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How much do you know about Thanksgiving? You will use the Internet links below to engage in a Treasure Hunt to find out about this topic.

You will use each Resource Link once to answer one question. When you have finished answering all the questions, go to the "Big Question" and synthesize the information together to get a better understanding of the topic.



1. When is Thanksgiving celebrated nowadays?

2. According to tradition, by whom was Thanksgiving first celebrated?

3. How was the Pilgrims' Harvest Feast celebrated?

4. Who were the Pilgrims?

5. How did the Pilgrims reach America?

6. What sort of problems did the Pilgrims face when they settled in Plymouth?

7. Who was living in the region where the Pilgrims settled?

8. What sort of relationship was there between the Pilgrims and the Native Americans?

9. What cultural differences were there between the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag?

10. When did Thanksgiving become a national holiday?

An American Thanksgiving The date of celebration
Thanksgiving on the Net America's First Thanksgiving
A Meal without Forks
What did they eat?
Thanksgiving Food
The Pilgrims' Menu
Thanksgiving Feast The Feast
Who were the Pilgrims? Who were the Pilgrims?
Plymouth Colony The Pilgrims
The Mayflower Voyage The Mayflower Voyage
The First Winter 1620-1621 Problems in America
The Wampanoag Tribes
Native Americans
Pilgrims and Wampanoag Meet
The Pilgrims and Native Americans
Daily Life in 1621 Cultural Differences
Timeline of American Thanksgiving Holiday A National Holiday
The History of Thanksgiving Facts and Myths
The First Thanksgiving - You are the Historian Investigating the First Thanksgiving

The Big Question  

How important was the Harvest Feast celebrated in October 1621?



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