dI-`\j5>qHh<Noڮ$ ž4U&u/ܫu°͓ ?"g+$Y.0$X}bæ1˳]| k)wT[ߴ $"f+S1Gֺ Lw X+C_BsP֎Ijp!=,XJyݺj_$p œ$'RA˲,5u: ϩh9~ἜuZ2Vԯ <#@'k}i7M/m0΢8.D kBhk߰HsB?gN@l~G^5#TV*Db݃Uicm5POKFQVA_YMMf4:Pkֲ3 =W*U({"~\}ZiH=P0p>CNk7R|@^@^xWI/OS0% mܬc a1,B[4Dy4Bv&'6p]=C*4/3^SEgkXHAvۮQY9x#TGs. 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      · 28-30 June 2001 -  European Year of Languages Conference (organised under the auspices of the European Language Council), Freie Universität Berlin, - A workshop is planned on co-operation and sharing of resources in language learning and teaching in higher education in Europe. It will form part of the third conference of the European Language Council, Berlin, on “Multilingualism and New Learning Environments”. ELC/CEL Website:

      · 26 June to 30 June, 2001 - The Language Centre, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and the Department of Applied Foreign Language Studies, Nanjing University are jointly organising the 2001 International Conference "Technology in Language Education: Meeting the Challenges of Research and Practice"; website at

      · "Education for the 21st Century: New Trends and Perspectives for Learning" Presented by: Malaysian Institute of Corporate Governance & LEO Training & Consultancy Sdn Bhd, An international/Asia-Pacific forum for presentation & discussion of research and best practices on technology, new learning paradigms, & the ever changing communities of organisations, training, & academia, 25, 26, & 27 June 2001 in Kuala Lumpur. Contact Howard J Mlakar, Assistant Program Director, The Learning Exchange Organisation, LEO Training & Consultancy Sdn Bhd, 8-7-4 Menara Mutiara Bangsar, Jalan Liku, 59100, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, tel: (603) 2284.6300, fax: (603) 2284.7116,

      · June 20 - 22, 2001 - 8th Annual EDINEB International Conference, “Technology, Pedagogy and Innovation”,, EDHEC School of Management, Nice, France, In collaboration with Formations Hommes et Conseils

      · JALTCALL2001 - The Japan Association for Language Teaching CALL Special Interest Group holds its 6th Annual Conference, "The Changing Face of CALL: Emerging Technologies - Emerging Pedagogies" at Kanto Gakuin University, May 26-27, 2001 -

      · May 24 to May 27, 2001 - The Canadian Association of Applied Linguistics will hold its 2001 conference as part of the Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities at Laval University in Quebec City, Quebec.

      · May 23 to May 25, 2001 - The conference proceedings of The Second International ELT Research Conference: Reflections of the Twentieth Century ELT Studies on Language Teaching and Teacher Training is now availbale online at . Chapters include: Theory & Teaching Methodology; Psychology & Language Teaching; Teacher Training; English for Specific Purposes; Literature & Language Teaching; Linguistics & Language Teaching.

      · May 9-10 – 5th Annual CTELT Conference (Current Trends in English Language Testing) at Dubai Men’s College, HCT,

      · Computers & Writing Online 2001, call for papers: C&W Online is an online companion conference for C&W 2001 (which meets in May 2001 at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana, USA). The online conference allows the C&W community to extend the mission and scope of the onsite conference in several ways – by including those who can't travel to the onsite conference; by providing a venue for events which are difficult to include in the onsite conference, and by giving onsite conference attendees a chance to meet online before the conference and participate in activities valuable to those in C&W. The onsite and online conferences are coordinated by two separate teams who work together to make sure the events of both conferences are complimentary. Conference web site:

      · 27-29 April 2001 - 33 Poznan Linguistic Meeting (PLM33), including Challenges In Computer-Assisted Applied Linguistics, a CCAAL workshop on 27 April 2001 organized by the Department of English Computer Linguistics, School of English, Adam Mickiewicz University

      · April 17 to May 1, 2000 – Temple University is hosting a virtual conference on Intellectual Property and Digital Information in Higher Education. Several live chat sessions will address intellectual property issues that concern creators, users, and publishers of digital works. For more information please visit the conference web site at

