The interrogative (1)

Exercise created by Tereza Neves

Complete the questions with the missing words, then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if an answer is giving you trouble. The first sentence has been done for you.

Note: This exercise is case-sensitive.

 1. "Do owls hunt at night or in the daytime?" "Owls hunt at night. They're nocturnal birds." bd14.jpg

  2. "What color your new shoes?" "They're blue."
  3. "When Walter?" "I met him last year."
  4. " the game on TV?" "Of course they did. They show all the major games."
  5. " in your building?" "Yes he does. He lives on the fifth floor."
  6. "How many cookies ?" "I ate five. They were delicious."
  7. " orange juice or milk?" "I prefer orange juice."
  8. " to dinner?" "Of course she is. She always comes to dinner on Fridays"
  9. "?" "Of course she can swim. She's an excellent swimmer."
10. "Where that cake?" "I bought it at the bakery across the street."
11. "What language ?" "They're speaking Danish."
12. "What film yesterday?" "We saw 'Matrix Reloaded'".
13. "Where last weekend?" "I went to the beach."
14. "What ?" "I'm writing a note to my mother."
15. " meat?" "No, they don't, but they eat fish and eggs."

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