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Swedish couple misses isle after GPS blunder

ROME - Two Swedes expecting golden beaches of Italian island of Capri got shock when tourist officials told them they were 650 km off course in northern town of Carpi, after mistyping name in their GPS."It's hard to understand how they managed it. I mean, Capri is island," said Giovanni Medici, spokesman for Carpi regional government, told Reuters Tuesday. "It's first time something like this has happened."
middle-aged couple, who were not identified, only discovered their error when they asked staff in the local tourist office Saturday how to drive to island's famous "Blue Grotto."

"They were surprised, but not angry," Medici said. "They got back in car and started driving south."

picturesque island of Capri, famed as romantic holiday destination, lies in Gulf of Naples in southern Italy and has been resort since Roman times.

Carpi is busy industrial town in province of Emilia Romagna, at other end of Italy.