      · CADE Computers in Art and Design Education Conference, 9 to 12 April 2001, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom.  The CADE (Computers in Art and Design Education) Conference is one of the worldÆs principal forums for digital creativity in art and design education. CADE 2001's theme is "Digital Creativity: Crossing the Border".  Website:

      · April 9-11, 2001 – 2001, an Online Odyssey, TAFE South Australia and WebCT are pleased to announce the second Asia Pacific WebCT Conference to be held in Adelaide:

      · 29 & 30 March 2001, International Colloquium on Trends in Special Language and Language Technology, Sponsored by Erasmushogeschool Brussels, De Nederlandse Taalunie and Vrije, Universiteit Brussel; surf to

      · TechEd01 International Conference & Exposition 26 to 29 March 2001, Ontario, California, USA - TechEd01 is an international hands-on educational technology conference that gives university, college, and secondary school educators the opportunity to see, hear, and touch the latest technological solutions shaping education's future.  This years keynote speakers include Stan Davis, author of "The Monster Under the Bed," and John Morgridge, Chairman of the Board, Cisco Systems, Inc.  TechEd01 offers over 120 Hands-on Computer workshops, 130 Concurrent and Vendor sessions, Special Interest Symposiums, and over 300 exciting exhibit spaces.  E-mail enquiries:, Website:, Organized by: TechEd Events/Community College Foundation - Proceeds were available for download on session by session basis for the Long Beach Conference, no date given.

      · The Language Learning and Research Center at the State University at Stony Brook, Long Island, NY will be hosting two activities in March. It will host an ACTFL/IALL workshop on "Using Technology for Effective Language Learning"   This is one in a series of national two-day workshops on the topic, led by experts in the field.  The workshop will be held Wed. Mar. 21st and Thurs. Mar. 22nd in the LLRC at Stony Brook.  Cost is approximately $300.  Scholarships for Stony Brook faculty may be available. Enrolment will be limited to 36 people. Student discount and ACTFL discount available. The second activity is the yearly meeting of the Northeast Association of Language Learning Technology.  Workshops will be held Fri. Mar. 23rd and the conference will be held Sat. Mar. 24th and Sun. Mar 25th. For any questions about NEALL begin by looking at its web page at

      · March 13 - March 17, 2001 - CALICO 2001 Annual Symposium, “Technologies for Language Learning: Using the Proven and Proving the New” - Hosted by University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida - or perhaps 

      • March/April 2001 at the University of Swansea - The Subject Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies is holding roadshow events for anybody involved in the teaching of Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies in UK Higher Education Institutions.  Attendance is free.  Registration:

      · Feb 27-Mar 3, 2001, TESOL 2001 in St. Louis; TESOL's web info for the St. Louis Convention is available at; The full schedule of events for the CALL-IS is at: (click on EV2001 Schedule in the left-hand column); the full schedule of events at TESOL 2001, by Interest Section and content area is at:; St. Louis Area Tours:; Electronic Village website:

      · 24-27 February 2001 - CALICO has proposed a two-hour colloquium on foreign language technology at the 2001 meeting of the American Associated for Applied Linguistics (AAAL), in St. Louis, Missouri.  The colloquium will consist of four 20-minute presentations, each of which is to be followed by a 10-minute question and answer session. Presentations must clearly focus on issues of second language acquisition within a technologically enhanced environment.  They must also present carefully formulated quantitative or qualitative analytic results.  Finally, AAAL assumes that all proposals represent original and unpublished work.  (For more information on AAAL, see

      · February 12-14, 2001. Online Conference for Teacher Educators - "Opening Gates in Teacher Education" – The English language conference archive is at under “Conference Schedule”.

      • 30 January 2001 at the University of Stirling - The Subject Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies is holding roadshow events for anybody involved in the teaching of Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies in UK Higher Education Institutions.  Attendance is free.  Registration:
      • 17 January 2001 at the University of Belfast - The Subject Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies is holding roadshow events for anybody involved in the teaching of Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies in UK Higher Education Institutions.  Attendance is free.  Registration:

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      2000 Conference sites

      You can view the summaries of the NET*Working 2000 festival and expo by visiting and logging in with your user name and password (???). On the home page you will find an icon for festival and expo summaries. The site will remain open until mid February 2000. There have been a number of requests to keep the site open longer.

