The Possessive Case - 1

Exercise created by M. Tereza Neves

Fill in the gaps with a form of the verb to be and the possessive form of a noun, so that the sentences on the right mean the same as the ones on the left. The first one has been done for you.

1. This backpack belongs to Jeremy.
This backpack is Jeremy's.
2. That bicycle belongs to Rebecca.
That bicycle .
3. This watch belongs to my father.
This watch.
4. That car belongs to the plumber.
That car.
5. Those glasses belong to Mrs. Jackson.
Those glasses .
6. That house belongs to my grandparents.
That house.
7. These suitcases belong to Matthew.
These suitcases.
8. This camera belongs to our friends.
This camera.
9. These books belong to the teacher.
These books.
10.These books belong to the teachers.
These books.
11. These gloves belong to the gardener.
These gloves .
12. That calculator belongs to Samantha.
That calculator .

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