Phrasal verbs with get

Exercise created by Tereza Neves

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. Press the "Hint" button to get a free letter.
   around      at      away with      by      down      off      on      over      over with      through      to   

Choose a preposition or adverb from the list above and form a phrasal verb that has a similar meaning to the verb in the left column. The first one has been done for you.

have a good relationship
I like living here. The apartment is nice and I get along with all the neighbors.
Let's get closer to the door. We have to get the bus at the next stop.
bring to an end
We have to finish this before we can go home, so let's get it quickly.
become known
If word gets that X is having dinner at our restaurant, his fans will be here in no time.
Emily cried when the dog ate her doll's head, but she got it quickly.
annoy, irritate
The sound of that vacuum cleaner is getting me.
find the time to
I have to schedule a visit to the dentist, but I've been busy and I haven't got to it yet.
not be caught or punished
Larry is always late to work, but he gets it because he's the boss's nephew.
move from place to place
You'll need a car to get . This town has no public transportation system.
communicate, be understood
His doctor's warning that drugs were affecting his brain finally got to Joe.
He's been talking for an hour but I don't know what he's getting .
After a few weeks working as a volunteer, the suffering that she saw started to get her.
You need to get a proper job. You can't get on what you make as a dog walker.
enter a large vehicle
Angela was afraid of flying, but as soon as she got the plane she began to relax.
It's been a wonderful lunch. Now let's get to business.

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