      • OZCHI 2000 Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, Interfacing reality in the new millennium, Sydney, Australia, 4-8 December 2000,
      • Cybertools 2000: Using audio, video, & computers in language teaching.  Koc University, Rumeli Feneri, Istanbul, Nov. 17-18, 2000,
      • IATEFL / TEAs Regional Networking Meeting in Budapest on 17 - 19 November 2000.
      • An International Conference on Research & Practice in Professional Discourse will be held at the City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, November 15-19th, 2000 -
      • International Online Conference on Teaching Online in Higher Education, "Student Success in Online Learning", November 13-14, 2000:
      • Learning 2000: Reassessing the Virtual University, September 28 - October 1, 2000 · The Hotel Roanoke & Conference Center, Roanoke, Virginia
      • 2nd Symposium On Second Language Writing, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA September 15-16, 2000. There is a call for proposals for papers (20 minutes) and poster sessions. Proposals must be received by December 1, 1999. Any topic related to second language writing is welcome. More information is at
      • Internet Research 1.0: The State Of The Interdiscipline - First Annual Conference Of The Association Of Internet Researchers, University Of Kansas, Lawrence KS, USA, September 14-17, 2000; Conference Website:
      • The DRH 2000, Digital Resources for the Humanities conference will take place at the University of Sheffield, Stephenson Hall, 10-13 September 2000. Proposals for academic papers, themed panel sessions, posters and workshops are invited. Full details about the conference and the submission of proposals may be found at: Themes include: the creation of digital resources; their delivery, use and integration; the impact of digital resources on humanities research and education.
      • CETaLL Symposium (Scientific Commission on Educational Technology and Language Learning, International Association of Applied Linguistics - AILA) - The Vlth Man and Media Symposium is planned to be held as part of the next BAAL Meeting in Cambridge, UK, 7-9 September 2000. The theme will be:Language learning in the information era: working faster, better, and with more user satisfaction? For more information on CETaLL consult homepage
      • EUROCALL conference, 31 August - 2 September 2000, University of Abertay Dundee, Scotland, (links to upcoming conferences) or (registration) and
      • InSTIL 2000, the first symposium organised by the InSTIL group "Integrating Speech Technology in (Language) Learning" will be held on 29 August to 30 August 2000 at the University of Abertay Dundee, Scotland. The two-day Symposium is supported by the InSTIL SIG three parent associations, CALICO, EUROCALL and ISCA (International Speech Communication Association). This includes a History of CALL Web and Live Exhibition.
      • "Cyber-Langues 2000", a small, 2-day conference on web-based methods in language teaching, will be held 24 and 25 August 2000 at the CDDP in Privas (Ardèche, France). For more information, consult the "Cyber-Langues 2000" webpage at: Or contact:
      • The Virtual Community of Academics and Intellectuals in the Middle East (MEViC) holds its inaugural Virtual Conference August 1-15 2000 at the MEViC website
      • The 4th International Conference on Foreign Language Education and Technology (FLEAT IV) will be held at Kobe, Japan, July 29-August 1, 2000. Theme: Language Learning and Multimedia: Bridging Humanity and Technology. Currently inviting proposals for papers to be presented in either oral or poster sessions: Visit for much more interesting insights on what to expect on arrival in Japan.  Omosiroi des, neh?
      • 'EYL: Teaching English to young learners' (0061), 23rd July - 5th August 2000, York; Directed by Annie Hughes, Lecturer in Education in EFL, this summer school will cover developing the four skills, speaking, listening, reading and writing with young learners. For further information please contact Robert Pinheiro, The British Council; robert.pinheiro@britishcouncil,org or visit the web-site
      • International Conference on Cultural Attitudes Towards Technology And Communication (CATaC'00); Conference Theme: Cultural Collisions and Creative Interferences in the Global Village; 12-15 July 2000, Perth, Australia. For an overview of the themes and presentations of CATaC'98 and links to the papers, see
      • ELT and Education Technology in the Digital Age' (0063), 9th - 22nd July 2000, Brighton - Directed by Brian Hill, Head of School of Languages. This summer school has been designed to provide English teachers with up-to-date information on how best to make use different technologies, and to provide opportunities for hands on experience. For further information please contact Robert Pinheiro, The British Council; robert.pinheiro@britishcouncil,org or visit the web-site
      • There was a WebCT conference this month in Savannah, Georgia,
