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Teens Health (Nemours Foundation)
Adolescent Sleep Needs (NSF)
Teens and Sleep (Nemours Foundation)
Physical Activity and the Health of Young People(CDC)
Sex, etc.(Rutgers University)
AIDS (US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) (CDC)
Cuts and Scrapes (Mayo Clinic)

The Common Cold

The Common Cold (US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) (CDC)

Common Cold (Mayo Clinic)

What is the common cold? (Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety)

Common Cold (Virtual Medical Centre, Australia)


Alcohol and Drugs

Drug Descriptions (DEA)

Marijuana: Facts for Teens (NIH)

Impaired Driving (CDC)


Tobacco and Cancer (American Cancer Society)  


Stop Smoking (American Lung Association)

Secondhand smoke (EPA)

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