      • The New Communicators: Graduates with Languages  - Teaching Languages in Universities in the 21st Century East Midlands Conference Centre July 3 – 5, 2000.  Full details of this major conference can now be found on the CILT website at
      • Adult Literacy & Technology Conference 2000 - - Bridging the Digital Divide, will be held on the campus of American University,Washington, DC  June 14 - 17, 2000 - national conference focusing on adult basic education and technology. Conference homepage at
      • CALICO 2000, Core Technologies: Impact on the Future, at the University of Arizona, May 30-June 3, 2000. Register at CALICO's web site; visit for the UofA main conference page. CALICO is hosting a two-day workshop on DVD, entitled "DVD Development for Language Learning", 30-31 May 2000, in Tucson, AZ. Go to and click on "Workshops" for more information. - The University of Arizona Critical Languages Program presents a free workshop: "Using MaxAuthor to Create CALL Courseware for Less Commonly Taught Languages" Wed, May 31, 7-9pm, to coincide with the CALICO 2000 conference at UofA (see according to email blurb)
      • The International Association of Science and Technology for Development (IASTED) International Conference on Computers And Advancted Technology In Education (CATE 2000), May 24-27, 2000, Cancun, Mexico;
      • The Computer Based Collaborative Group Work (CBCGW) Project, Centre for The Study of Networked Learning & Department Of Educational Studies, University Of Sheffield, UK invites you to join a 3-week international virtual guest seminar May 22nd - June 9th, 2000. "We invite you, as part of an International audience, to participate in a forthcoming virtual guest seminar to be delivered on the Collaborate discussion list. This seminar will be of interest to all those wishing to discuss the work of an established practitioner in the use of online group learning. It will also appeal to a wider audience wishing to experience a virtual seminar as a possible model for your own practice. No charge is made for this professional development event lasting 3 weeks and entirely online. The online seminar is the second in an occasional professional development series of online events offered by the Computer Based Collaborative Group Work Project web site <> The project aims to research and support the development of networked group learning. Mr Sefton Bloxham, teaching fellow in law, University of Lancaster, UK, will host an online seminar on his work entitled "The Ups And Downs of Delivering A Networked Learning Environment for Collaborative Learning -Some Reflections on Practice" If interested, join the list for the seminar send a message with no subject/header to <> In the body of the message put: subscribe firstname lastname collaborate
      • There's a conference scheduled for May 10-11 titled, Current Trends in English Language Testing 2000; The conference will take place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Dubai and is sponsored by the TESOL Arabia's Testing and Teacher Education SIG (Special Interest Group). Deadline for proposals is April 20. Their site is at:
      • There is an On-line Tutoring Skills project International e-Workshop: Developing On-Line Tutors 8 - 12 May 2000 -  The workshop is full as of April 16, 2000.
      • TEND 2000 stands for Technological Education and National Development conference titled "Crossroads of the New Millennium". The event, which is the second international conference organised by the Higher Colleges of Technology, will take place in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates from 8 to 10 April, 2000. Find more info at: or email:
      • The Center for Language Study at Yale University announces a Colloquium on Language Centers, to be held March 25-26, 2000. For further details about the Colloquium and about hotel accommodations, and for the registration form, contact: Stephanie Reid, or Nina Garrett,
      • The University of technology of Compiegne is organising its 3rd conference on the Use of New Technologies in Foreign Language Teaching (UNTELE 2000), 23-25 March 2000. The principal theme of the up-coming conference: Virtual Environments and Language Learning: the role played by virtual environments in foreign language teaching and learning. Program etc. at
      • TESOL 2000, March 21-25, 2000, Vancouver, BC, Canada,; Internet web fair presentations:
      • AAAL (American Association for Applied Linguistics) March 11-14, Vancouver, BC, Canada,
      • A Conference on Technology-Enhanced Foreign Language Teaching, The Northeast Association for Language Learning Technology (NEALL) in conjunction with the Tri-College Mellon Language Project at Haverford, Bryn Mawr and Swarthmore Colleges is organizing the NEALL 2000 conference, to be held March 3-5, 2000 at Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges in the suburban Philadelphia area. The conference web site is at
      • The European Alternative Authorware Conference (Euro-TAAC)! February 23-25, Utrecht, The Netherlands. Visit:

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      1999 Conference sites

      • Online Educa Berlin is the 5th International Conference on Technology Supported Learning November 24 - 26. Information about this event can be found at Organizers are International Conferences, Exhibitions and Fairs (ICEF).
      • International Online Conference on Teaching Online in Higher Education "Online Teaching And Learning Experiences"; November 8-9, 1999,Preconference Web Site:
      • IT and Multimedia In English Language Teaching (IT-MELT)'99 - Hong Kong, 6-7 November, 1999; Contact: Sue Fitzgerald:, now points to upcoming conference
      • The Learner Independence Special Interest Group at IATEFL (International Association for Teachers of English as a Foreign Language) is organising a conference on Self-Access on Nov 6, 1999 (and possibly also the evening of Nov 5, 1999), at Eurocentres, Cambridge. Confirmed speakers include Gill Sturtridge and Felicity O'Dell. Info possibly on the IATEFL website:
      • An International iCS Conference on New Media in Higher Education and Learning organized by The Annenberg School for Communication, University of Southern California, USA and Community Informatics Research and Applications Unit (CIRA), University of Teesside, UK on behalf of Information, Communication and Society (iCS) Journal to be held 27-30 October 1999 - Visit
      • The Webcasting site for the Pan Asian Te7Rxn8 {^=4bzpƪs"Ȇ#@30d~5( 87uoge;BIH@(vi5z0-=%q@1D3$bmZ.22sWR-Sc k6xhӞāZ}ތ9~h 4: k=lVF'+VvvgO]iUyړe|*>j#L"Dk&䁉1Tjl\e)=TTd,P$OlD&Fy4ŮZEOrLÄ9%P4Mʱ&jkw[FP ^{sD6ӟ"Ǜʠm% b}9B-gC_A9k?>H E3垭 2lSCX߾Qt_୒5PB1Q.Gl*Yk%.x'0X)KkN#KK{VTR WP; 0͈O}RJ S%hr?ke)`9!"Djj0ŶCSx }Ƴ0Bv(a5+n$4jPc96RcG ݭ" -ab|)wcCܭwMI)4x=s|g#S/ ?z\4`on<,JojBF9Yb ͙։!^-tU})_=3g-A:xt;D;'t:Yl}%[G*-E "~F^koΨ(LuENCRl(3y +!)?MoHq{uw"o`4B'J:6Xܗ&́,V*y.#n9Ihl>O7C %y MbôplՓ笘 2 S7!b7oƬ;SG'-+}}]}]{;$ߦ?k}^\M vٱƛp»M|p4% I<ww56.x{2f*dƻ!Y~"n8%WE]&?2k1+B"#zVe}ͺq昮XZiA2UE `R5rV#;6 o xߎ"ђO0e}WrA",j:hU"? /ac5N0Cbf Ow)?T%nZ~榗N&P+ S77 09t{P@Rq,/&y 1dEȠ~ ²J `V:i\:K| vxẇ::XzVV`Tgv:~!wZ=uw _Ab:4]Y6%T~GN|{7O$6 O1H3RJ(q`֭Z>6LYZ?dmSsOhUWұt2Z̠kf=2Q6I0/;8,l,ZfԑW?_vFH$gnsDy3;;"ϳ<N|2 )Ö؊ Y2}S7y䵴@>< p<G[ h`   =p0(OcZ3}Acd5,0)GJF˻L]D<*' _uxlƠ~f(E "a {1+Kʳ*:;'dK Tv͢h3 60 Z}#ݳT3yMҌ~%mt(āy|}Fz\|adl dLd80x!@ؕ*cctU$f8%+8 I⦔#|nkʦϥMN'\`iXd|#XWKU7')goT[y6f0eJFG/;hxTL6tET꠹TĆIJɇNXkPy+*rt^XI*/;L\3m#rfTXY0v,C7jƀbFpNlrd|1NDZo6hq 7 MC_C!ɄS^d)["16ZUxXK{'yQ#/qB3:&f?<%43h0گ)灻[pI\@k+c|g)dX [PQ'h`~o1vv/"ŁwG Gd#є GaD7daTy+Qw=/ RJ@K.I>d7f.YC>Ё4_];:ec\1/GdXҴՈ) Q%?)RdUϑSp, Wff5^tK2g &6=r|0%:TIZHTɰxc`I8)0|?KycB@9λ^ݮ(7oEi)82tvv~&IeKU2Wa80ZSv~HŃ'#Di R~zp dқH%P-5{gn+9:!@ @C- [.o9@ HAٙ 13֐vSF6?y#ìU%wAB=AC0Prhr/8ZdQۇ0]N׆NN8Fl DU,KEM*ɐ44*is>Un:ڒA@Iѳޫ4.Iy$ 7Kl:ӺŤԙFvynwrwa4uok\Hz.l۝P*:<)ЋԛU Qܻne"$сnz0]β.o:Џ[ (/;1f7)՗I9Uo 6zIrF+Ʌ] /]܏x²'R0oLK e3U8x>i-* X7UxoHdYTb<WJS^mӼZԮGђ,j~jm?CiN ZG9ի`m'WW󇽩Wt#V?*1Q+)gjet _+z8 ]Tfm65&Ry0ݷj"s8ɦa)g1P𛝠p+4 b*K=㧎p?iiE<6;k TP.3-U4x-±P]wGqɘ6 @ .\N499Fb0mCՖ;۾;X`Zk%!'Rtdĵ{.Pm#h{'Y~N)!+gsS'9>76tgܖdyx@d:[Y(9ȳ4II6oB5 @w_Ol;2H5%t֭4+Wzn1D'a:a\k?Kϭv7RiH9O4jNp*~mDظ%BkRţKv構c4%]pA&wV" ypõwBكzO? . xj}L;(y$7QΪȲf:|3eVD1-ɞhLSo)6X\Eils P>K|9~j8,yl~cz(C2Ƃ҅PtSK}owo!=8w=  Nŋx"hU[ʭkNX1Vؚp|Ru(0q4``&/_VK,Ѳ<+6 ,l[urfURԼUUJ-Ώfl}_MHmɡ FH(\J<0)a]+5~M'VwjIIzBO~d4{73@pw 5X ͹+]-xtD"v+2YTkKEx"zvBj02Gȣw+yfƬ9N=WaCDO>;9Km275zl_|G䀍g6F영oX1+6i1[X׭3aUKyJm0ȓ2jDŽ59~u0y yUh0ZZХ j[$q$޻ '7Gđ[6J bdȈ/4JǦx-ܗ2T;[Ceo޶zHϋUQ 7ȍ*H=xPرZ`v=mtH8iqI<cvү)e/ٟ{ :@ 3E߇l4vu:)mWMű)'"jy efA%J~9(Idʜ]gKrd0*,*D:%2g{wBd$(N$ ,.=ߦ^E C1溾=1_F94HI1I6>QKf"]9u}jfFRkD[%WG#v29'~)0'ȔxeNikiJP~l|sx_S,7Ǚrc(LRN&V"KH8ᇹj !7[* ,xWE\HqvLq kw`* ulnHN% m.YqSg[l8(,Ut.qȺ\h" U^v-C<Bk%?X ٖYc?hqQ"n٤S2UkZp8B2t6*|֌%;7w3R'Qg8RGj#[iO,1H[6͞Z:NjgK ˇ&[=88T,ӽ$QMb/tup@Sx$ k+7󘽺e =#"kbP>C{KrȞ"%mPpὴpW(T"9(UK4wqv:ҁr [fmLxGej ?E)󑈘q蚳-FfP) C-C8=ƟcZpΨ!Y[B.A*9틝4a.',|3B8&TwG&>WǙE8u`4*،i{.t񻩭2Cڎ}AJ,PqVx&_w+:zݘ]wH< @|铣m|Fq?8 +OF_~{AǩQ}P1h9k.?xw,dx6$M,{u zěSGg@he-<1JTDV?%#FMTCT>IW%!iwAZHkNoהiJ%]GVZٌQ <6la@iۆ6]d;Լ笲1C;XG\ض$W+H-2.#w(&y7"5 + ?sЭ7خ+YC&PR޲PتJ|ħl nH;6п̈́uR 2x;s$%pZqxP3FUӁ~ۇZEn.@=N&L4:A_CdAʉٖ a&h@\h0 =3Ůozn)[ˍ{ 7nrwu<؜k djGyg?VOB WdfQ"IW%XvS#Z/nWoIِFXkIry<__ʱIDs=)"  :Hi"rнM(T7heg4)1ӅP nj|p肵7`BA{ ۂd+ +kå>7̗#RǟP4ocAcv) -jdRBsB9HS"tV6dv;jUͣuiF˯!I jxls0TTZm.Dd9>;:(έ['Dwͷ-DM>8^dz?| 4Gܲ!k䑪6XJ5 {&8TQ?Y'Ha\Fr zj\惚_q8 R,d8lC5"e Rpc ^3Фg izCM󝾡c!uJVN9X?_8MuS~r^ӞneN+#5{˲o'=JOzGe7ۺeڙSzCֵ^vXNFp'0K!V݂?-"8R%R3zg>t=.cA+]?~4 n9[Se0=8l3yg]nuE9?Pӎ_6g.ўEtW02b(̼%wAYak_M;l}z}O˜f25%6̯O$6cV`Bް<%B_C?-01 - @8VmׇkY݀?eena}6*jT˂ S'wb3 T$/FS'~)h$Qn* CnK sbX9.FG?[N|8Y-K%6E?ũ?4>_Aքw ~Q0 *"{QN5W{܈>0kg+5n* $|PČ`4h [e2[u:td-tKdv㄁yIE._-3&4/G1I\ F=^NǞa:y審9#4ӆgQ=T9VIVVPTRh:~|ZR y}%=kQ%|ǝhaS}lRBq)@3A ) !6xF_DW^CK=oN=w@c[ԯ$eFZ&HJ w]Yk֢@u0d}vR]E/>Z%&3vX_┄Lk!uʳ?匓= 6`}i\lyb6t-0TV7 txX]\,;JBvtHKP& q7&P*sxU50 z]$ia R5i,9Z'!ZAza*=,pZDV +kZ7O;h,u,!!VZ&S YӖpQm2F f;% Bx,}(R,L?nԁ}ڒǢZvaH}⧕e2MDšZgƴޡ3׳;fꝊ)HoǤr=u! V62簎uA޺Y1Z%vb56#Tt O.UK3'<$㎏5rIԟ +EJ;7ϴN:݁6z]m ;ҝEʅOtEG`R8B Z֨9cbыR4]eojꁽXv+~E-V٤#=f -a3 T%Ъyu&#Bt lαl4}&1wݻUjю/*y2 uY&V/-li5d%|ET3N @D8Srty!2dvM"n1g|^%w^RoW3_<"r:%T~:نfɶ!S~$g /C)+xI 5{\Pu>slcHFX!zi!eX _jpUz| "C}&ܕ&Kl]ؖZ =sT6iĨQ.ȣGRK_FօEnj3%,2vvoa~(}g. >$EbKĝ;@)CէɲsCq8:xnB]E^R\% ;LZ/Cmi?WOv29uHJmXA Z9;@,qz }ۊyMnoFE?v&5<Q}(槉`)Pcc]v_ENjǶY9&@βM3?"t= ʗ,i\(|=Ox`4+dc+qUmCfFixZZ"(}MQzqJ(xaD'+vY"'R}*edZ%k|!.,kWhRmv1()|+Eۥj Q'9'*@U 7AB5}d}L